Sketch of the Day - Anzi & Ilo, discussing something. Ilo, as the only female, is dominant (note the raised tail.) Anzi and Blacky are kind of just competent subordinates; neither really has any aspirations of leadership. This is pretty common for male falcolfs, since their species is matriarchal. (Females rule.)

Drawing these guys makes me really happy. <3

Female falcolfs are most easily recognized by having slightly larger ears and more refined features.

I think my rules for drawing Anzi have pretty much become ‘small wolfy ears, floofy tail and subtly bigger than everyone (falcolf) else (except the falcolf gods and his relatives.) Make him fluffy.’

This was a really relaxing drawing haha. I need to do more of these character interaction sketches. :) (This was originally going to be a sketch to show how falcolfs propose to each other… but then the male started looking too much like Anzi, so I added Ilo. They aren’t an item.)

Sketch of the daaaaaaay: SUKRA, only one of my favorite characters EVER. I had a super wonderfully brilliant and fantastic chat today with the ever awesome rosannapbrost and this happened while we were both procrastinating going to bed. Please ignore those fingers oh my gosh I don’t even know. What are hands.

There’s going to be a lot more of this guy eventually because I love him ever so much and even though he has a cold and uncaring exterior most of the time I SAW STRAIGHT THROUGH THAT and he’s just a lovely chap. I like his scowls.


Sketch of the day - the first ever polished colour piece of Anzi! Yee! Here we have (for the first time) his final markings combined with his final colour palette. Victory!

I had a goal of having this done before Christmas (present to myself lol) and I did it, yesss! :D

Despite all the colours in his fur, this was pretty easy and did not take too long, which bodes well for colouring on eventual pages. (Though damnit, I need to remember to colour all my lines with my darkest line colour first before doing the lighter stuff, ughhh so much time wasted!)

G'night! :D


Sketch of the Day (January 26th 2015) - ‘Sculd Bloodleaf Portrait’ with various stages of WIP, since Iratescientist wanted to see how I paint fur. (Or feather-fur, in the case of Sculd here.) Basically, I shade with the fur direction in a dark blue and I also colour in the fur direction with appropriate shades (to show fur colour variation) beneath the shading layer. I’m not sure if that makes sense! It’s basically sketching and this is a pretty simplified version of what I could do if I had used Photoshop for this, but as per my usual for Sketch of the Day, I used Sketchbook Essentials. This is also pretty much the same technique that I use for painting fur in traditional acrylic media. It’s also the same basic concept behind my ink illustrations.

Noted scientist female falcolf Sculd Bloodleaf, the great philanthropist and first native Rimarian to study humankind. She was actually quite an old girl when she came to learn about our kind though she lived for at least forty years following her entrance into human society. At the time of her death, she was probably around 150 years old; falcolfs, like most firestone species, live far longer than humans.

I tried to make her face kind of scarred up from confrontations with other falcolfs and her prey.

Sketch of the Day - HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Have a little Cpl. Ryan Smidt (dressed as the Escavian Police Officer that he’ll one day become) and a flightling Cpl. Laza ‘Blacky’ Tinjade (dressed up as a dog because dogs scare him!)

Silly fun doodle haha. Now to work on the Anzi piece again. :)


Sketch(es) of the day - 1. Incendipiscispiratuscani - the longest and hardest to spell (not to mention say) word/name that I have ever concocted. It’s the Latin name for the evolutionary family to which falcolfs and falfoxes belong. I kind of try to remember it like: INCENDI-PIS-CIS-PIRATUS-CANI. (But even then I usually can’t spell it without glancing fifty times at my taxonomy file!) Anyway, an Escavian Falcolf and a Chartani Falfox representing.

2. A Grottailian Spotted Falcolf. These guys are endemic to a very small part of Grottailia and they’re weird because they have spots instead of stripes and no black leg markings. (Or ear markings for that matter.) They’re obviously closely related to their more common contemporaries the Grottailian Falcolf which share the lack of black points except on the tail tip - excepting albino falcolfs and the High Arctic Falcolf subspecies all falcolfs have black tail tips but they are considered a seperate subspecies because of their spots. And they’re just a bit different in general.

3. Grottailian Falcolf - Grottailia’s normal falcolfs (if they can be called normal.) I decided to illustrate a mom and her two kids, a flightling (the baby hiding between her hind legs) and an older teenage son who is almost an adult. (Y'can tell he’s a dude by his smaller ears.) It seems as if falcolfs stagger the ages of their kids a lot, since Rak had hers big gaps of years apart too. This teenage son here has got to be between the ages of fifteen and twenty, while the flightling female can’t be more than ten. Falcolfs being quite long lived creatures, it makes sense that they would take more care about when they have kids, waiting for just the right conditions. How long can these guys live? Well, they frequently outlive humans.

4. Tarnese Falcolf - not so good illustration of this subspecies, but it will do for now. These guys really need to be shown off in colour. Living on the continent of Tarn and contenting with much larger predators, these guys use their venom a lot. They’re a lot warier than most falcolfs.

And that’s it for today, I didn’t get around to working on the project. Also, I got Blue Screen of Death again today, despite my efforts of making sure all my drivers are updated. I got an air can today and some stuff for cleaning out my laptop’s keyboard but that won’t solve my laptop’s apparent driver problem. The problem is, I don’t know how to actually find all of them - I found all the system drivers okay, but I don’t even know how to look for the rest of them. Sigh. I’ll keep looking.

Time for a New Computer - Art Sale!

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Sketch of the Day (September 23rd 2015) - I somehow managed to get distracted and so I didn’t manage to work on my buffer, so here’s a quick conceptual sketch of a common plush toy in Escavia - the venerated falcolf plushie! (Which obviously freak the crap out of real falcolfs. Falcolfs, like drakoon, are absolutely bewildered and creeped out by stuff like this.) Rimarian kids don’t really know what bears are, though I would suppose that the classic teddy bear probably still exists (albet with questions like “Momma, what’s a bear?” paired with answers like, “I don’t know sweetie, but it’s cute right?”) 

I’d definitely go for a falcolf plushie, although I love all stuffies really. (Stuffy is what I always called plushies growing up.)

Concept art for Dragon Knight, ‘cus c’mon, we have to have a moment where we witness falcolfs experiencing the Uncanny Valley and being totally freaked out.

Sketch of the Day - for fun I thought I would draw the falcolf from yesterday growing up. This is her as a flightling - hopefully I will get to colouring her tomorrow. :)

A lot of the time you wouldn’t even see a falcolf’s legs or sides - they’d be concealed by the wings!

Now I am going to bed early so that I am nice and chipper for my working job interview tomorrow - wish me luck! :D

Flightling falcolfs would be about the size of a 30-40 lb dog - still lots of growing to do!

Sketch of the day - I decided not to colour this, at least for now simply because I like the structural undersketch. Falcolfs are very different anatomically from dogs these days, actually being far more cat-like in their skeletal structure and their longish, gracefully s-curved necks are inspired by theropod (carnivorous, biped) dinosaurs like veliciraptor. Their intentionally long tails are also inspired by cats and their fur, which is really a form of feathering that is unique to Rimer (I call it ‘feather-fur’ for good reason guys) is inspired by theropod dinosaurs too. A falcolf is a far more flexible animal than a dog or wolf; like cats, they are built to take a fall, which requires a long, bendy, flexible spine with very strong thorax muscles. They have only one kind of teeth and it is conical and serrated; again, like a theropod dinosaur (which means that falcolfs absolutely cannot chew but swallow food whole in large ripped off chunks.) Falcolfs are not particularly fast but they do not need to be, using their intelligence as their chief weapon of choice, their utility, tenacity and agility being powerful tools in their proverbial quiver. Falcolfs are as intelligent or more so than any human - it is said on Rimer that the only thing limiting them is their distinct lack of thumbs. 

Their thick feather-fur is armour - falcolfs cannot feel or be effected by temperature so their coats have little to do with insulation, yet everything to do with protecting vital organs. Falcolfs can be surprisingly vulnerable, with their necks and bellies being particularly at risk. Falcolfs will seldom let other beings, even other falcolfs touch them in either area - it is a sign of great trust if they don’t rip off your arm for trying it. Falcolfs are not inherently vicious, being fairly peaceful creatures but they are infamously ornery, territorial and they can, at times, be very intolerant, particularly of dogs, which they consider rude. It is never a good idea to show your teeth to any native Rimarian, but particularly to a falcolf, which might take the display as a threat.

In terms of sexual dimorphism, one cannot rely on the usual way of checking with four-legged creatures as falcolf sex organs are internal and not external as in Gaian species such as dogs, cats and horses. In fact, it may be impossible for an average human to tell the gender of a falcolf at a glance until it has reached full adulthood as the traits which distinguish females are also seen in adolescent males. Females are, generally, effeminate and more refined in their general structure, with their wing shape more sharply angled for speed (possibly for escaping unwanted suitors.) Their ears are bigger and most tellingly of all, unlike males, female falcolfs can hiss, a warning sound which they employ largely when they are upset enough to get defensive. Male falcolfs cannot hiss, so the hiss is probably the best identifier for the average joe; however, if a falcolf is hissing at you, then it is probably too late for your salvation, because a defensive falcolf is a venomous one. Falcolf venom is largely believed to be unparalleled in its toxicity and it is quickly fatal, killing not within hours but within minutes, surely designed for much larger combatants than the falcolf itself. It is important to note that falcolfs are not normally venomous at all and that it generally takes a lot to rile one, but if you have succeeded in doing that, then you surely deserve to get bitten, whether venomously or not. 

Beyond speaking, falcolfs make sounds similar to those of sky dragons, snarls, growls and above all, keens. Despite their canid-like appearance, falcolfs do not and cannot bark except in mocking imitation such as a human can. Typically, they rely greatly upon posturing and it is important to pay attention to their entire body when dealing with them. This female is agitated; her tail is twitching as falcolf tails are like to do when their owners are agitated and her wings are half flared, speaking even more deeply of her discontent. Her ears are also pinned, her muzzle is ever so slightly wrinkled as if to growl or snarl and her head is slightly lowered, guarding her throat, while her hackles are just slightly raised. She fidgets with a front paw and she shifts her weight; whoever annoys her had better know that they should watch themselves!

Falcolfs are pretty damned lazy. Like cats, they prefer expending as little energy as possible and when allowed, they love sleeping, particularly in odd, nonsensical places. If a falcolf visits as a guest, expect them to want a chair, no matter how little sense a chair makes as a perch for them and expect them to want to try everything on the menu, even if it isn’t healthy for a falcolf. Also keep the family dog and anything else particularly annoying - such as grabby toddlers who might mistake them for a 'puppy’ - well away from them. In fact, it is best to keep children away from them entirely unless the falcolf is well acquainted with you and your family and the children have been taught substantual protocols for safely consorting with native species. Falcolfs actually have a high respect for offspring and they are very protective of them but do expect that if your toddler pulls on a falcolf’s tail, he/she will be corrected with a sharp nip to the offending appendage! 

I think I should do more full body poses like this. A fully aggressive/defensive one would be nice to see next. (I should also finish stuff I already have ongoing, whoops.) I’m considering creating a big reference thingy for falcolfs but I don’t really know how I would want to produce it and when. 

This is also kind of an idea for a character in Dragon Knight, a training sergeant. I believe that I was going to make her light agouti, which would be okay with Anzi (dark agouti), since she is only in the story for a short time. She’d be a tough cookie of course, a real matriarch - female falcolfs usually are! (I should have mentioned that - female falcolfs are generally a bit on the bossy side. For my new followers, falcolfs are also matriarchal in general - a female is always the clan leader.)

This one was sketched in Autodesk Sketchbook Essentials, which is basically a free trial of Sketchbook Pro. (I really, really want to try Pro! I’m dearly hoping that the image quality is better - at least 300 dpi instead of 100. WTF AUTODESK. Still, for a free program, beggars cannot be choosers! It’s way better than anything else out there that is free.)

I should colour this and make it a proper character concept. Maybe tomorrow. Today I am happy to see some structure and I like my feather-fur here.


Sketch of the day - the start of a painting of Sparren Trueflight the albino falcolf, as an adult instead of a kid just for fun. I decided to use a warm purple for my shading instead of my typical dark navy blue in the hopes that the purple would not muddy his eventual pure white colouring like I am certain the navy blue would have. I’m really hoping that this is going to turn out though for now I’m on tenterhooks. I’m not a huge fan of the sketch; he’s not quite as majestic as I imagine him as an adult but we shall see how this turns out. Maybe this is actually him as an old geezer.

Note: this may not be canon. I don’t really know what happens to Sparren after his part in Ultimate Risk. Usually I know the full details on all of my protagonists (for example, I know how old Ki is when he dies and what he dies of, not to mention Zack, Sarah, Mo, Keel and Hunter) but I don’t really know anything about Sparren or his co-protagonist Rel Barony (a human.) 

One of the ideas of this is to show the glaring contrast between Sparren’s albino coat and the world around him.

His eyes are going to be fun haha. 

Awesome/Creepy Dream Proving that I'm a Biology/Worldbuilder Nerd

Last night most of my unconscious hours were captivated by a dream in which some girl brought me a wooden, red velvet lined coffin (which was pretty much Egyptian sarcophagus sized) that apparently contained her ‘cousin.’ She was pretty sad obviously, seeing as he had been her family and she told me she had been killed by the authorities when he had left his dead mother’s body somewhere where he was not supposed to, trying to let her rest somewhere nice. (What the heck authorities in that dream world! Arrest him or give him a warning or help him find a more suitable place, don’t kill him!) But I soon saw probably why they killed him as we opened the coffin lid; inside was a very large four legged animal which my conscious automatically labelled a drakoon. As I squee’d like a fan girl (really, I’m the ultimate fan since probably about 33-75% of my thoughts are about Rimer - 75% might be a huge exaggeration but 33% isn’t) I noticed some anatomical differences. I can’t tell if I noticed any wings or his tail but his horn crest and skull did not seem correct to drakoon. In fact, he was completely missing his horn crest and his skull was more doggish than reptilian, which pretty much made me think that he looked more falcolf than drakoon. His size also was not very big for a drakoon; if he was one then he was probably very young or not full grown. If he was a falcolf then he was the right size for a mature adult, if we go by Kayoss’ subspecies I. Mactabilislupus kayoss, which is significantly larger than its modern cousin (Anzi’s subspecies) I. Mactabilislupus escavianus

And then for some reason I kept the coffin of the dead Rimarian whatever-it-was in my room all night, my dream implying heavily that I even fell asleep with it until it (having a dead body so close) creeped the shit out of me and we (the girl and I) moved it to another room. 

It was a good dream. Then after that I had another delightfully and yet tauntingly Rimer flavoured dream in which I drew pretty much the whole main cast of EB as stick people. I don’t exactly know why. Ykaren seemed to be in stealth mode, coming up from the water or something - it was kind of weird.

I think I basically just spent the last eight or so hours of my life involuntarily being a hardcore nerd.


Sketch(es) of the day - hey, look, I was trying to figure out falcolf dentation today again! The teeth look right to me but I agonize over how mammalian the skull looks. I’d have a field day if I could pick the brain of some animal skull expert for just five minutes, let me tell you! I really wish I knew what features are best for what purpose so that I could design these things properly.

The absolute highlight of today was when after I got home from work I heated up the packet of Tasty Bite Vegetable Korma (hell yes this is a product plug) that my mom had gotten me from our local discount store (and now I agonize because there was only one pouch!) and put it on rice and wduEGJRWENRBJQYNW3NRFJ !!!!!!!!!!

It was the most freaking delicious thing that I have eaten in I-don’t-even-know-how-long. It’s been at least like three years since the last time I had Indian food and let me tell you, eating that korma, I was in heaven.

So freaking good!

I don’t think my plate lasted more than five minutes - seriously, it was that tasty, I hardly breathed. If you ever see Tasty Bite products in your local supermarket and you love Indian food like me - geeeeet theeeeeeem! :D

I am crying slightly inside because I have no idea where to buy this stuff. And I am savouring my korma breath. I have no idea what it is that makes that stuff so good, but I am in love.

Sketch of the day! - Kayoss and Tam Demonstrating…. the size difference between their prehistoric, extinct and modern, extant, subspecies. 

Yep, I coloured it - I wanted Kayoss’ face for an avatar. XD

Here’s the subspecies information about Kayoss’ subspecies that I posted on the dA posting of this:


I. Mactabilislupus kayoss 

This prehistoric falcolf subspecies was larger than today’s Escavian subspecies and seemed to be less wide ranging. It is believed that they preyed primarily upon chupas, massive long-necked herbivores which were going extinct due to climate change around the same time that this subspecies also died out. Besides being larger than today’s Escavian strain, falcolfs of this subspecies also came in a unique colour phase known today as ‘bronze,’ a reddish hue to a brown coat striped typically black accompanied by turquoise to aquamarine coloured eyes. The simple ‘ribbing’ stripe pattern on the body is alike to the pattern found on today’s Escavian Falcolf and it is likely that these had the same individual intricacy of facial markings. It is unknown whether all members of this subspecies came in this colour but the most famous member of these people is the god Kayoss Calmbreeze. Most of what is known about this subspecies has been pertained from tang cave paintings and it is believed that this subspecies went completely extinct, along with chupas, thirty-six thousand years ago in the event known as the Battle of Rimer. They were about five feet high at the withers, with their heads sitting at six or seven when fully raised and they were over twelve feet long from nose to tail tip. Their wingspan is believed to have gone up to a whopping thirty feet in the largest specimens and their paws were the size of small dinner plates. Their skulls had a crushing jaw power of over three thousand pounds which was likely helpful in ripping out the throats of chupas and they were as venomous as any falcolfs today.

KINGDOM: Rimarianimalia (see ‘Animalia’)

PHYLUM: Rimarichordata (see 'Chordata’)

SUBPHYLUM: Rimarivertebrata (see 'Vertebrata’)

CLASS: Dracanae (Dragon)

ORDER: Sixartusa ('six limb’)

FAMILY: Volotilisrepobae ('winged/false’)

SUBFAMILY: Aurisdraconae ('eared dragons’)

GENUS: Incendipiscispiratuscani ('fire-fish-breath-dog’)

SPECIES: Mactabilislupus ('lethal wolf’)

SUBSPECIES: kayoss ('Kayoss’)


Tam’s colouration is called 'opal-eye.’ I have no real idea why it’s called that, except for I think the white reminded me of wildfire opals. This colour phase is sex-linked - only female falcolfs can have it. It’s not that great for camouflage in most places, but there are areas where this makes sense. No falcolf is better camouflaged than a female opal-eye when the snow flies in winter time! 

Opal-eye falcolfs also always have blue eyes. 


Sketch of the Day - a meowing Cougar (well I don’t really know what sound they actually make apart from angry ones and purring which is super adorable) and some Laza/Blacky head practice because I haven’t really drawn him since I initially designed him, which is dumb of course. I like the second (right) one. His weird bit of feather-fur that sticks up illogically on the back of his neck is fun to draw. I think it’s kind of like a really oddball cowlick or something. He’s very smooth coated, except for that.

I had a chuckle yesterday imagining how terrible falcolfs would be as mapmaker’s assistants. Sure, they can fly, but they can’t hold a pencil to draw what they see from high above and they’d be annoyingly critical (without being helpful) of the mapmaker’s attempts. “It doesn’t look like that!” “No, that road is wrong!” “There’s no stream there!” Falcolfs are lazy. As predators, their mandate is to expend as little energy as possible when that energy isn’t required for hunting (or other survival related things,) so while police work and being in the army would seem interesting to them, they would not be very helpful with topography unless sufficient coaxing or bartering ensued. Eventually, with enough persistence one could probably annoy a falcolf into taking to the air to look at the local landscape for you.

Also I messed up Blacky’s surname here - it’s Tinjade, not Tinsnips. Tinsnips is his dad Fana’s sur.