Bucky is determined to get ya’ll dinner.

You, Nat, and Sam is just like “????Why did I agree to spend 3 days with you idiots” 

Everyone ends up having a great time.  

I remember last time I went camping, my friends thought it would be a great idea to explore off trail and we got lost in the fuCKING WOODS. SO I HAD TO LEAD US BACK TO OUR CAMP WHILE THEY WERE PRACTICALLY CRYING. I SAVED OUR LIVES. SOME KID ALMOST STEPPED ON A SNAKE. So if you guys ever wanna go camping, hmu because I’m great at navigating.

A picture snapped of me while at the World of Faeries festival this weekend. You know, growing up I had always wanted to look different, wishing to have the cute ‘white girl’ features and just to be “pretty” in general. Then I find this picture that was just taken of me and realize that this is /exactly/ how I want to look…. And it’s of me causally having a conversation while selling my crystal pendants with a falcon on my arm, Goddess hair a'flowing.

I am to be feared. 🌙

captain america winter soldier

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“Two lines. Please be two lines” you whispered to yourself as you paced around the bathroom. You waited a few moment before checking the test again. And there they were. Two wonderful lines. In a burst of excitement, you screamed and ran out into the hall

“Sam!” you shouted “Sam! Where are you?” you screamed down the stairs. Sam ran through the door and looked up at you from the bottom of the stairs 

“(y/n)?” he asked “whats the matter? Are you Ok? What happened?” he said as he ran up the stairs. When he got to the top he wrapped you in his arms and looked at your face 

“I’m fine, silly” you said chuckling “but I have a secret” you said, leading him into the bedroom. You sat him down on the bed and ran to the bathroom. When you returned, you had the test behind you, and a large smile on your face. You breathed deeply and sat next to Sam. 

“Sam, I’m pregnant” you said with a smile

His jaw dropped and he stood up quickly “pregnant?” he asked “are you serious”

You nodded and held out the test, exposing the two lines. For some reason you had a horrible feeling in your gut. Was Sam happy? Did he even want a kid? Your eyes darted away out of nervousness but Sam’s hand held your face gently

“I’m so happy!” he said happily “this is amazing!” he yelled 

You smiled and kissed Sam’s nose “oh thank goodness” you sighed 

“I’ll be right back” Sam said before rushing downstairs. 

A few minutes passed before he came upstairs again and poked his head in the door “I just made breakfast for three if that would be something you’d be interested in” he said with a large smile

You smiled and walked with him down the hall. Sam would make an excellent father and you could not be happier. 

Imagine you are Tony’s missing child and you come back as an assassin for Hydra.

It was never quiet in the Stark household. The constant giggles, loud rants and obnoxious taunts was a regular occasion. It still is never quiet, but your voice has not been a part of the mix for a couple of years now. Tony didn’t know how to function.

He stifles a bitter laugh, when he first remember your mother telling him she was pregnant, he wanted nothing to do with her or you. The billionaire thought living life for his own self purposes is more than living, he’s breathing.

Having you as a part of his life is never part of the plan. Your expected arrival did a number on him, thankfully, Pepper took over until he warm up to the idea of being a father. Of course, you didn’t see him as your father for part of your life. Happy and Pepper seem to be those parents to fill that void.

Inheriting the Stark intelligence, you push yourself to be independent as quickly as possible to escape being a burden to Mr. Stark. Tony would occasionally greet you, rarely calling you by your name, instead he uses brat, kid, or worst of all, ‘hey you’.

Such endearing nicknames, right? Your relationship with him was strained. Neither giving the other leverage or leeway to engage in social interactions like father and daughters do.

Until you said something, you never said to him before. Coming home drunk, sobbing, rambling how hurt you are that you are replaying the role of Tony Stark himself, just like how he endure his father’s cruelty. Uttering hateful words, describing him as a parasite that you cannot wait to get rid of, Tony was surprise how hurt he was.

Switching his wiring to be a better father, it was more awkward seeing him starting to ‘care’ about your well-being. It was odd at first and you slowly start to warm up to the idea of having to know you father.

You start to become more of a constant in each other’s lives and seeing you roaming the Avenger’s halls is something everyone got use to. Now those intimate moments you share with your growing family has come to a halt, your disappearance has gotten everyone haywire. 

Everyone is using their resources to find you and they start to give up hope thinking you are gone. Tony is having a more difficult time, believing that there is some way that you are still around.

He can barely sleep nowadays, now he can understand the parents of having a missing child. He doesn’t know where you are, what you are doing, if whether you are dead or alive; running for your life, screaming for help or begging for her kidnapper to stop, praying that Tony will come find you.

His fists clench, he misses the crinkles around your eyes when you are ready to burst into laughter, your crooked smile that you obviously inherited from him, and your glowing personality that is more like his mother than him and his father.

Honestly, he thanks your mother for part of your upbringing to be less of a pain in the ass. The billionaire couldn’t think straight as he is brought into the helicarrier, tinkering with a few things on his suit to process this next mission.

Spinning the screwdriver between his fingers, he hopes to finish this job so he can continue on his search with FRIDAY. Still, he has her running searches of anything peculiar to see if it’s you. Initiating to FRIDAY to inform him of anything, no matter what time of day it is.

As he clambers onto the launch pad, his gaze is steady on the landing as Captain Frostbite informs everyone of his plan. Not really paying attention, as per usual, to hears a hallow tink. Meeting with aggravated eyes, Tony rolls his, “Is there something wrong, Twinkle toes?”

“Keep your head in the game, Stark. Don’t want to risk losing someone because your head is stuck in the clouds.” Tony is quickly about to refute, tension burning up. Sam intervenes before anything can happen, pushing on their chest to create further distance.

“Let’s take a breather. Focus on our current task.” His eyes flicker to the superheroes, his hands still steady to enforce that he has no problem pushing them back….even though it won’t do much.

Steve takes those few steps back, nostrils flaring before turning around. Sam sighs knowing the Captain wanted to share a few more words with Stark. Turning to the billionaire, he slaps the shoulder of Tony’s suit. “We are still looking for her even during this mission.”

His words did soothe Tony seeing that Sam and the rest of the gang are indeed still trying. The newer additions including, Sam have seen a picture of what you look like two years ago.

Sharing a stiff smile, Sam wiggles his goggles on his eyes as the ramp starts to lower. The gust of wind welcomes the two as Sam speeds off the ramp, wings ready to take flight and Tony flying right after.

The initial plan for you is to assassinate a particular person, with their picture engrave in your mind, you remain in stealth mode. Your fingers lightly trace the barbed wire fence, with cold eyes you grip the material tightly, the initial sting only lasting a few seconds before you easily rip apart a chunk of the fence.

It was more than easily to infiltrate the base, smiling all the more as you slash throats, gut a few ripping their intestines out and chopping a few limbs along the way.

Seeing the walls paint with your victims blood, your arm choking your current prey before stabbing into their neck letting their blood squirt all along side the walls. This is your mural. Your masterpiece.

Stalking your way to the bound target of the night, you let your sword glint in the light taint with crimson blood. “Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you and maybe I will spare you.”

The angry eyes of the balding man, growled. Spewing out words in Swahili, a long swing of your sword and the satisfying release of hearing flesh slice sends pleasurable shivers down your spine. “Stop speaking in tongue. I’m running out of patience.” Applying pressure on the wound on his leg, you grin, “Where is that pretty little jewel you are hiding from me, hmm?”

Pouting when he remains silent, right when you are about to open your mouth, the audacity of the man has spit on your face. Wiping the saliva off your cheek, you hear the crunch of beheading the man with one swift motion.

Twirling your blade, you wipe it along your bracers before sliding it into the sheath. Making your way out of the base, the copper scent making you giddy. Right when you step off into the fresh cool air, your ears pick up on rockets. The loud rumbles quake the ground beneath you, frowning you look up to the sky.

Whoever it is came with a party, not that your group will ever inform you of such a matter. “Hadid, need any assistance?”

“We’ll meet you back on base.”

Without hesitation you start to retreat, picking up speed as you start to run. Your heavy footsteps soar through the forest. It won’t be too hard to locate the Jeep, whizzing through the trees with ease, you skid to the left, crashing into a tree in the process to avoid the array of bullets.

The soft hum of a mechanical suit reinforces the conclusion you came up with a short while ago that there are two airborne opponents. There is only one this time, coming closer than you expect.

Sliding a small device from your pouch, your thumb grazes on the center, pressing it, you toss it behind you as the loud explosion pierces your ears. As soon as it detonated, you ran. Daggers in hand, with a flick of your wrists they sail through the air hitting the metal suit with a clank.

“Gotta do better than that, sweetheart.”

“I’m counting on it.” You mutter, racing as fast as you can as the speed of the man in the suit increases. Your eyes gaze at the trees, as you pass two specific ones, a electrical net is release, catching him off guard.

Hearing him fall with a groan, he twitches as you approach him. What you wouldn’t give to crack that shell open like a crab and slice him up. His screams being part of that delicious sound that you start to love and crave. Stepping forward, you narrow your eyes as he releases himself from the net.

His hand is extended, your katana out of its sheath for your protection, you feel his hesitation. You didn’t know what he was thinking, the metal mask lifting to reveal his face.

Tilting your head as you hear your name come from his lips. You smile wickedly when you remember him. The last thing he probably expects is to find you here, drench with blood and a happy tone in your voice as you say, “Hi, daddy. Miss me?”

Your short giggle made  his skin crawl. Tony didn’t recognize you, not at first. When you threw your daggers, he caught a glimpse, but nothing concrete as being face to face. He hears his comrades in his ear piece trying to grab his attention, but everything went blank.

All this time he has been searching for you…Hydra. He glances at the symbol sewed on your bicep. If your face wasn’t covered in blood, the black clothing would have hidden it well until someone stood close to you, smelling the metallic blood.

Still, he knew this isn’t you. That bottomless look in your eyes, the cheery smile that reminds him of a certain someone. Tony watches you lower your weapon, “Are you going to turn me in?”

Frowning, he says sternly, “If the shoe fits…saw your handiwork. Can’t say that I’m impressed.”

You jut out your lower lip, “I thought it would make daddy proud. Everything I learned was put into good use.” Swinging your katana and patting your pouch of devices that you are saving for a rainy day.

“This isn’t a game, Y/n.”

“I did you a favor!” The chirpy tone vanish, replace with a steely gaze and a scowl. “SHIELD and Hydra have been wanting to take down, Valencia for years. I did that for you. Did all the dirty work, so a little thank you would be much appreciated.”

“We were looking for you.” He mumbled.

“You didn’t need to.” Grinning from ear to ear, arms stretch out wide. “I’m free.”

What have they done? There is this look in your eye that Tony has never seen before. That uncertainty and misguided souls thinking they are actually doing good. That you are doing what you are supposed to do. It’s not that you killed them that scared him, it’s how you did it.

With a deep sorrowful sigh, his mask lowers. “Sorry, dear, but I can’t let you leave.”

You chuckle, letting it ring through the air, with a charming smile, “I was hoping you would said that.”

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[PODFIC] All The Records Are Playing (And My Heart Keeps Saying)
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Title: [PODFIC] All The Records Are Playing (And My Heart Keeps Saying)
Creator: ArwenLune
Recipient: blackglass
Characters/Pairings: Natasha Romanov/Sam Wilson, Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov/Sam Wilson, Lucky
Content Info: Road Trips, Bisexual Character, Polyamory

Summary: It turns out that roadtripping with Natasha involves trying out all the interesting specials at roadside diners, and also 100% more camping than Sam had expected.


Imagine Natasha Wanda Maria And You Projecting All You Love Onto Miles

For Anon (I tried I really did.)

“Do you have all your things?” you ask frantically checking over all his bags.

“Yes (Y/N)” Miles says.

“Have you paid your rent in advance?” Maria inquires while helping Miles into his blue jacket.

“Yup” Miles replies.

“And school have you got all the homework and lessons you’re gonna miss?” Wanda questions as she kneels in front of him to fix his tie and straighten his jacket.

“Yes Wanda” Mile states.

“Emergency weapons?” Natasha asks.

“Right here” Miles as sets and opens his jacket to give a view of knives. “I’m alright guys.”

“We are gonna miss you so much” you all chime and surround him for a hug.

“I’m not leaving forever” Miles points out.

“But you’re leaving still” Wanda counters.

“Who are we gonna project all our love on when you’re gone?” you inquire crossing your arms.

“A cat?”

“We are not getting a cat Miles” Maria deadpans. Miles sighs and shrugs.

“Just promise me you’ll stay together and wait for me to come back” Miles begs. His real family unraveled because of his superhero position.

“We promise” you all vow. Miles glances out the window to see a car pull up and Sam revealed behind a rolled down window.

“Now be good. Sam is a good guy he will take care of you” Natasha informs.

“We will visits as often as we can” Wanda promises. Miles nods and starts to walk out he door.

“Text us everyday and call is every two” Maria calls.

“We love you!” you shout as he steps into the car. Sam waves and Natasha gives him a glare.

“You take care of him Sam Wilson!” Natasha screams. Sam nods and drives a away leaving you Natasha Wanda and Maria without our child essentially.

“I fell like a mother who’s kid is going to boarding school or something” Wanda complains.

“Same” the rest of you groan.

“Well if we really are mothers now is when we drink wine.”