falcon dam

Peddars Way

Chalk Pit, May 2015 

Harpley Damms chalk pit is huge and only feet from the Peddars Way. I wouldn’t have known it was there if I hadn’t walked across the field to see if I could get a better view of the steep escarpment. It has no raised edge, and lies flush with the surface of the land. It was wonderfully strange to draw. Even the cold May wind incessantly tearing the paper from my board could only slightly dent my enthusiasm for the unexpectedly vast, flat dark space in a field of flowering wild strawberries. Guests at the Dogotel barked and traffic rushed past on the A148 as the sky blackened.

Afterwards I went down into the hole and it was warm and full of bee hives and spent cartridges. I meant to come back in June to see if there were any strawberries, but I completely forgot.