¡Listo! ;u; @lamedoodlesofeel espero que te guste el dibujisho ♥ solo publico esto y huyo varonilmente(???) (a dormir xD)  se que es algo simple mi estilo, pero ya verás, algún día haré cosas tan fakin osom como tú :c 
Asdfd y enserio gracias por el dibujo, fue bastante inesperado y genial D:!!

Aunque… Ahora que lo pienso xD ya que tu dibujo era un agradecimiento, se podría decir que el mío es un agradecimiento a un agradecimiento(???)

so in the past people have pointed out that the reason sophie’s age curse lasts so long in this books (despite numerous people particularly howl, who’s meant to be a ridiculously powerful wizard, trying to break it for her) is because she strengthens the curse herself with her own magically powered self-loathing which she isn’t even aware of and her magic just happens to be stronger than Howl’s so even when he tries to break it all that happens is they both come over in a cold sweat and nearly pass out

and i love that because magic-wise what’s happening is essentially:

howl: let me break ur curse
sophie: no!!! i’m old and boring!!!
howl: sophie pls
sophie: fuck off!!!

made even more beautiful by the fact that howl is tryin real hard and sophie doesn’t even realise she’s doing it


I look around at these kids I’ve known all my life and i ask myself, “what happened?”

“We were so tiny, happy and shiny… Then we got bigger, that was the trigger”

you tellin’ me that Martha hung out with Ram and Duke when she was younger but Heather C had no idea who Veronica was? I don’t buy it (sure she might not have recognized her at first but past that lol)

I finished the thing! (LINK)

v luči prešernovega dne (kinda): js sm se lotu prevajat ‘my name is cow’ (že pred časom – ampak najprej nism upoštevu historičnega vidika mema, kar mi ni blo všeč) in sm zdej končal s sledečim:

jaz krava sem –
ko pade noč,
al luna s'ja,
čis’ na vso moč,
inu ljudi
vstal je le duh,
jaz sem pokonc’ –
jaz ližem kruh.

ampak se ne spoznam (niti dovolj niti sploh…) na starejšo slovenščino, zato so dobrodošle vse kritike in izboljšave!

Dating Ethan (During a Livestream) Would Include...

if you’re away:

- him giggling while texting you

- saying “i have to take this” any time you might have to call

- you actively tweeting with their hashtag acting like you’re one of the shippers asking about him and you

- sending him cute pictures of whatever you’re doing to make him jealous that he couldn’t be with you

- actively participating in photo-shopping pictures of them into stupid stuff related to the stream and sending them to him

if you’re on/off camera:

- him winking at you off-screen

- sitting so close

- him showing you all the tweets he laughs at but not anyone else

- him getting up to grab a snack or something and you sticking to his side like glue because you can’t stand not giving him attention

- him going off-screen for a moment just to come sit with you

- taking a breather together outside

- making food for the gang with Amy and Kathryn

- playing jackbox games with them and bEATING THE SHREDS OUT OF HIM

- playing quiplash with them and him fervently laughing at your jokes more than anyone else

- playing fakin it with them and him always knowing when you’re the faker

- partly because you’re just bad

- also partly because he knows you so well


- Mark having to remind him to pay attention to the game/conversation topic

- especially because livestreams are indeed live and unedited (as also mentioned in my last version of this) he cannot stop thinking about you

- him making silly noises and faces because he knows you’ll laugh