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Imagine: Bitty keeps vetoing all of Jack’s clothing options because he knows Jack dresses like a robber. Jack eventually just lets it go and asks Bitty for his OOTD and tries to assemble his own outfit accordingly, but he keeps sending the messages to the wrong chat - 

SMH Group Chat
Jack: Hey Bits what are you wearing today
Jack: wrong chat
Shitty: brah keep it in your pants
Holster: noiCE
Ransom: getting that bitty booty and its only 1:30 in the afternoon
Bitty: honey….
Jack: for the dinner! tonight i mean! with my parents! I’m not sexting rn
Holster: LOOL not “right now” but theres othER TIMES???
Jack: stop 

Falconers Group Chat
Jack: Hey Bits what are you wearing 
(”Jack: for brunch tomorrow” - message not sent)
Marty: kid
Poots: holy shit zimmboni’s getting freaky
Thirdy: wrong chat lol
Tater: booty shorts and heels)))) very sexy u like
Jack: :/ 
Tater: can u tell b more pie please im finish last one((

Family Group Chat
Jack (out on a run): Bits what are you wearing
Jack: nO wrong chat im asking for clothing options
Alicia: sweetie it’s ok
Bob: v neck and dark wash jeans and an apron
Jack: ….
Bob: we flew in a day early we’re in your apartment im standing right in front of Eric
Bob: we are making apple pies
Bob: surprise!!!!!!

watched the blow music video and kept thinking of bitty so this happened

Why hasn’t the Russian establishment been hit by a right-wing populist opposition? 

There are enough war dead that Russia’s establishment should be having real problems. The Russian establishment has put the country under enough strain that Russian voters should be looking for an alternative.

Russians might be conservative nationalists, but they, more than anyone, should be weary of military adventurism, diplomatic confrontation, corruption, and the cynicism and casual brutality of their political class.

Now, it’d be easy to paint liberal cosmopolitans as foreign puppets. That’s fine. The Russian opposition doesn’t have to be liberal or cosmopolitan. It can be conservative and nationalist. It just needs to be anti-establishment, anti-corruption, and anti-militarist. 

So why hasn’t that happened?

I don’t know much about Russian politics, but I think that Vladimir Zhirinovsky is the problem. Zhirinovsky occupies the right-wing populist space, where a better politician could effectively challenge Putin. Unfortunately, the man himself is … a bit much.

There’s some of that muchness below the jump. It’s worth reading. But consider this your content warning.

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bittyparse NHL social media au

Kent and Jack are functional exes (pry this from my cold dead hands tbh) who live to chirp each other. At first they mostly just text, but then Kent throws some shade at Jack and the Falcs on Twitter. Our poor Canadian walks timidly into the Falcs PR office like, can someone remind me how to mention people on the Twitter because I have to clap back?

Bitty, the social media guy, is just like “no worries I gotchu,” and he shows Jack how to @ Parse but also starts chirping Kent and the Aces hard from the Falcs Twitter. And our boy Kenny is so impressed (and lbr, turned on) that he calls Jack like, “tell me about the person who runs Falcs Twitter, I want to punch them in the mouth with my mouth, softly.”

Somebody write this for me, I am far too lazy!?

Operation Lovebirds

A/N: Thanks so much @sergeantjamesbarnes107th for helping me with this!! 

Avengers x Reader, Pietro x Reader

Clint has added Pietro, Sam, Tony, Steve, Natasha, Wanda, Peter and Bucky

Sam: Operation Lovebirds?? Why is everything bird related with you?

Clint: I don’t know FALCON, why don’t you ask redWING?

Bucky: Shots fired. 

Sam: Shut up Barnes

Clint: Anyway I have gathered you all here today to discuss this awkwardness between Pietro and Y/n

Pietro: What awkwardness?

Tony: Kid, the sexual tension between you two even makes me uncomfortable

Peter: …I’m gonna go back to doing my homework

Natasha: Why don’t you do more than flirt? It’s obvious that Y/n doesn’t pick up on subtlety. 

Pietro: What else can I do?

Bucky: I don’t know. Ask her out since she doesn’t seem to get the hint?

Steve: I’d listen to him. He was the ladies man. He knows how to get a girl.

Sam: Yeah… 70 years ago. Women are much different now.

Bucky: Not that much different! You make it sound like they’re aliens

Sam: That’s because compared to men they are? Like you never know exactly how their mind works.

Peter: Guys it doesn’t matter! Y/n likes him anyway! Just talk to her.

Peter: Oh shit

Steve: Watch your language kid

Clint: Peter you weren’t supposed to tell! 

Peter leaves the group chat

Pietro: So you knew she liked me all along?

Steve: Why do I get the feeling that  "Clint" isn’t Clint now…

Natasha:  Clint is asking if anyone has seen his phone… Y/n is that you?

Clint: Didn’t see that coming?

Pietro: Hey that’s my phrase

Pietro: Y/n is that you? Did you know this whole time?

Tony: Plot twist!

Clint: Yeah. And no I didn’t know. You flirt with literally everyone…

Pietro: I don’t try to. But it was partially to make you jealous. I just really like you…

Tony: AWWW

Sam: Can we kick Tony out of this group chat?

Pietro: I’m all for it. I think Y/n has to though

Tony has been deleted from this conversation

Clint: Done. But you do know that I don’t get jealous right?

Pietro: I didn’t know that. Wouldn’t have bothered trying if I knew. Now this is just awkward…

Clint: Yes, yes it is. This is the real Clint by the way. Y/n is a little tied up at the moment hehe

Steve: What?!

Clint: What? I had to put her in timeout. She stole my phone! 

Pietro: Let her go so we can talk!

Steve: Wait, so you discipline children by tying them up?

Natasha: He actually does…

Clint: Relax it was just with one of my arrows. 

Pietro: That’s not frightening at all. Please just let Y/n go!

Clint: You can talk to her in fifteen minutes once her timeout is finished. In the meantime, why don’t you get cleaned up kid so you can take her out?

Pietro: Wait she’s letting me take her out?

Clint: Yeah you can thank me later.

Clint: Shit! She just bit me!

Pietro: Haha well she is a fighter, what did you expect? Thanks old man!

Clint: Yeah whatever kid.

Royal Flush: Part 1

Pairings: T’Challa x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 2014

Summary: After much convincing you agree to attend your friend Tony’s party, only to be rendered speechless by a new guest, the Prince of Wakanda. 

Authors Note: There will be a part 2… possibly a part 3, but this is only a small drabble. This was created as a personal gift to @imhereforbvcky seeing as I deprived her of her T’Challa loving fic with First Spark: An Aftershocks Prequel. If you do not already follow her, you should, she is not only a fabulous friend and support system, but a phenomenal writer, seriously though, go read I’ll Be Good or any of her writings (Masterlist). She’ll rip your heart out and make you squeal with joy all in one fell swoop. Anyway, my dear A, here is the T’Challa drabble you deserve. 


Originally posted by caps-bucky

I’m going to kill Tony, was the only thought going through your head as you appraise your appearance in the long mirror. Your longtime friend and employer was adamant about your attendance of his party tonight. He had spent weeks convincing you to come and this morning he had sent over a dress just for the occasion.

He cannot be serious! You tug at the tight fabric, the black silk clinging to your every curve as the bodice puts your breasts on display. You yank a little bit at the lower half, trying to close the elegant slit that ran all the way up your thigh. You would normally never wear anything so exposing, but you had to admit, you did look like a knock out.

You hear the car honk outside as you grab your dark red lipstick, carefully tracing your lips with it before placing it in your clutch. You fluff your hair once more, nodding at yourself in the mirror before walking out the front door to meet the car.

You arrive at Stark tower to a party in full swing, as you walk down the stairs from the elevator, you are acutely aware of the multiple eyes that track your movements. You immediately feel self-conscious of the skin tight dress putting your body on display until you see Tony pushing through the crowd to meet you at the bottom of the steps.

“Wow, you look even better than I’d hoped. That dress! Do I know how to pick ‘em or what?” “If by pick ‘em, you mean force me to squeeze my body in a skin tight dress and put myself on display, then yes Anthony, I suppose you can pick ‘em.” You roll your eyes at his smile as he wraps his arm around your waist, placing a light kiss to your temple as he leads you to the bar.

“Well maybe if we get some liquor past those red lips you might relax and realize what a smoke show you are!” Tony teases you, his hand guiding you forward towards his team.  The Avengers, of course! Walking, talking, perfect examples of human specimens, and here I am in all my awkward glory.

You catch the eye of none other than Mr. Patriotism himself, causing him to choke on his drink slightly as Tony leads you over to the group. “Captain, Falcon! You remember my friend Y/N, don’t you?”

Captain Rogers inclines his head to you stiffly, eyes staying locked on yours as he resists the urge to glance down at your flawless cleavage, propped up perfectly by your tight dress. “It’s great to see you again, Y/N. I hope you’ve been well?” You smile at the Captain, “Well enough, it’s good to see you too Cap. Sam,” You smile turning to the second man.

Sam was slightly less tactful then Steve, his eyes devouring your form, taking in every inch of your well-shaped curves. “Hey Y/N… You look… Wow, you look incredible.” You smile thanking him for his compliment.

“Like, real good! I mean seriously, why don’t you dress like this all the time instead of those cardigans you always got…” Steve nudges Sam hard in the ribs, reminding him of his constant habit of unfiltered comments.

You smiled, slightly annoyed at the comment, hiding your eye roll behind a laugh, “Because I dress professionally Sam… You know… Because I’m a professional.” You stress the word, reminding Sam of the tact he was lacking. Sam seemed to catch on, glancing away awkwardly, “A drink! We were getting you a drink!” Tony interrupts leaning in towards the bar and motioning to the bartender.

“Old Fashion, please.” You say quickly, as the bartender inclines his head to you. “Make that two.” A deep voice speaks behind you, a smooth accent painting his rich tone. “Prince T’Challa!” Tony exclaims, as you turn around, your eyes falling on the owner of the voice.

Your eyes flick up his tall form, noting the perfect tailoring of his dark suit. A silver tie knotted neatly under his throat. Your eyes finally fall on his face, noticing the thickness of his lips when he splits them in a dazzling smile as he inclines his head to Tony, acknowledging his host and shaking his hand.

You watch T’Challa, his moves smooth and controlled as he greets your friend, your stomach knots as his eyes flick to you. You smile nervously, aware of your blank thoughts as your eyes lock onto his. He moves towards you, your heart pounding in your chest, trying to think of something to say as he approaches.

He reaches past you, without a word, retrieving the two old fashions from the bar, delicately handing you your glass before clinking his own against it. “Impilo,” He smiles, raising his glass to his lips, his eyes never moving from yours. “Cheers,” you respond, mimicking his movement. You take a long sip, feeling the whiskey burning your throat, bringing thoughts back into your head.

“Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N” You smile, raising your hand to the Prince, he takes it in his, but instead of shaking it, he leans his head down, and brushes his soft lips against your knuckles, making your stomach jump at the contact, as Steve and Sam raise their eyebrows beside you, not missing the intimacy of the introduction. “An absolute pleasure, Miss Y/L/N. You may call me T’Challa.”

You beam at his allowance of the familiarity of his first name, smiling graciously at him as he releases your hand, “Your highness, I promise the pleasure is all mine.” You smirk slightly, tossing your hair effortlessly as he grins at your response, your flirting clear in your tone. You suddenly feel Steve and Sam’s eyebrow raise now directed at you. “Really?” Sam sighs, as Steve nudges him in the ribs once more.

“Pepper!” Tony exclaims suddenly, “Prince T’Challa, I’ve been meaning for the two of you to meet, will you come with me?” he asks, making to direct T’Challa towards Pepper and some of the other executives of the company. “Excuse me,” T’Challa inclines his head slightly to you. Tony leads him away towards Pepper, his head turning back for his eyes to fall on you once more, your heart skipping when his smile flashes at you.

“What the hell was that!?” Sam quickly interrupts your gaze as you watch T’Challa walk away. “What do you mean?” You grin slightly as you raise your glass to your lips once more, “You’re kidding right? Or were you not present for that interaction of aggressive subtext.” Steve asks, bumping his elbow against yours, insistently.

“Oh god. If Cap was able to see the subtext then there’s no way you could have missed it. So Y/N,” Sam starts, smiling slightly at Steve, “Are you gonna go get some fondue with T’Challa.” “Oh god dammit, not this again! How do you even know about that!? What is it written in Shield’s training manual or something!?” Steve turns on Sam exasperatedly, as you flag down the bartender for another drink.

“Ok, but seriously Cap, how did you not know that fondue is just melted cheese.” Sam scoffs, taking a sip of his drink as the bartender delivers you a fresh one. You pick it up, sipping from it quickly, to dull the argument of the two men in front of you. “If you were there you would have asked too, for god sake there was all this subtext, just like there was just now.” Steve huffs back, his eyes falling to yours once more.

“Right. So… What was that about?” Sam insists, eyebrows raising towards you once more, following Steve and turning his attention to you again. You raise your drink to your lips, postponing your response, “I have absolutely no idea.” You smile slightly, your heart quickening as you think back through the interaction.

“Really?” Steve’s eyebrows rise so high that they threaten to meld with his hair. “Really.” You smile innocently, “But I definitely want it to happen again.” You smile, raising the glass to your lips to hide the coy smile breaking across your face. “You… uh… you what?” Steve stutters, clearly uncomfortable with your response.

“Oh calm down Cap, the girl is allowed a night on the town with a Prince, let her have a Cinderella story if she wants it.” Tony teases, returning to your group once more. Your eyes glance around the room, looking for where T’Challa had moved to. You quickly spot him, engrossed in conversation with a group of suited men, his charisma allowing him to charm the group with ease.

“I’m not saying that she isn’t allowed, I’m just saying that we don’t really know the guy, she shouldn’t get ahead of herself, I mean can we even trust him? Who is he really?” Steve sputters, defenses rising, “He’s a Prince Steve, I’m pretty sure that’s transparent enough. It’s kinda hard to be a royal serial killer. I agree with Tony, let the lady have her fun.” Sam interjects, arguing with Steve.

Their bickering and the heavy amount of whiskey suddenly make the room feel hot and constrictive. “Well!” You huff, turning back to the group of men before you, “As thrilling as it is to listen to the three of you debate what I can and cannot do, I feel the sudden need for a breath of fresh air.” You smile as they look bashfully at you, realizing their rudeness.

“Please excuse me boys” you smile, snapping a sarcastic salute towards them as you turn and saunter towards the empty balcony, your hips swaying seductively as you easily make your way through the crowd. You step out into the cool night air, closing your eyes as you inhale slowly, relishing in the feeling of the cold air filling your lungs.

You walk towards the edge of the balcony, resting your forearms on the railing as you lean forward, drink held loosely in your grasp as you gaze out over the city. You breathe deeply once more, your back bending slightly as you lean onto the railing, your hips pushing out behind you creating a striking silhouette as you press the cool glass to your lips.

You shiver at the burn of the whiskey as it conflicts with the cold air licking at your skin, hearing the balcony door open behind you, you to turn your head slightly causing your hair to fall forward over your shoulder. Assuming it to be one of the men you had recently walked away from, you hold your position, hoping that they would get the message of your disinterest in continuing the conversation.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you…” T’Challa’s voice causes your body to tense as you freeze, willing yourself not to jump at his presence, wishing your heart wasn’t beating so quickly in your chest. “Not at all,” You turn, smiling sweetly at him as he comes to stand beside you, leaning against the railing, looking out into the city.

“A lucky man, Mr. Stark…” T’Challa starts, his eyes examining the city as you look up at him. “He has a beautiful home, a lovely girlfriend,” he looks down to you smiling, “and enchanting friends.” “Thank… Thank you.” You blush at his compliment, your head spinning with his words.

Your gaze turns back to the city as you try to regain control of your emotions, slightly embarrassed by the effect that T’Challa has on you. “You know, Y/N,” Your heart skips at the sound of your name, his thick accent wrapping around every syllable before purposefully delivering it “Stark asked me if I’d be willing to stay for a few days, to help him with a new technology… Yet, I was not entirely sure I would.”

He looks at you, his attention focused intently on your face, your eyes remain focused on the illuminated landscape before you, listening intently to his words, secretly hoping that he will agree to Starks offer. “However,” he continues, “I must admit… after meeting you, I think I will accept his proposal.” Your heart skips a beat.


My Family

Imagine dating Batman and being related to the Falcone family, though you are not a part of their criminal empire.

Relationship: Lover

Character: Bruce 


Gifs: Found on Google.


I went through a great deal to hide my relation to the Falcone Crime Family. I never wanted anything to do with them even going so far as to change my last name to L/N. Bruce never asked about my family and I never want to talk about. I would remember nights, where I would listen to my father and uncles, talk about their next job and what they need to hit. I knew then that I didn’t wish to be a part of the Falcone Crime Family.

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I like how they subtly show Wanda’s combat skills developing without ever drawing attention to it through dialogue.

Like, when we first see her, she’s totally non physical; using her powers to sneak up on opponents, give them terror visions, and slip away. In contrast to Pietro who’s whole shtick is basically body checking people really fast. The first time Wanda gets hurt in battle (by way of Hawkeye’s shock arrow), she’s screaming with pain and Pietro wants to get her out immediately, but she insists that she stay. So you get the feeling that taking damage in such a way is something new for her. 

In Sokovia, we get a pretty creative extension of her powers via mentally controlling people to evacuate, along with throwing up shields and deflecting debris as she protects civilians. New uses, but still all defensive based.  After a panic attack from witnessing the devastation, she gets her infamous pep talk from Hawkeye and only then starts using her powers offensively;  blasting enemy robots en mass and standing strong alone or in a group pitch battle.

Also, it’s quick, but we see her levitating to the ground in the final moments of the film… implying that she’s gained flight abilities as well.

That’s really… cool, y’know? Showing not telling and tying character development into power development which is befitting a comic book movie.

Pushing the Limits of my Heart

@swawesomesanta for flib (if you know what their tumblr is, assuming they have one, please pass it one to me!)

Summary: Bitty passes in front of Kent, drawing Tater’s attention to him.

They lock eyes and Tater’s expression immediately turns sour, while at the same time his eyes widen slightly. He looks sort of like a giant, angry buck caught in a car’s headlights, and despite himself, Kent finds it strangely cute.

“Why is Parson here?” Tater almost hisses, his shoulders tensing up to his ears.

Kent looks down at his lap as he feels his cheeks heat up and his stomach drop. Jack was perhaps a little quick to dismiss his observation and say that it was possible that Tater didn’t hate him, because the man sitting a few feet away from Kent looks like he hates him with every fiber of his being.

A/N: So flib requested Bitty/Kent/Jack group chat drama with Patater as the main ship and the gc drama is…well, it’s still a big part of this fic? But uh, I hope you don’t mind that I started with idea and just kinda…ran with it. Okay, to be fair, I didn’t intend for it to be this long. I really wanted to write something that was short and very cute with a side dish of snarky Kent and Bitty interactions and then–well, I hit a point where I realized that the story I wanted to tell would require the fic to be a lot longer that I had in mind (clearly, a lot longer). And though I’m not sure that this fits what you may have had in mind, I still really have to thank you for this prompt though, because I had been in the middle of a creative dry spell (see me not having posted since August), but your prompt honestly just sparked something in my mind. I’ve been so eager and excited to share this fic with you :)

Now I have to give a lot of thanks to @cakemakethme and to @bahoreal, my two best friends who without them, this fic probably wouldn’t have happened (or at the very least it wouldn’t have been as good). From their ideas that they were always so willing to offer up, to their patience as I used them extensively as sounding boards as I overhauled the plot three separate times which required so many messages sent back and forth, and not being bothered as I sent them the entire fic in IM’s while I worked on it, their support was invaluable. And of course, I have to give an extra special thanks to Jay for the incredible art they supplied for this fic (if you need art commissioned, you should check them out!).

I really hope y'all enjoy this fic!!! :)

Read it on AO3!

Group Chat with Bitty and Jack

Kent: Holy fucking shit
Kent: I honestly don’t understand
Kent: How did he do that?

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Debris (I)

Prompt: Imagine being a civilian and Steve Rogers saves you from a wreck. He couldn’t keep his eyes off you and he wanted to know you, but somehow you knew this was right so you went with him. Wanda looked at you and knew something was off about you. You were Fury’s adopted daughter and you were drawn to Steve, both romantically and mentally.

Originally posted by welcomethenewage

Originally posted by charlestonchewbacca

You put your arms above your head blocking yourself from the rain of debris falling down on you. When the downpour turned into a drizzle you moved your arms down to your sides. You surveyed your surrounding and found a child huddling underneath some wreckage. The debate going on in your head only went on for a few seconds before you said screw it and ran over to the little boy. Just as you reached him, more wreckage came down on the both of you. You hugged the boy to you and shielded him from the wreckage.

The boy whimpered below you so you start to whisper, “It’s okay, you’re safe, it’s okay.” You keep repeating it, but after awhile you’re not sure if it’s more for his benefit or your own.

A large chunk of rubble lads a foot away from you and you pull the boy closer to you. He screams and then goes back to crying. You pull away, but the boy keeps is hands fisted in your top.

“It’s okay,” you tell him as you rub his head, “I’m just going to see if there’s a way out of here, but I need you to let go of my shirt. Can you do that for me?”

The boy nods his head and lets go of your shirt. You stand up and begin to look for a way out.

“What’s your name, bud?” You hear a little mumble but nothing too discernible. “What was that? I couldn’t hear you.”

“Phil,” he said a bit louder.

“Phil,” you repeated back, “That’s a good name. I used to know a Phil. Great man.”

“What happened to him?”

You paused before responding, “Well, he wanted to protect the ones he loved, so he went on a special mission.”

“Is he still alive?”

You smiled to yourself, “He sure is. You’re quite the inquisitive one, aren’t you, Phil?”

“My mom says I get that from my dad.”

You found a place to climb up and get a better vantage point on the rubble around you. You braced yourself for the first step up and asked Phil, “Who was with you, Phil, while you were here?’ You started your clim up the rubble.

“My mom,” he told you as he walked closer to where you were climbing.

“Do you know where she was when all this started happening?”

“She went into a store while I was playing on the playground. She says I’m really independent. That’s why I get to play on my own.”

“I’m sure you are Phil,” you told him.

Then you spotted the group of them, you could only hope it was who you thought it was.

“Let’s get you back to her then,” you told Phil before yelling out to the group, “Help! Over here! Help!”

When he turned around you knew you were safe. The man in red, white, and blue came bounding over with two of his team mates following.

“Phil, get as close to me as possible. We’re getting you to your mom.” As soon as they got close enough, you told the group, “There’s a kid with me.”

It didn’t even seem to phase the group and Falcon flew over to get Phil out while Captain America helped you to the other side with Scarlet Witch looking around making sure it was all clear.

Captain America had you in his arms bridal style when he asked you: “Are you alright, ma’am?”

“Just peachy, Captain,” You told him with the biggest smile you could muster.

“Is your leg giving you much pain?”

It wasn’t until the Captain asked you that that you realized you had a large gash going down your leg.

“Oh that,” you said, “I didn’t even know that was there. I’ll go get that looked at. You can put me down now.”

“Right,” he said as he lowed you to the ground. Even with the cowl you could tell he was blushing.

“C’mon, Phil,” you said as you held out your hand to the boy, “Let’s go get looked at then find your mom.”

He quickly left the Falcon’s side to latch onto your hand.

“Quick question, where is the med area?” You asked the three Avengers.

“I’ll take you,” Falcon told you as he picked you both up. “Keep your eyes shut to protect from debris.”

You quickly shut your eyes as Falcon flew you and Phil over to the med bay. Your eyes were shut so tightly that you couldn’t see the baby blues following you as you got farther and farther away.

Part II