falcon duran

So you know how Jack goes from 0 to 100 when it comes to Bitty?

- Imagine years from now they are fully out to everyone, and Bitty and the Samwell Crew are front row at a Falconers game.
- During half time Beyoncé’s Love on Top starts blaring through the speakers and Bitty’s like “hell yeah this is my jam” and is like dancing about in his chair.
- Suddenly the whole Samwell team (and Shitty) breaks out into a flash mob around bitty and carry him onto the ice where Jack waits in the centre
- He pulls out a ring and pops The Question and the entire crowd waits in silent anticipation for Bitty’s answer.
- When he says yes they go apeshit. Holster and Ransom start bawling. Shitty kisses Jack before Bitty can. Lardo and Chowder tackle Bitty then the others all join in
- The whole thing gets televised and #zimbits trends on every platform and the my gay hockey sons live happily ever after (◕‿◕✿)