dreaming of a peaceful world - one where you and i can finally rest again

this is lucina! is… beautiful pt 2! here’s pt 1 and here’s eliwood is beautiful 

and that’s it for ____ is beautiful! i just wanted to draw eliwood in a pretty way, and then it became sth about why i like these two characters. this one is a bit sad, as i was thinking of chrom’s ‘one sword and a world of troubles’ line

now, back to drawings with considerably less plantlife!


Sometimes, when game developers are super biased, they’ll be biased in your favor - I was very excited when she was revealed for Smash Bros. Kind of wished she and Robin had the Brand of the Exalt as their symbol instead of Marth’s kinda generic looking sword.

Working on exporting the rest of these in between moments in my chaotic life, but have already started on a new project for October. Finally we’ll get to see more than these same two colors in my feed!