so in the past people have pointed out that the reason sophie’s age curse lasts so long in this books (despite numerous people particularly howl, who’s meant to be a ridiculously powerful wizard, trying to break it for her) is because she strengthens the curse herself with her own magically powered self-loathing which she isn’t even aware of and her magic just happens to be stronger than Howl’s so even when he tries to break it all that happens is they both come over in a cold sweat and nearly pass out

and i love that because magic-wise what’s happening is essentially:

howl: let me break ur curse
sophie: no!!! i’m old and boring!!!
howl: sophie pls
sophie: fuck off!!!

made even more beautiful by the fact that howl is tryin real hard and sophie doesn’t even realise she’s doing it


finally made a polished piece of fan art for this game (+ art of literally anyone else who isnt the faker)… i couldnt decide which version i liked best so here’s another double-version piece

it actually didnt take too long, but it did have 85 layers…. oof.. 

an-actual-stone  asked:

You're just 4 years older than me but you seem like you got this *life* thing down well. How do you do it


(Tumblr is still breaking gifs, so if instead of “Yea-… no” you get a weird frozen smirk… hopefully you at least get a laugh out of it)

Sure, I sometimes photograph things in overly-fancy situations (usually out in Cary #localburn), but I’m just fakin’ it, here.

Listen… earlier this year, I did my first-ever medical research environmental setups…

…having never done anything close to that category before…

…and with such a bad cold I still don’t fully remember how it all happened.

I mean, the client was super happy, but let’s be real – being a young professional is 50% working insanely hard to be the absolute best, and 50% pretending you’re confident in yourself.

Don’t think less of yourself if I (somehow) seem to have it all together… I’m just tryin’ to take life one step at a time, too.

Next time anyone feels like they might not shape up against someone who makes jokes about Scooby Doo on the internet (as if that doesn’t discredit me enough already), just remember:

  • I talk to cats and cameras more than I talk to people (it’s not that I don’t talk to people… I just talk to non-sapient things waaaay more than is probably sane)
  • Despite being 22, I’ve technically never been on a real “date” date
  • I have, on multiple occasions, said to myself “I’m having a hard time feeling anything today… I’m gonna buy the next Monty Python season”
  • My willpower is absolutely no match for my affinity for (and unfortunate skills with) picnic salads
  • The social things I like to do (photo walks, cinema classes, museum tours) are apparently attended exclusively by the elderly
  • I’m terrible at knowing what I enjoy and making myself happy, so I mostly just work to make other people happy ‘cause it’s the closest I get
  • Once when I was maybe 4, I got Jell-O stuck to the kitchen wall and it never came off
  • For over half a decade, finding anyone young in the real world that I relate to has been seemingly impossible
  • I’ve probably spent 2.5 hours total on this post, as I’m always so paranoid about things being good enough to be worth people’s time

See? I‘m human. And it’s OK to be human, y’all.

–Colin (photo blog | instagram)

v luči prešernovega dne (kinda): js sm se lotu prevajat ‘my name is cow’ (že pred časom – ampak najprej nism upoštevu historičnega vidika mema, kar mi ni blo všeč) in sm zdej končal s sledečim:

jaz krava sem –
ko pade noč,
al luna s'ja,
čis’ na vso moč,
inu ljudi
vstal je le duh,
jaz sem pokonc’ –
jaz ližem kruh.

ampak se ne spoznam (niti dovolj niti sploh…) na starejšo slovenščino, zato so dobrodošle vse kritike in izboljšave!