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Pairing: Sam Wilson x reader

Summary: You get a welcome surprise a week after your husband Sam leaves for his latest tour with the army

Warnings: Swearing, pregnant reader (there goes the surprise lmao)

A/N: Not a request, just thought it’d be cute!

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anonymous asked:

...what are your sambucky headcanons?

whoa whoa wHOA, that’s not how this works. I was asking you guys for YOURS.
That being said - and half of these are general headcanons I agree with - these are some of mine:

1. The lyrics from the song Rock Bottom are what I think of when I think of Sam and Bucky getting together (in canon). I think they figure out their bodies have great chemistry so they’re fuck buddies and it’s antagonistic and borderline rude but the proximity leads to feelings. Which would be fine if they weren’t fighting them, thinking that the other is either bad news or that they’re gonna ruin each other.

2. Bucky watched Sam that whole time Sam thought he was tracking Bucky. I think Bucky is intrigued by Sam. What else are you gonna think of a mechanical angel that shows up and kicks you halfway across an interstate? So, Bucky stays on the edges of Sam’s periphery and watches. At first it’s just a way to keep tabs on the person who is so persistently keeping tabs on him. If he can’t shake the guy he might as well read up. So, he finds out Sam is his “replacement” as Steve’s best friend and maybe if he had all his memories he’d be a little bitter about that, but instead he thinks it’s good that scrawny kid from Brooklyn found someone to keep him in line in the 21st century. By the end of that two year period when Sam eventually goes back to his life as an Avenger Bucky almost misses looking over his shoulder and catching someone in a ball cap and sunglasses looking around for him.


4. In the beginning the only thing they agree on is that half the shit Steve does is stupid.

5. I believe in my heart of hearts Sam is better at helping Bucky adjust to life as a person instead of a weapon than Steve is. I know that Steve would accidentally get stuck in the past, and apologize, and probably coddle Bucky too much. But Sam would be real, and not because he’s offering to be Bucky’s personal therapist, just because he’s personable and he’s not tied to any of Bucky’s past. All he knows is Bucky in the present and that’d make it easier for Bucky to get a grip on who he is NOW instead of being bombarded with reminders of the cool person he used to be and the awesome things he did.

6. Bucky loves Sam more than Sam loves him in the beginning, and that sounds rude but tell me I’m wrong. Sam is amazing. Also, Sam isn’t ready to love anyone when he and Bucky start their little dance.

7. Sam likes to play with Bucky’s hair when they’re relaxing together and he unthinkingly braids parts of it.

8. ugh that one about them trading dog tags while the other is away keeps me up at night. BYE that’s it


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