I miss living in Palestine

In our old house, my grandma would sit by the kitchen window and night and throw food out to the cats and dogs, and as a result, around the same time every night, we’d have TONS of cats or dogs just hanging around by that window, waiting for food.

Our neighbor, who’s also a good family friend, was the must stereotypical fala7i/rustic woman. She had a key to our house, and some mornings when I’d wake up, she’d just be sitting there hanging out in the living room or kitchen, usually with bread or jam she’d just made.

I remember one day, she came over with fresh jam, and I noticed that she still had jam on the tops of her feet and at the time I was disgusted and never actually tasted any of it…which was a massive mistake, because it turned out to be SO FREAKING TASTY, to the point where I still ask her to send some with my mom whenever she goes back.

Another thing I absolutely loved was how at night, I’d sleep with the window open, and there was always that nice, super chilly breeze, and the nights were always so still. Sure you’d have the occasional car or people walking late at night, but the nights were STILL, something I haven’t experienced anywhere else.

You’d hear the cats and wild dogs, the bats, the owls. You’d also hear the IDF scum training not too far away, their guns and grenades going off.

I miss waking up in the morning and going across the street for the fresh bread & falafel, seeing guys wrestle with their goats in the middle of the street, the olive harvest where school is out and everyone is picking their olive trees, making olive oil with your own trees

Exploring the hills behind the village & the caves there, coming across individuals in the middle of seemingly nowhere with stories to tell

I miss it all :’(