“Falcon in the Dive” - The Scarlet Pimpernel

Once again I’m pimping out my high school’s musical production from last year because I played in the pit and am kind of obsessed. Chase has the most beautiful voice you will ever hear. I’m serious, he rivals Broadway singers.


Norm Lewis sings Falcon in the Dive.  Prepare to have your minds (and speakers) BLOWN.

I speak the truth. Beauty is not only a finely made face, or slender, graceful body. No one would call a falcon beautiful not sat beside an ibis. But watch a falcon hunt - see its confidence, the power of its dive, the ferocity of its eyes - and tell me, is that not a beauty all its own?
—  The Crook and Flail

So @ninemoons42 requested some Stucky as a birthday-present! Here you go, love. Modern-day AU, no powers, bodyguard Steve and scientist Bucky first-meeting fluff. Hope your day was lovely! <3333


“I’m protecting a scientist?” Steve tried not to groan, though not for the usual reasons regarding a bodyguard assignment sent his way by Fury’s Personal Protection and Security Services. He’d tried and failed to make that acronym into anything easier; he kept coming up with only vaguely rude-sounding words. “I’m supposed to be on vacation next week.”

“Like the last time you were supposed to be on vacation, and couldn’t resist diving in to help the Falcon work security at the Veterans’ Rights rally?” Fury gave him the patented I know everything you’ve had for breakfast in the last six months stare. Steve gave it right back, and protested, “It was a good cause, and quit spying on my toast.”

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GIFS of this for anyone who quotes it as frequently as @thegables​ and I do … 

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>>See source material: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5AhfLestoI


what ah you so excaitedabaahtMAYQUAY

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This. Is… I can’t even…

So, Les miserables is one of the first musicals I obsessed over. I listened to the music on CASSETTES (home made from the cds my mom borrowed from the library. You know you did this too.) and copied down lyrics to memorize before years later I finally saw a matinee performance in Boston.

I’ve been doing a lot of long drives lately and the Hamilton cast has kept me sane in bay area traffic. I kept wishing I could hear Leslie Odom Jr sing “Stars” and “Falcon In The Dive” (musicals give their villains really great songs that made you sympathetic towards them, amirite?) because “Wait for it” is the equivalent song in that the villains kind of lay out their hopes and dreams and you kind of go “damn, if only you had gotten enough love in your childhood.”

And now my wish has come true more beautifully than I could have ever imagined.

Maybe if we wish hard enough for Terrance Mann to cover “Wait For It” that will also become a ham4ham?

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About the Seeker class

~Support class

”You know what’s better than flying? Flying whilst kicking ass. And birds”


primary- hand-crafted long-bow

secondary- assault rifle

melee- wrist daggers


The seeker class is the 10th class, under the support title .

Seeker is responsible for taking out important enemies (like the sniper) and informing the rest of the team of what is “coming up next”. Hence, the “seeker”. Seeker is winged and therefore can fly above the fight and view the entire battlefield, allowing them to see the next wave of the opposing team. They will then alert their teammates of this wave and who it contains.
    ex: “We’ve got two scouts, a heavymedic pair, a demo, and four freaking snipers, ya nasty bastards. Get a move on!”

Seeker’s can also fight melee quite well, though their defense lowers once out of the sky (wings slow down running speed, give more to attack, and decrease agility on the ground, though they are also dangerous to be too close to)

Ubercharge: Ubering a seeker is only useful in a crowded area, since sky-bound ubers are a no-go. She will go ballistic once invincible.

Health: 175
Speed: air~ scout’s speed  land~soldier’s speed


Swoop crits:

The seeker can fly to a high altitude before falcon-diving, reaching 600 mph. She will then swoop into the enemy mercs with her wrist daggers, killing them instantly (instant mega crits that will kill enemy despite circumstance (excluding ubercharge)). These are only available after the flight meter has charged


Seeker may pick up a merc for an aerial attack. She can only perform this with: Demoman, Scout, Medic and Sniper.
(engies, spies, pyros cannot do much in the sky. Heavy is too large. Soldiers get up on their own and refuse to be assisted)

Demo: signal call ~ “dropping the bomb” 

  • jumps off for sword/axe attacks (landing on enemy)
  • shoots bombs n grenades into hard to reach areas

Scout: signal call ~ “speed lift”

  • shoots from her back
  • goes the fastest of the three
  • jumps off for melee attacks as well
  • dropping mad milk

Sniper: signal call ~ “arrow storm”

  • shoots from back
  • if both are wielding bows, they get random mini crits
  • dropping jarate jars

the only exception that they cannot be carried when possessing the intelligence

The seeker cannot fly with the intelligence, she must run 

Lines: (still being made. Feel free to drop suggestions)

Taunts (class specific):

  • Spins around and flares wings out with a cheer
  • puts up both middle fingers and jokes about being a bird giving the bird
  • puts out her arms for many birds to land onto
  • singing taunt
  • varied bird calls
  • hugs another merc while aloft (may cause them to spin or stumble)
  • blows a kiss
  • sits criss cross with chin in hands
  • wing preening
  • wing push ups
  • impersonates a merc (random)
  • all official all class taunts
  • overly enthusiastic fist-pumps
  • takes out sucker and sticks in mouth
  • air tricks and flips

cosmetics, weapons, achievements, sets, quotes, etc coming soon


“This area seems none too threatening, but…”

In a small white room with a piano, there was a white-haired young man who faced a mirror. He had his chin in his hand in a thoughtful expression, while his reflection was sitting on the piano bench, watching him.


A small silver golem with feather wings and a long lion’s tail faced his master.

Neah reached out for the apple-sized golem and Ocanpy landed on his right hand.

“Scout out this area, okay? I’ll unlock a gates again in an hour, so come back then.” He ordered gently. Ocanpy nodded his little silver head and with a tap of the piano key Neah opened the gate of the dimension he and some… helpers had recently connected to.

Ocanpy fluttered out of a small white gate and emerged in the clouds, the stars glittering above. It was night.

Recording through his hidden lens, Ocanpy found a strange large building underneath him. He dived down to investigate, swift as a falcon, gliding around to search for any signs of life.

I feel like getting into falconry would be a cool thing to do but I don’t want to risk the falcon getting loose and dive bombing me sporadically every few years for the rest of my life to punish me for being bad at falconry


At the same time he noticed Rey staring fixedly out the foreport. She seemed on the verge of tears. “Hey—y’okay?” “I didn’t know there was this much green in the whole galaxy,” she said in awe. He watched her for a moment longer, then sent the Falcon into a shallow dive, heading for a well-remembered location. Speed stripped away the clouds around them, revealing what looked like endless evergreen forest. As he slowed the ship to suborbital velocity, other features lingered in his passengers’ gaze: rolling hills, rivers, and lakes that glistened like sheets of silver foil.


Mythological Beast AUs -Bird!Pitch and Mer!Pitch

Bird Pitch is a harpy of sorts that bears no resemblance whatsoever to Tooth *cough*. With miraculous silent flight and insatiable predatory hunger, he can snatch falcons out of a dive. His feathers are pure black. Inspirations for this were birds of prey, naturally, and bearded vultures.

Merman Pitch is a king of the deep sea and the patron saint of drownings. He delights in sinking ships and stranding sailors to die on remote rocks and lifeless islands. During the day he appears as a dark, serpentine shape circling in the water -by night, the tips of his barbed fins glow a pleasant gold, like stars in the deep -a deadly deception. Inspirations were eels, lampreys, sea snakes, angler fish and lion fish.



Thought you might like these.


So, this is how Chauvelin should be done. This man, his voice. My god. 

True story, I was at the stage door and he made fun of my lack of balance. I was trying to take a picture of someone and fell into a bush and he was just “Looks like the bush is winning” (And when I saw him in Much Ado about Nothing, Doug Sills made a quip about how at least I’m not driving yet when I was fifteen…. I regret nothing)

Villain Songs!

So, I’m on a kick right now - sampling some of the best Villain Songs out there!  I’m going to list some of my favorites -and why they are awesome - so let’s have some fun, shall we? 

This isn’t a compete list, and I’m sure I’m going to miss some.  Also - these aren’t in any kind of real order - this isn’t a “Top 10” list or anything.  For example, everyone knows the great Disney ones, so we’ll get to those in a minute.  I want to share some with you you may not be familiar with.

1.)  Falcon in the Dive, from The Scarlet Pimpernel
Not the best-known musical, even though the music is astounding.  Falcon in the Dive is one of the better songs - beat out maybe by The Creation of Man for being just downright hilarious.  I can’t find a very high quality video of an actual performance that doesn’t have crappy sound, so this is audio only.

2.)  Alive! from Jekyll & Hyde
Pinning down which is the actual “Villain Song” from J&H is pretty hard.  Now, Jekyll & Hyde is my favorite musical ever, so that may have something to do with the tough choice.  All things considers, I think “Alive!” is the closest to the traditional “Villain Song” (which is like the “I Want” song from most musicals, but sung by the antagonist).  Though, this isn’t my favorite from the show.  Oh, and please forgive me in advance:  the only professional recorded version of Jekyll & Hyde features David Hasselhoff.  I’m serious… don’t let his ruin it for you.  You can find the original Broadway music on iTunes.  No, I’m sorry.  After re-watching again I couldn’t subject you people to David Hasselhoff. No video for you - use your imagination (or look it up on YouTube if you must).

#3) No Good Deed from Wicked
This one is very interesting to me because it comes so late in the show.  Villain songs are usually very early in the show - but since Elphaba can’t really be considered Villain at all, this is the closest I think the show gets.  Trying to pick my favorite song from Wicked is like trying to pick my favorite ice-cream, so I can’t say this is my favorite song from the show - but its up there.  Below is a pretty good quality video, but the audio isn’t the best, so if you prefer just to hear the awesome music, click here.

#4) Phantom of the Opera from… The Phantom of the Opera
This is another one of those non-traditional “Villain” songs since the Phantom doesn’t sound all too, well, villainous here.  But that’s kind of the point.  But I still think this qualifies.  There’s 1001 recordings of this song - take your pick (I chose this one because of Sarah Brightman - not too sure I’m sold on Antonio Banderas as the Phantom?)

#5) Hellfire from The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Holy shit, Disney, when did you get all edgy and sexy and spooky.  This is probably one of the best Villain songs ever.  Though I wouldn’t even call it my favorite from Disney, I think its just a stunning example of an effective Villain song.  You can really feel Frollo’s conflict and his drive - you almost feel sorry for him but you’re even more creeped out.  Perfecto. 

#6) Friends on the Other Side from The Princess & the Frog
I’m not usually a fan of the ‘silly’ or upbeat Villain songs, but damn doesn’t this one just rock?  I’m a huge nut for Baron Samedi though (who, if you didn’t know, is who Dr. Facilier is modeled after - in appearance at least)

#7) Okay, now we’re down the ones I’m sure everyone’s seen/heard, but they deserve no less mention.  Let’s start with Poor, Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid.
Does this even need an introduction?  Catchy, effective… you can just see the insanity of Ursala in this fervent, wild, whirlwind of a production!

#8)  Be Prepared from The Lion King
This is my personal favorite.  It’s catchy, epic, scary, and has goose-stepping hyenas.  There is nothing NOT to love about this number.  And not JUST the music - the movement, characters, and colors of the animation.  Damn it makes me miss this stage in Disney animation.

Okay guys, what did I miss??


Okay, here are some more I missed over!!

Brand New Day from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog
I am a bit embarrassed for missing this one.  Brand New Day is catchy, well acted, and funny.  If you’ve never had a chance to see Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog, you’re missing out!

Still Alive from Portal
Ah, another one I’m ashamed to admit I looked over.  Of course, I’m used to thinking about video games when it comes to great musical numbers, but Still Alive was one of the best payoffs for beating a game ever.  The song is lyrically brilliant as well - and the cold, cheery computer voice of GLaDOS walks that razor edge of cute and cold.

The Cell Block Tango from Chicago
This one might be a stretch… but they are all the “Merry Murderesses of Murderess Row"  The music is catchy, but I think the visuals and the dancing really push this into a powerhouse performance. 

——-Suggestions from Others———

"What You Feel” from the episode “Once More with Feeling” from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (suggested by Trenton)
I gave this one a listen and I wasn’t blown away - its a but too jazzy for my tastes - but its well done and the lyrics are well and don’t seem forced (thanks to the talented Joss Whedon)

I Will Prevail from Wonderland (suggest by persianobsession)
Man, God Bless Frank WIldhorn, huh?  The man behind both The Scarlet Pimpernel and Jekyll & Hyde really likes to hit my buttons.  To be honest I’ve never been a fan of Alice & Wonderland - but Wicked managed to change my mind about The Wizard of Oz, so maybe I really need to take a good hard listen.  This song is great - very bombastic but still lyrical.  I love the way woman are portrayed in Frank Wildhorn productions.