Meanwhile in Wakanda...
  • T'Challa:If you bite it and you die, it's poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it's venomous.
  • Steve:What if it bites me and it dies?
  • T'Challa:That means you're poisonous.
  • Sam:What if it bites itself and I die?
  • T'Challa:...That's voodoo.
  • Wanda:What if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • T'Challa:That's correlation, not causation.
  • Clint:What if we bite each other and neither of us die?
  • Scott:That's kinky.
3 Times He Wanted To Ask You Out, 1 Time He Did

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Three times Bucky Barnes wanted to ask you out, and the time he finally did

Warnings: none


The First Time: “You’re gonna do it this time.” Steve says assuringly, looking Bucky dead in the eyes. Steve’s spent the last half hour convincing him it’s finally time to bite the bullet and ask you out already. Partly because he knows how much Buck likes you and he wants his best friend to be happy, but mainly because you’re all he talks about and its getting really annoying.”I’m gonna ask y/n out.” Bucky mutters to himself, nodding his head rapidly. He glances over Steve’s shoulder and the air is knocked straight from his lungs. You’re just wearing a loose sweatshirt and workout shorts, you’ve been training with Nat and Peter the entire day, but you still manage to take his breath away. “I can’t do this. She’s one hundred percent out of my league” Bucky sighs, letting his head fall in his hands. Steve groans and runs his fingers through his hair, trying to think of someway to just make him go for it already. “Hey y/n!” Steve calls, pulling your attention away from the sandwich you’ve begun to make in the kitchen, “Bucky needs to ask you something.” And with that, he darts off down the hallway, leaving you and Bucky alone. “What’s the deal Barnes?” you ask, smiling as you cut the sandwich in half. He stumbles up to you, tripping over thin air. He fiddles with the ends of his hair and refuses to meet your eyes. His cheeks become flushed and heated as you wait for the question he’s supposed to be asking. “So I was wondering,” he blurts loudly, practically shouting even though he’s right next to you, “I was, um, just kinda, er, wondering if you would, possibly maybe kind of sorta, uh…” He stutters, hands shoved in his pockets while his feet shift awkwardly. “Bucky,” you laugh, “just say it already. You can tell me anything, you know that.” And it was in that moment that he realized, he can’t tell you anything. You and him have grown so close, as in sharing bad breakup stories, watching scary movies late at night and yelling at the tv, falling asleep in each other’s rooms because you stay up talking so late close. He would give anything to keep that forever. And if he asks you out and you say no…it would ruin everything. “I was just gonna ask if I could have half of that sandwich.” he sighs reluctantly, putting on a fake smile. You laugh, relief flooding your expression. “For a second there I thought it was something serious.” you grin, handing him half of the sandwich before taking a bite of your own. His gaze drops as he nibbles on the bread, his appetite gone. “Nope…nothing serious.”

The Second Time: “So I’ll just keep my hands on your waist.” Bucky says, guiding you across the dance floor that’s really just the mats of the training room. Both in your socks, you try the best you can not to step on his feet, but grace has never been your strong suit. “I’m never going to learn how to slow dance in time for this United Nations gala tonight!” you groan, tossing your hands in the air and pulling away from Bucky. He strides over to the record player that’s blasting 40′s music and lifts the needle from the turntable, the music cutting off abruptly. “Oh please y/n.” Bucky laughs, placing his hands back on your waist, “If you can learn to use a bow and arrow lethally in a half hour, you can learn to slow dance. You just have to…feel it.” He starts to sway gently to a song he’s begun to hum. “That’s just it Bucky. I don’t know how to ‘feel it’. You don’t have to feel anything to shoot an arrow, you just have to follow your instincts.” you sigh, following his slow footsteps in light turns. He pulls you closer against him, repeating the same 5 steps and humming the same song until you’ve begun to hum along with him. “Faster.” he says, puling you even closer and quickening his pace before you can protest. Your grip on his shoulders tighten as you both begin to glide across the room. You don’t give the moves any thought, they’re now engraved in your memory. “1-2-3, 4-5-6, 3-2-1,4-5-6″ you mutter over and over again, keeping you eyes locked on his. Bucky feels a tickled laugh start to rise in his chest at the look of sheer concentration in your expression. Dancing isn’t about thinking, it’s about having fun. Bucky has wanted to teach you how to slow dance forever, of course he was hoping it would be in preparation for a date with him, not a stuffy UN gala that Tony insisted you go to. “It’s just to leave a good impression” he’d told you when you asked him why you had to be the one to go, “You’re pretty and young and whatnot, it’ll make us look good.”  So Bucky settled for teaching you to dance instead. “Faster.” he mumbles so low you can barely hear him before he starts to move even quicker. His moves are graceful and sharp, never missing a beat. “1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7…I mean 3-5…no that’s not-” and before you can think of what comes next, your legs tangle in his and you both come crashing to the ground. He lands on his back with a thud, the mats breaking both your falls. You land squarely on top of him, bracing your hands against his chest before your head can bang against his. “Ughhhh.” you groan in frustration, pushing yourself up so your body still sits on his waist You ball up his shirt in your hands, the scratchy fabric itching your palms. “Why can’t I do this!” you cry, and without realizing what you’re doing, you’ve torn his nice button up shirt completely in half, exposing the tight t-shirt underneath. Your eyes meet his, and for a split second you think he’ll be upset, but theres a twinkle in his eyes and a smile takes over his expression. “I never liked the shirt anyways.” he says in all seriousness before you both shout with laughter, the ridiculousness of the situation humoring you both. You let your head drop as you cover your face with your hands. “I’m sorry Buck.” you laugh, dropping the torn fabric. He brushes your hair behind your ears and gently tugs your hands away from your face, still smiling. You shoot him your most apologetic look and bite your bottom lip, shaking your head. It’s in that moment that the words he’s held back for so long nearly escape his lips. He could ask you right now to go out with him, and you could say yes, and you could spend the rest of the day learning how to slow dance. Or you could say no. And the fear of that split second of uncertainty, the moment where you have to decide what your answer will be, is enough to keep Bucky from asking at all. “Let’s keep going.” he says instead, and you do. 

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why sam wilson is the best:

-he can fucking fly
-he survived getting kicked iff of a high rise building
-loves birbs
-he’s civil to his best friend’s recovering assasin boyfriend who tried to kill him
-can cook a mean bfast
-welcomes virtual strangers to stay in his house
-literally the best at disguises and being discreet
-has a smile that could light up the stars
-is a fast runner
-reads people easily
-helps those with ptsd
-likes marvin gaye
-loyal af friend
-was the only one who stayed at steves side at the hospital
-smooth af flirter
-doesnt mind breaking the law
-his tongue is so sharp with sarcasm that it could kill a man
-tiny bi
-misses his bff riley and dropped everything when he died
-keeps a folder with rileys pic in it at his house
-doesnt take anybodys shit, dont mess w/him
-has resting bitch face pretty much all the time
-doesnt hold back what he’s thinking
-pokes fun at dangerous people
-doesnt say what others want to hear, he says what they Need to hear
-is cap america in the comics
-is a trashlord who gets all proud papa meets creeper when steve/sharon kiss
-is a skeptical lil garden sneke
-chooses to spend 2yrs of his life searching for a dude who tried to kill him even when steve cant go with him
-becomes a criminal to save his best friends boyfriend
-told the two of them to go ahead and leave the fight, stayed behind
-prob makes gourmet instagram worthy meals for one
-still has guilt and regrets from things that happened while he was in the military and is open w/steve about this
-looks hot af in sunglasses and in general
-doesnt give a single fuck that steve is cap america, hes just steve to sam
-will literally follow steve into a war and help stoke the flames
-is actually 9 years old
-prob has like 15 diff cookbooks that he both collects and uses
-binge watches cupcake wars when he cant sleep
-makes 100% homemade oj and lemonade
-doesnt even question steves bizarre decisions anymore
-prob spends 3 days working on a turkey for the holidays
-either loves you or hates you, there is no inbetween
-is an actual cinnamon roll
-can kick your ass, your mamas ass, her sisters ass and even his own ass
-brave and strong af
-prob smells like fresh lemons and smelly good laundry detergent
-kicks and flips about like a goddamn angry but graceful olympic gymnast
-stands guard over an unconscious bucky so steve can wander around an empty warehouse like a lonely/sad pupper
-notices the heart eyes between steve and bucky, stares at steve like hes lost his damn mind
-prob helped steve physically carry bucky at least once
-he’s mr muscles and is the physical manifestation of a sex god
-calls shotgun every time hes in a car with others when hes not driving
-is made up of 99% salt, 1% sarcasm
-has a secret tumblr where he just shitposts and most have to do w/bucky. he tags those with Magnetos Generic Cousin
-bakes a cake when someone has a birthday
-could eat eggs and toast forever w/o complaint
-his email address is notyrbirb@gmail. com but he only checks it every 6mths or so

in short he’s the hero america deserves

Date Night!

This was requested by the wonderful @once-a-shervel so I wanted to make it extra special! 

 If you want me to do this idea for all the Avengers let me know! 

 My requests are open! So get asking! I hope you enjoy it! :3

 Steve - Beach Date!

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When Steve gets back from a long mission, He likes to treat you to a surprise date night! Steve takes you to one of Tony’s privet beaches so it can just be the two of you. He brings a picnic basket filled to the brim with your favorite food that you eat over while sitting by the campfire. Steve ends up dragging you into the sea for a swim which results in the pair of you having a water fight. And let’s just say you win! You spend the rest of the evening snuggles together under the stars while Steve tells you stories of times he and Bucky went to the fairground.

Bucky - 40′s Style Date!

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Bucky wants to show you how they used to do it back in his day. He claims that not everything modern is better then old traditions. One night you come from work to find a 40’s style dress with a note attached to it. “Be ready by 7 Doll x” it read.  At 7 there was a soft knock at your door, You opened it to reveal Bucky in his best suit with his hair tied back in to a perfect man bun!. He takes you to a old hall that is decorated with fairy lights and white lace drapes , the hall is filled with old cute couples slow dancing.A slow song begins to play and Bucky leads you to the dance floor. You don’t notice but by the time the song ends its just you and Bucky on the dance floor with the couples admiring how in love the pair of you are reminding them of their younger selves. After dancing he takes you to his favorite dinner and you order burgers and milkshakes! Over dinner Bucky tells you stories of how he used to save Stevie before he became the super solider

Sam - Surprise Date!

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Sam wants you all to himself, He wants to show how important you are to him. One night you are sitting on the couch watching Tv when he comes from behind and covers your eyes telling you that he wants to you something. Sam leads you to the roof of Stark Tower where he has laid a blanket surrounded by candles and you can see all of New York  with buildings lit up light like stars in the sky. You spend the evening wrapped in each others arms with Sam telling you stories of the pranks he has played on the other Avengers including that one time he died Bucky’s hair pink.

Peter - Movie Night In!

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You are excited when Peter invites you around for the night. When you arrive he tells you that his Aunt May has gone out for the night and its just going to be you two. He walks you to the living room and tells you to make yourself at home while he finishes dinner. After 20 minutes you hear hushed cusses and panicked tones coming from the kitchen before Peter emerges with a face covered in ash and a panicked look. You can’t help but giggle at the adorable sight and tell Peter to wash himself up while you order pizza. When Peter returns he repeatedly apologizes telling you that he wanted to make tonight as perfect as he could. You shut him up with a soft kiss and tell him you find his effort simple adorable and the night would perfect as long as you are together. The pizza arrives and you spend the snuggled on the couch watching your favorite movie.

Cablepool Summer Camp AU:  Saucer Section

At the rate I’m going, I’ll never finish the Wade part of this, so ya’ll can just have this piece.

Star Trek: The Next Generation is my favorite Star Trek.  Whenever the Enterprise splits apart, that’s how you knew it was serious business, things were about to go down. 

Pepper is the undisputed queen of Marvel High.   Nobody, but nobody messes with Queen Pepper.  She eats lesser beings for breakfast, does not pick her teeth with their bones because ladies do not pick their teeth, gently dabs her perfect lips with a napkin afterwards, and sweetly reapplies her lipstick. Je ne sais quoi.

Series:  Summer Camp AU (High School AU)

Notes:  No one has any powers

Pairings:  Nathan Summers/Wade Wilson, Tony Stark/Pepper Potts, Tony Masters/Sandi Brandenberg

Scene Summary:  Nate and Wade attend football tryouts … or at least, that’s how it starts.  Takes place after “A Conference of Educators”.

Warnings: This is a write and post adventure.  Editing … I laugh in the face of editing, hahahahahaha!  Unreliable narration.  Accept it.  I know literally nothing about either football or cheerleading.  Absolutely nothing.  NOTHING.  Our coach in high school repeated everything at least three times in three different ways … probably because none of us were paying attention.

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THEIR VOICES IM DEAD (credits to whoever edited the video)