I tried the new @falafilldetroit and I really liked it! I got the platter which is one protein with 5 sides. The chicken was awesome! They gave me one falafel to try and it was fantastic!👍
I can’t wait to go back and try the garlic fries and their wraps.
#Falafill #Detroit #FalafillDetroit (at Detroit Falafill)

Lottie + Doof creates Falafill Wrap to Support Open Books!

Do you love reading about food as much as you enjoy eating it? We feel the same way! That’s why we were thrilled to learn that when Tim Mazurek, of the popular cooking blog Lottie + Doof, was asked to design a seasonal wrap for Falafill’s Chefs for Charity program, he chose to have the proceeds from his wrap support Open Books! In addition to classic falafel, the wrap includes urfa pepper and eggplant spread, arugula, feta, pickled pears(!!!) and toasted walnuts. It will be available throughout November at all three Falafill locations. Yum! 

Falafill will be @ Dose Market Sunday May 13th

This Sunday, for Mother’s Day only, we’ll have a table at Dose Market and bring back some old favorites as well as some newbies that have never been seen on our menu before.

If Dose Market is new to you, wrap your head around this. It’s a monthly pop-up flea market of sorts, featuring local vendors that specialize in either food or fashion. Sounds pretty cool, right? We’ve dropped in on the market a few times since it debuted last year, and not only are we always blown away by the incredible food and pop-up concepts people present, but the space itself. The market is housed in the gorgeous River East Arts Center, not too far from Navy Pier and the cool gourmet market Fox & Obel.

We’ve had sandwiches from the impossible-to-get-into Great Lake; sliced “meat cones” from Jared Van Camp of Old Town Social; a pop-up pickle shop, kitchen, and bar from Mark Steuer of The Bedford; and even cocktails from Grant Achatz and the guys at The Aviary. Mouth watering stuff we’re talking about, handed to you and made fresh from Chicago chefs and artisans.

So we decided to have some fun with our menu for Sunday and offer some things you can’t really get in the store—and what better place to start than our guest chef wraps. For months and months people have been asking us to bring back some of their favorite wraps, and we’re finally listening.

That wrap that Stephanie Izard had on the menu you all loved? It’s back. And Mark Steuer’s wrap with the English pea and lemon falafel? Yup, it’s making a revival run, too. We loved his use of peas and lemon to make a light and delicious falafel in place of the classic chickpea. And the most exciting part? Maher decided to jump back in the ring and come up with his own wrap, which means Falafill is running its own special for the first time in over a year. But again, this is for Mother’s Day only, and only at Dose Market.

Here’s the full working menu, which includes items you can take home for your pantry, to help you get a little taste of what to expect:

Chef Wraps

Stephanie’s Wrap (Girl & the Goat)
Classic falafel, hummus, shaved Brussels sprouts salad, shallot aioli and yuzu harissa.

Mark’s Wrap (The Bedford)
English pea and lemon falafel, hummus, spicy sambal yogurt and zucchini pickles.

Maher’s Wrap (Falafill)
Classic falafel, spicy potatoes with crushed coriander, muhammra spread (roasted red pepper/walnut), pickled baby eggplant, walnuts.


- Labneh ( soft yogurt cheese), topped with a layer of zaatar and XV olive oil with pita chips
- Muhammara with pita chips
- Hummus topped with roasted pine nuts and herbs with pita chips
- Fatouche salad with pita chips


- Za’atar mix
- Ammer el dine (apricot sheets)
- Goat labneh balls in olive oil
- Rose water bottles
- Orange blossom water

Tickets to Dose Market are available in advance, or for sale at the door. A word to the wise? Get there early. Fewer people, far more fun to be had between the fashion and food. See you guys Sunday!

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May @ Falafill: Chris Pandel

April showers bring May flowers, and a delicious wrap. This month Falafill is excited to announce that Chris Pandel, chef of both The Bristol and Balena, is our featured guest chef. This wrap is blooming with awesome seasonal ingredients. Chris brings a little taste of Italy to each bite using our white bean and Swiss chard falafel with tonnato sauce, Calabrian chili relish, and pickled spring onions. Brilliante!

Every month a new chef highlights a sandwich at Falafill donating $1 for every guest sandwich sold. This month we are donating the proceeds to the Spence Farm Foundation. The Spence Farm Foundation is set out to educate, promote, and encourage the practice of small sustainable farming across America. They hold programs for children in schools, teachers, and organizations across Illinois promoting he wealth and importance of local farming and healthy foods. No wonder Chris is so involved!

Just two and a half years after Chris opened The Bristol, success has led to the opening of his second restaurant, Balena. Tucked away on Halsted Street in Lincoln Park, it showcases Chris Pandel’s classic Italian excellence with a few twists.

Come check out Chris Pandel’s featured wrap this month for $6.50 with $1 going towards the Spence Farm Foundation. Only at Falafill.

(Photo: Courtesy of jamcocreative)

If you have any questions, comments, or dreams please email me, Jason Klarfeld at jklarfeld@urbaneater.co