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fred dy mai lauve (trying to not appear in her tag) is an actual bitch! her whole channel is her trying to be like Zoe. plus she have a crush on Alfie and spend her time faving tweet with the hashtag #falfie and her fans tweet him pic of her in bikini what the fuck! im not one to be jealous on behalf of Zalfie but i think she is being quite rude

I literally have no idea who you are talking about. Or what you are talking about. But I very highly doubt this will have any impact on Zalfie’s relationship, so let’s just ignore it :)

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I don't watch Freddy but I am a Twitter stalker & I have never seen anyone tweet Alfie with bikini pics of her. Also, she fav one of his tweets about the constant thing and if you search the #falfie thing. There is nothing regarding by either of them. Sounds like someone is just trying to start something. As for copying Zoe, everyone is the same it's hard to not be a "beauty" guru and have similarities. Again I don't watch her but unless I'm Missing something I don't see what that anon is sa

I don’t watch her and I’ve never even heard of her before to be honest. So I have no idea what’s going on.