falcon company

With Gul’dan down, the Sunguard looks to wrap up the final legs of the tier before moving onto the next difficulty. The [Falcon Company] has done well and have earned the following perk.

  • The title of Nightblade
  • The trait of Athletic[Passive]: Players may attempt to reroll failed sprinting checks. They can successful resolve a failed sprint roll once per event. 

For those following the Sunguard Nightfallen Rebellion storyline, the Sunguard is still in a positioned where they are assisting the Nightfallen Resistance with its efforts to liberate Suramar. Once the finale of the Nightfallen storyline is resolved, the Falcon Company will be dispatched into the Nightholde itself to defeat Elisande and Gul’dan. That is when we will acknowledge the fall of the two in character.

Assaulting the Nightblades

In the aftermath of the Battle of Suramar, Falcon Company has been given their first official task. With the Archon’s decree they will slip behind the lines of the enemy and put a stop to Guldan’s endgame.

On 04/19 we will finish what the started at Suramar’s gates and hunt down the vile Guldan and put an end to the Legion’s hold on the Nightborne in a normal clear of the Nighthold Raid. Our Raiders will be encouraged to join us in a possible change to IC specs and characters for a bit of diversity to play style and adventure. At the end of the night if we are able to stop the Legion’s plan surely there will be plenty of loot and glory for the collective.

But assaulting the Nighthold and putting down the magical horrors that stand in the way will be no simple task. For those soul’s brave enough to enter the raid with the badge of Falcon Company you will be put at risk for your survival, and your own deeds! During this raid if you fall during an encounter you will have to roll for wounds with a +5 mod at the end of the night. Each subsequent death will increase the roll by +1

To take part in this challenge please sign up in the in game calendar, invites to raid will be normal those signing up want to take on the added fun. With more danger though, comes more loot, and when Falcon Company claims the Betrayer’s rise the loot found will be rolled on among those that answered the call.


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Raid Rewards: Heroic Tomb of Sargeras- The Conqureror

For their efforts, the Falcon Company has added a new pennate to their battle standard hallmarking their triumph over one of Sargeras’ chief Lieutenants. 

With this great honor, the Archon has awarded those who braved the final hours the title of [The Conqueror].

  • With this award, comes a cache of Two [Mystical Essences]
  • The earned virtue of [Scryer Trait] Allows a character to reroll any failed perception check. (Only one success per event)

Free of the grasps of the Old Gods, the Sunguard moved to engage their enemies directly. Boarding the Doom Glaive, an Illidari controlled Legion Warship, they penetrated the Legion Gate over Ravencrest Monument. There, they were sent to Zu’gara the Shattered World, a Legion prison world found within the Twisting Nether. There they encountered by the minions of the void and the Burning Legion grasping for control over the world. Using hard discipline and expert tactics, the Sunguard was able to slay several powerful lieutenants and close the portal nexus. 

Earning themselves a moment of reprieve, the Archon orders the Sunguard’s Falcon Company to plunge themselves into the depths of the Tomb of Sargeras to eliminate and sever the Legion’s connection to Azeroth for good.

Legionfall Resumes in October!

Starting in the first week of October the Sunguard will resume its Legionfall campaign. Here are a couple of notes:

The Sunguard will complete one more zone and close its Legiongate after which the Falcon Company will be tasked with killing Kil'Jadaen. This will bring the Sunguard to the current timeline, meaning Argus is in our sky.

Once KJ is dead, Baal will no longer be compelled to follow the Burning Crusade and will go rogue. What follows will be considered to be the campaigns finale.

Post finale, it will end the Sunguards major campaigns for the expansion.

Given how asset intensive Argus would be, we will not, at least in the guild narrative, do events on the planet. The amount of work required would be too much for such a short period in the WoW story.

Felix M. Conde-Falcon

DOB: 2 Feb 1938
KIA: 4 Apr 1969
Rank: Sergeant First Class (posthumously promoted)
Unit: 1st Battalion, 505th Infantry, 82nd Airborne Division, US Army
Notes: Awarded the Medal of Honor March 18, 2014. Born in Puerto Rico.

Medal of Honor Citation:
For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty:
Staff Sergeant Felix M. Conde-Falcon distinguished himself by acts of gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty while serving as an acting Platoon Leader in Company D, 1st Battalion, 505th Infantry Regiment, 3d Brigade, 82d Airborne Division during combat operations against an armed enemy in Ap Tan Hoa, Republic of Vietnam on April 4, 1969. While entering a heavily wooded section on the route of advance, Staff Sergeant Conde-Falcon and his company encountered an extensive enemy bunker complex, later identified as a battalion command post. Following tactical artillery and air strikes on the heavily-secured enemy position, Staff Sergeant Conde-Falcon’s platoon was selected to assault and clear the bunker fortifications. Moving out ahead of his platoon, Staff Sergeant Conde-Falcon charged the first bunker, heaving grenades as he went. As the hostile fire increased, he crawled to the blind side of an entrenchment position, jumped to the roof, and tossed a grenade into the bunker aperture. Without hesitating, he proceeded to two additional bunkers, both of which he destroyed in the same manner as the first. Rejoining his platoon, Staff Sergeant Conde-Falcon advanced about one hundred meters through the trees before coming under intense hostile fire. Selecting three men to accompany him, he maneuvered toward the enemy’s flank position. Carrying a machinegun, he single-handedly assaulted the nearest fortification, killing the enemy inside before running out of ammunition. After returning to the three men with his empty weapon and taking up an M-16 rifle, he concentrated on the next bunker. Within ten meters of his goal, Staff Sergeant Conde-Falcon was shot by an unseen assailant and soon died of his wounds. Staff Sergeant Conde-Falcon’s extraordinary heroism and selflessness at the cost of his own life, above and beyond the call of duty, are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, his unit and the United States Army.

For My An: Ben Solo + Virgin

Ben Solo, like his father was, is a very attractive man, quite popular with the women. When he wasnt training, he would often help Han with the Millennium Falcon. When it didn’t need work, he would court several women, the eventuality would often allow him more experience behind closed doors.

You had been on several dates with him by this point, allowing yourself to go past your usual coy nature and accepting him, exploring your mouth with his, those soft lips encompassing yours passionately.

You had began allowing him to fondle the swell of your tits, and the very last date you had with him ended in him straddling you across his lap while his length ground into you.

You were so desperate for him in a way you had never felt before. But you had never been with anyone. What would it be like to have your first be with the son of legends? He was an intimidating height, that description backed up with how easily he seemed to lose control whenever he’s being intimate with you. He gets rougher, more uncaring. How would he be if you…let him?

Ben could read that thought in your head the next day, you two were quietly playing a game of Dejarik on the Millennium Falcon, enjoying the company of each other. He turned to you, almost possessed, pressing his lips harshly into yours as he allowed his tongue to slide past your lips, expecting you to reciprocate and explore his mouth as well. The kiss grew deeper as you allow your fingers to explore the waved tendrils framing his face, his hands moving to cup each side of your cheeks, fingers pushing their way up past your ears into your hair. He had you locked to him, passionately playing with each other as his hands vacated your face to move to your buttons on your shirt, slowly unhitching each one.

You couldn’t bring yourself to move, inexperience getting the better of you, as you balled his hair into your fists, needing more of him.

Your shirt was fully open for him, allowing him to peel it off your shoulders, his mouth entirely eclipsing yours as his motions became more dominant. He snatched your hands and brought them down to his chest, forcing you to feel his muscular form underneath his shirt, dragging your hands underneath the vest his parents had given him. He never once breaks his hold on your mouth and he guides you to strip him free of his outermost layer.

Feeling confident, you shake your hands from his, pull back his garment from his biceps rushing your hands back to his chest and grasping the fabric of his shirt.
He begins to grow impatient with you and reaches behind him, pulling off his shirt and baring his chest to you. He grasps your hips firmly and hoists you onto his lap, a thigh on either side of him as he pulls you down into him, his length protruding through the fabric of his pants every second you rotate your hips on top of him.

His hands hold tight and cover the expanse of your hips as he rocks with you, needing more of you, becoming more aggressive as he bites you lower lip. He lifts you slightly and lowers you down on to the rest of the couch. He breaks the kiss finally, pulling slightly away to take you in.

“Fuck, you’re gorgeous,” he murmurs, and you pull your lower lip into your teeth in embarrassment.

“I’ve seen it,”

You blinked. You weren’t sure what he meant. His hands ran down your stomach tracing the hem of your pants.

“Seen what?” you asked, unsure.

“I’ve seen your need of wanting me. You want me to fuck you here, on this very seating arrangement. But I’ve also seen your….inexperience,” he placed his digits just under the fabric, grazing above your clit gently, “are you sure?”

You considered him for a moment. You’ve seen him almost lose control with foreplay. How would he be when all inhibitions are cast aside? He had an unpredictable nature to him. Dangerous–reckless even–and you were willing him your body to enable him further.

His gaze was hypnotizing. His hair falling gracefully over his face while he looked down on you, teasing above your entrance, goating you on to beg for him. Your want for him drove every word that fell out of you afterwards.

“I’m sure. Fuck me Ben. Make it memorable,” you moaned, arching your back into his hand.

Something primal came over him. His eyes were hungry, the color of them being swallowed by his pupils. You weren’t sure whether to be taken in or to be terrified. He leaned into you, placing wet kisses on your jawline, drawing the skin of your neck into his mouth, nibbling on your collar. His hands began exploring under him, pinching your nipples under your bra, dragging his Nails over your adbomen, fingering the clasp at your pants. He worked to remove them quickly –roughly yanking them, and your panties, down your legs in one swift motion. You kicked off your boots in a hurry, helping him slide your garments to the floor.

He drug his mouth down the marks he crested, tongue slicking your body as his soft locks followed suit down to your heat.

Stopping just above your sex, he looked up at you and you turned away. He grabbed your chin to force your gaze upon his.

“I’ve been told I’m…a lot to take. I’m going to play with you first. Warm you up. Then I’ll fuck you until you don’t remember your name” he whispered gently, his breath catching on your folds.

You were scared, yet somehow more aroused than ever. He wanted to do these things to you. Even as you hung on his last words, not sure what to expect, you were more than excited for the waves of pleasure he was promising to you.

You felt the familiar soft feel of his lips on you, only this time they were exploring your sex, delving deep into a place you only dared touch yourself now and again. He knew how to work you, dipping gently over your bud, pulling it into his mouth, grazing it over with his teeth, forcing moans from you as you felt a searing heat wash over you again and again. He took your bud in and out of his mouth, dragging you to something you’ve never felt before, as he moved his index and middle finger over your entrance, pushing them into you slowly. You sighed out of both pleasure and the discomfort it brought. He worked all the way into you. Curling his digits to your sensitive spot, scissoring them to widen you for him, he open kissed your cunt quickly before pulling back.

“You’re so fucking tight. Not sure how long I’ll last with this perfect little pussy around me”

You sighed out of impatience.

“Gods Ben just fuck me. I can’t take it anymore”

He was completely taken away by lust now. He grabbed at you and pulled you further under him, hooking his fingers under his pants and dragging them off with his boots. His hands fell back to your heat as his thumb delved into your clot, working cirlces into it, as his other hand jerked his dick.

He was huge. So large you were forced to loom back down at yourself in wonder. He was working you with his hand quickly, bringing you to the edge of your climax, as he positioned himself , poised at your entrance. His head caught the tip of you and you sighed, needing him inside of you. He edged his way slowly, physically splitting you, your walls seperating before him, spreading your pelvis apart as though you were being molded to fit him.

He let out an animalistic groan, his movements more primal as he forced his way in. He was out of control–a large hand grabbing your thigh and pulling it upwards to achieve a better angle.

“Ben no its too much!” you wailed to him.

He paid no attention, dragging himself deeper into you, spreading you apart, wrecking you as he snapped himself into you harder. His hand gripped your calf to bruising. You were reaching for something, anything, for leverage while each thrust delivered another spurt of pain into you. You were crying his name over and over until the stinging turned over to pleasure. He silenced your needy pleas by cupping his hand over your mouth.

“I don’t own this ship. If someone enters they will see you bent and broken. Stop”

Instead, you cried into his hand, working your way closer to your euphoria. You had never experienced it so vivid. He worked harder circles to your cunt, and you were reaching a point you couldn’t return from.

You screamed, clamping around his cock, greedily taking him in and out, pleasure taking you entirely. Ben crushed your face with his hand as he finished two thrusts later. He pulled out and dribbled onto your cunt, smearing it around with his fingers as he finished.

He pulled you up, bare and wrecked, enclosing you in his arms. Sweat mingling between you both.

You stared up at him, as he leaned down to place a deep kiss over your lips. His hand moving to thread itself into your damp locks.

“When can you go again?“you asked, your tone dripping with seduction.

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