Went outside yesterday. The red shoulders were very displeased. XD one almost followed us into The house to scream some more (light post in second pic). Also my bird spoils me. I can touch him literally anywhere and he doesn’t care. He has never tried to foot and is always very gentle if he lands or steps on bare skin. Not really a biter either unless you put your finger in his beak. I’m going to have another bird some day that will tear me to pieces because I’m not prepared. Lol. I have it waaay to easy with this hawk.


Slow motion 🎥 #aguilareal #goldeneagle #birdofprey #falconry

As hot as it is, Astro still takes a sunbath when he comes out to fly. Silly desert bird. 🐤🌵☀️ Can you see his little antenna? It’s a tiny radio tracker on a backpack so if he ever flies off we can go find him. Harris Hawks are a social hawk, and tend to stay close though, it’s more for peace of mind. 🐤💕 Happy Friday! #harrishawk #falconry

anonymous asked:

Why do they need it on before hunting?

“Falcons wear hoods to keep them calm and ensure they are alert when the falconer needs it. A falcons sight is up to 10 times better than us humans. This means the bird of prey’s visual stimulus and input is very high and it can see many potential prey targets long before us humans can. This means that a falconer may see a target and release the bird, however the bird has long seen something else that has it’s fancy and goes it’s own way after it’s own target, or worse yet it is so frustrated at seeing so many target come and go, it just goes not want to go after prey anymore. The falconer goes not want this and keeps the falcon hooded until he sees the target he wants, then removes the hood and the close (falconers) target will immediately catch the falcons eye putting it into hunting mode with the falconers chosen target as prey. The falcons are also trained to go into hunting mode once the hood is removed.

A good falcon hood does not bother the bird of prey at all. It fits well, does not damage feathers or hamper breathing allows air circulation and does not under any circumstances come into contact with the falcon’s eyes.”


I made friends with a lady-vulture at the World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise. She was stolen from her nest in the wild and raised with people who had no idea how to properly provide for her care. She has imprinted on humans as a result and cannot be released. What a darling little ham she is! If there weren’t bars and a window on her enclosure she probably would have snuggled right up to me. <3