falcon company

With Gul’dan down, the Sunguard looks to wrap up the final legs of the tier before moving onto the next difficulty. The [Falcon Company] has done well and have earned the following perk.

  • The title of Nightblade
  • The trait of Athletic[Passive]: Players may attempt to reroll failed sprinting checks. They can successful resolve a failed sprint roll once per event. 

For those following the Sunguard Nightfallen Rebellion storyline, the Sunguard is still in a positioned where they are assisting the Nightfallen Resistance with its efforts to liberate Suramar. Once the finale of the Nightfallen storyline is resolved, the Falcon Company will be dispatched into the Nightholde itself to defeat Elisande and Gul’dan. That is when we will acknowledge the fall of the two in character.

Falcon Company

Falcon Company is the IC name of the TSG raid team going forward, I will be tagging our photos with it on tumblr. If you are a member of our raid team you can consider yourself IC a member of this company if you would like to take part. Your raiding character does not have to be your IC character in said company, but as of this time this group is only open to the members of our raid team. If you have any questions on this please let me know.



As of our last meeting a new company has been forged under the Sunguard name. I have had the honor of being named officer Knight-Lieutenant, commander of this force.

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SPACEX LANDING (01.14.2017)

The photo shows the 14-story-tall first stage of the company’s Falcon 9 rocket moments before it landed on a barge at sea this past weekend. SpaceX has photographed this moment during other landings, and has been publishing high-resolution photos of its launches for a while. But this particular frame got a dramatic boost because the rocket happened to come down right in front of the camera’s view of the Sun.