Thank you all so much for this awesome support, it really means a lot to me, and I’m extremely happy when I pictures of your beautiful sims with my cc, I feel like I’m part of your world and I feel warm and fuzzy inside ❤️

This Space Bundle consist of 3 pieces of CC: an eyeliner, a lipstick and tattoo!

I love you like it, and make sure to tag me when you use it so I can reblog it and love it forever ❤️

  • Maxis Match
  • 35 colors from the Unnatural @wildlyminiaturesandwich ‘s Palette
  • + Black and White
  • Base Game compatible
  • Teen-Elder
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Disabled for Random
  • Available for Women and Men
  • Two Versions of the tattoo: Opaque and Sheer





If there’s any issue or you have any requests let me know!

Have a beautiful day! And thank you all again, I love you all with all my heart.


The Potriex Siblings

Ok so this is super random but @mallysims wanted teens for her game and I decided to make a couple faliens, brother and sister! And they turned out so well and cute that I wanted to share them with you all, but the download is private!

The one of the left is Razz Potriex, he is Materialistic and Good and he wants to be a Best-Selling Author!

His sister, on the right, is Namae Potriex, she’s Geek and Goofball and wants to be the Leader of the Pack!

I love these dorks and I hope @mallysims loves them as much as I do 💜

So I can’t create alien/falien sims. Something about green skin throws me off and I feel like my sims don’t look good lol. So I guess I’ll be creating cybrogs or as close to cybrogs as I can get with minimal cc.

This is Kit Five and I really want to start a save with her and other sims like her that live in some kind of Utopian world but I don’t know yet. 

asterllum  asked:

Hi! I love your sims and cc so congrats! I would like a sim YA and female...I'm not too sure how I want her but some cooler colors would be great (green blue purple) you can use cc and I have all the packs but toddler stuff luxury party and spooky 💚

I really like cool colors and this gave me a lot of inspiration 💜 I hope you like her as much as I do!


She looks like a goddess, I love her

CC and tray files under the cut!

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Create a Sim Inspired By ~ @justkeeponsimming!

Rules: Using any Sims game, create a sim based upon the style of one of your favourite simmers! Be sure to tag them and your friends! :3

This sim was inspired by @astrobongo

Hello everyone! Here I come with another tag, this time I got tagged by the beautiful @justkeeponsimming who started this challenge, thank you!

So yeah, of course when I got tagged I immediately thought about my wife @astrobongo, my beautiful falien friend, so I tried to copy her style as accurate as I could and, to make it more interesting, I’m going to add the deails I took from her to make this sim!

  • As far as I could tell she loves both T H I C C eyebrows and no eyebrows at all! This time I went for the thick ones!
  • She usually uses de-saturated colors for the skin on her sims!
  • And combines them with bright Tattoos, making a beautiful contrast
  • She likes my CC as far as I know and uses it a lot! so I copied that
  • Shoulders! The shoulders she usually uses are wider than the ones I use!
  • And this,again, contrasts with the wasp-waist she uses on her sims!
  • Lets go with the face: She likes big lips!! So pretty!!!
  • Usually small eyes!
  • Noses! She usually uses a wide top of the nose and kind of a narrower bridge!! So unique <3
  • Chins are usually round-ish!
  • ELF EARS!!!!
  • She looooves up-dos as far as I can tell!!
  • She also loves flashy makeup on the eyes and a more subdued makeup for the lips!! You go girl!! Focusing the attention on the eyes!!

And I think that’s about it! Those I the things I saw she uses the most and I LOVE HER STYLE AND HER, you all should totally follow her

And that’s it! I’m going to tag people when I finish with all the tags I got! But feel free to do it of you want! This is loads of fun

Vivi I 5 Facts

  1. Vivi, just like her mom, loves collecting lil’ alien monsters.
  2. She’s a falien…the game just won’t let me have them alien babies..
  3. She’s athletic! Never misses them Saturday mornin’ jogs…
  4. There hasn’t been a day without a selfie taken…narcissist…ahem..
  5. Lastly, she’s a bit of a goof. Loves some harmless fun~

I was tagged by @meisiu​! Thank you so much <3

I tag, @crazycupcakefr, @ivo-sims, @wrixles and @boocreek! (Sorry if ya did this already! >.<)


GEN 1: You were a happy alien child but you always wanted to live on earth and have a family there so when you were 1018 your parents let you move to earth….the catch? You were broke. After you got your life together you had 3 kids and love them dearly.


  • Must start as young adult
  • Must be a alien or falien (fake alien)
  • Must have 3 kids (minimum)
  • Must start off with 250 simoleons (not including buying a lot) BUT must build house with budget of 7,000 simoleons and have 250 left over
  • Must complete Super Parent apsiration

Aspiration: Super parent

Traits: Neat, Family Oriented, Ambitious

GEN 2: Growing up you had it all, the friends the boyfriends and no one knew you were a alien. You were rebellious and we’re almost caught tons of times! Your a risky in-disguise alien celeb!


  • Must have at least 5 best friends
  • Must date over 3 sims
  • Must use disguise at all times (except when at home)
  • Must complete the Singing and mischief skills
  • Must die with over 60,000 simoleons going to your kids
  • Must have kids at the age Adult
  • Marry at age Adult
  • Must have career: Entertainer

Aspiration : Fortune (either one)

Traits: Romantic, Outgoing, Music lover

GEN 3: You were always mortified of being found out even as a child because your parent was so famous. You wanted to be the opposite and stay hidden at all costs.


  • Must have no more than 2 FRIENDS
  • Cannot go to any Weddings, Parties etc.
  • Must live in a small (not flashy) home
  • Wear all black to stay “hidden”
  • Never get married
  • Find a alien lover at the age Elder
  • Adopt child

Career: Buissness

Aspiration: anything

Traits: Loner, unflirty, geek

GEN 4: You were adopted and aren’t a alien but WANTED to be. Your mom made it sound horrible while your grandmom made it sound amazing. So you wanted to see for yourself. You also always wanted a dreamy alien relationship.


  • Must have a “eh” relationship with mom
  • Complete career completely
  • Master handiness skill
  • Have 2 kids (both aliens)
  • Must marry a alien
  • Career: Astronaut (where you “found” the “one”.

Aspiration: Love (the one)

Traits: Bookworm, Genius, Romantic

GEN 5: Your family is all sorts of crazy and all you wanted was a well rounded family. So you dedicated your teen years to becoming smart like your mom and remaining as human as possible and eventually you found your way back into space to live with your family forever but who knows….maybe another legacy will appear????


  • Must have no alien friends
  • Must try to be as human as possible
  • Have 6 kids (all human)
  • Tell everyone about your alien lifestyle and “move back in to space”
  • To end the legacy you must have your whole family “move” to space when your a elder
  • Must collect all the elements

Aspiration: Sucessful lineage

Traits: Self assured, Collector, Gregarious

END: I know this challenge is lame and short but this was a lot harder than I thought. Please let me know if there is anything I should change to improve it.


Hello my beautiful people! I hope you all are doing fantastic 💜

Today I bring you I little something I felt like doing,a sim request! But alien version! I’ll only accept requests that want an alien-y sim (either Falien or actual Alien), so be ready for a bunch of beautiful skin colors and crazy eyes!

The only things I need to know is if you want a Falien or an Alien (GTW Required), the rest you can be as specific as you want! 

Consider this a mini 300 gift, but the real gift comes at 333 followers, remember!

I love you all! Have a beautiful day 💜

astrobongo  asked:

Hello beautiful elizabeth ❤️ I would love a sim request from you love ❤️ I I I would like a female falien sim who has a unique grungy/ spacey-ish style, I want her to have a sexy/seductive look to her. I would love her to have a confident trait all the others you can choose as well as the whim! Please go ahead and go crazy with her looks, I know you have minimal cc but If you do have some I wouldnt mind having some on her, I love you so much bb I would love a sim request from you love <3

Of course my dear Brit is the first one to ask for an alien 💜


Here’s your cute little alien! Her name is Yttrium!

I don’t really know much about grunge style but I tried my hardest from what I saw on Google Images…But I hope you like her!
I personally love her, she turned out really pretty 💜

CC and tray files under the cut!

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