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anonymous asked:

You've mentioned that Jeremy Corbin has done some antisemitic things at one point, but (not meant to be offense) practically, that doesn't really seem to be enough of a reason for so many people to hate him. It's a very specific issue. Nobody seems to be able to explain to me what he's actually done that's so awful. Would you mind?

You’re really going to start an ask basically saying, “Eh, Corbyn is antisemitic, but it’s not as though people should generally not like him for that, it’s not an important issue”? Because that puts my back up, let’s be honest here. I don’t appreciate it being a case of, “Oh, well, he’s only antisemitic, what real reason do I need not to like him?” because that’s basically saying, “Fuck the Jews, give me something that I care about.”

So, I’m sorry, but I do find that offensive.

But fine. If Jewish safety doesn’t count, eat your heart out.

  • Supported IRA terrorism
  • Called Islamic terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah his “friends”
  • Supported a domestic abuser in a role that’s supposed to be against domestic violence
  • Supported sexist hypocrisy (”Sexual assault on trains? We need gender segregation!” and “After work drinks parties are sexist because obviously women go home to look after their kids and men don’t – now let’s have an after work drinks party!”)
  • Appointed a Marxist as Shadow Chancellor
  • Supports Diane Abbott with her racism and pro-Mao comments and inability to understand what basic numbers are
  • Tried to excuse terrorist murders of children as Britain’s fault
  • A leader who was supposed to push an anti-Brexit message and yet deliberately put roadblocks in to confuse Labour supporters and members because he himself is a Eurosceptic
  • His “the rich are too rich, let’s tax them heavily!” stance, despite his claims that his £137k salary doesn’t make him rich 
  • Supported Hugo Chavez
  • He appeared on the Iranian propaganda channel five times and was paid for every appearance
  • He ignored the Falkland Islanders’ referendum that overwhelmingly voted to stay British to say he wanted a power-sharing deal with Argentina (not exactly a fan of democracy there, is he?)

Are any of those more important for you than caring whether he’s an antisemite? 

I would have included his lying cronyism over appointing Shami Chakrabarti into the House of Lords after she lied and whitewashed the amount of antisemitism in the Party to show that whilst he might complain about Conservative supporters “buying” peerages, he’s just as hypocritical there as long as it makes him look good, but I suppose that just falls under antisemitism, so why should anyone care about that, right?