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ellynore-moonwood  asked:

Hope you're having a good day so far. There have been days where I want to curl into a ball and hide in the shadows, or days where a weight is pressing down on my back and I don't know how to push myself back up again. Any words of encouragement for anyone who deals with stress on a daily basis?

i’m havin’ a pretty chill day, though i’m real sorry to hear that you’re dealing with such stressful situations, ellynore. i can tell you that even “fakin’ it to make it” doesn’t always work ‘cuz you feel that pressure eating away atcha from the inside and hurting you even when you’re putting on a big smile on the outside so others don’t see that you’re stressin’ and end up feelin’ that too - and lemme tell you, it’s sure not easy to deal with. whatever it is, know that you’re very strong that you are trying and pushing for it, and not having given up.

hey, by all means, if curling up and hiding does good for you, sometimes it might be a good retreat for a temporary time, if those situations get overwhelming for you. everyone needs to retreat and recover from things that are a huge and constant source of stress. there ain’t anything wrong with some good ol’ r&r time if you truly need it. my bro knows i avoid him sometimes and lock myself up in my room, but he understands i have moments. even if i pop out on occasion to accent his tiny misfortunes with incidental trombone. 

don’t isolate yourself from the world completely though, sometimes being around good company helps relieve some personal tension. that’s why i hit up grillby’s every now and then. the additional perspective helps you maybe realize that you’re not alone in this struggle and sharing some laughs and stories helps everyone out.

when you find a window of opportunity, take a nice nap, cool off for a bit in the shadows, disconnect from people, don’t conform to anyone’s expectations for a bit. turn off any noisemakin’ or any jarring, bright light devices too, (cuz, dang, those things can be distracting with all those notifications n’ sensory overload goin’ on), give yourself some me-only time. 

do something that you like doing that circulates and restores some of that mental energy, write or draw your thoughts down, read, listen to soothing music or ambient sounds (my personal favorite is water noise). i like using this website, mynoise, and its myriad of noise machines, sometimes to calm my racing mind down.

while i’m not sure what sort of stress you’re dealing with in your life on a regular basis, i hope you can somehow do something that will reduce the stress for you. take care, don’t neglect your physical health either. eat, drink and take a nice shower (or bath) to clear your head. just occupying yourself with those simple activities that are easily overlooked and pushed aside.. take time to -digest- those actions, savor that great meal you’re eating, soaking up that refreshing cup of water, letting yourself relax in the bath, whichever it is, just slow down and take some time to appreciate the simple little things you have in your life, away from your stress source. 

it’s okay to let yourself loosen up a little and get away from things. it’ll be a bit easier to take on some of the bigger things that you might be facin’ when you give yourself some time to take it easy. i wish you the best, and i hope this response helped, even a little.

The Strength to Carry On || A playlist for Clack Week, part 2/2

01. Don’t You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds ||  02. All I Want - Kodaline || 03. Ordinary World - Duran Duran || 04. Fakin’ It - Simon and Farfunkel || 05. Hurricane - MS MR || 06. Ghosts (Terra) - LulzA, Level 99 || 07. This Is Gospel - Panic! At the Disco || 08. Kingdom (feat. Simon le Bon) - Charli XCX || 09. Nothing Left to Say / Rocks - Imagine Dragons || 11. Hello, I’m In Delaware - City and Colour || 10. No Way Out - Phil Collins ||  12. The Projectionist - Sleeping At Last || 13. Heartache - Relient K || 14. Up&Up - Coldplay || 15. Little Wonders - Rob Thomas

Playlist for tonight, starting with most recent:

  • nthng/Untitled (Human Pt.II)
  • Lrndcroy/Ooze City
  • I Cube/Disco Cubizm (Daft Punk Mix)
  • Pepe Bradock/Vermeille
  • U-202/Fakin
  • Vapauteen/Fully Automated
  • Surgeon/Diametric (Part 3)
  • Shifted/Anti
  • Regis/Speak to Me
  • tape_hiss/The Panic in Needle Park
  • DJ Python/Tranquila
  • Black Jazz Consortium/Believe
  • Woo/Awaawaa
  • Berg Jaar/Past
  • Orson Wells/Missn’ U

Thanks to all who tuned in!

anonymous asked:

Ariris"shadow creature"is not a fuckin game.Like I know shes fakin because someone wouldnt casually talk like that.I have schizophrenia and I used to have one that followed me everywhere,I swear to god I didnt sleep because of it.Shes not funny

yeah, i’m pretty sure she’s just lying about being psychotic. i can’t prove it but she uses it as an excuse for everything now her system is confirmed fake, and i know her “delusions” aren’t delusions at all since she needs validation to believe in them. (and it’s a sexual fetish……..)

You know what? I hate that the Internet has ruined the word snowflake. The word *snowflake*

Like. It used to be so cute and happy and now it’s like used to say “ur fakin ur gender for attention”
I hate the Internet

sleeptight-grimrite  asked:

Interpol, Paul Banks, Drums, moonwalking, IO, MJ, I know the girl is fakin' 'cause I seen her look better

So many good things! but if you saw me moonwalking in real life (which is more like sliding backward awkwardly on my feet), you’d stop associating that with me for crime against dancing.
She composition she statistical facts, got it ready for the willing got it kicking in the back *moonwalks*

kidsgloves  asked:

I associate you with Prince, San Francisco, Black Lives Matter, Interpol, AM/LSP, a badass "you better not fuck wit me" attitude. Also black jeans and a turtleneck sweater.

;___________________________________; i’m like, flattered that you think it’s badass. i feel like a dick 70944095043e9045490354309584% of the time.

all the other stuff i’m SUPER proud of, so awesome <33333 also, you know the girl is fakin’ cuz you seen her look better?

crmen  asked:

I literally know xiii irl nd ive met his family multiple times hes literally not fakin his race i think id know if he was fakin it more than any1 else on here lmao anyways