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Week 2 Recap -Over 70,000 fans came to watch the Falcons in their new Mercedes Benz Stadium on Sunday Night. The Falcons didn’t disappoint as they dominated the Packers 34-23, despite a late comeback surge by the Pack.

The last time they met was the NFC championship game last January where the Falcons also dominated in a 44-21 win.


Top: via IG:packers (9/17/17)
Bottom: 📸John Bazemore/AP via oregonlive.com

There’s savage, and then there’s what Saints fans have been doing to Falcons fans this offseason. This is a billboard across from the new Falcons stadium in Atlanta. WOW.

I’ve been a Saints fan for years, and my love for them grew after they had the Pats/ backs during DeflateGate. But this…it has nothing to do with the Pats, really. It’s just trolling to a new level that I couldn’t even dream of hitting. Just wow.

h/t @pats12bill

truth or dare?

I’ve been trying to work my way through the pile of prompts in my inbox, but honestly it’s rough because I end up writing 2k+ words each time and it gets out of control fast. Anyways, here’s one for an anon who asked for “zimbits - truth or dare”!

summary: After playing a round of Truth or Dare with the boys at the Haus, Jack and Bitty start playing a private game of their own. (this is not smutty, don’t get your hopes up! it’s all fluff!)

          “Jaaaack,” Bitty slurred his name, well and truly drunk. “You can’t just pick truth every time. That’s so boring.”

           “He’s right, Jack,” Ransom agreed seriously from across the circle. “Plus, it’s in the rules that you can only choose truth twice in row before you must pick dare for your next turn.”

           “I don’t remember there being so many rules to this game,” Jack said. He frowned at Ransom and Holster who exchanged glances with each other and then grinned in unison at Jack. “Sounds to me like you’re making it up.”

           Bitty giggled and pushed Jack lightly on the shoulder. It was the most contact they’d had all night and Jack wanted badly to kiss him. He had almost immediately been sucked into the group when he’d arrived a few hours earlier and hadn’t had a real moment alone with Bitty yet. Bitty raised a single eyebrow at him and then smiled, obviously reading his thoughts.

           “Alright, fine. Dare then, Bits,” Jack said, returning his smile.

           “Excellent,” Bitty said, rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

           “Get him good, Bitty,” Holster encouraged, pointing at Bitty meaningfully. Bitty nodded and turned to Jack, smirking.

           That’s how it started.

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