Riccardo Tisci was inspired by two classic sci-fi like movies for his Spring 2012 couture collection.  Fritz Lang’s Metropolis 1927 is the first, and the second is a lesser known russian film, Aelita: Queen of Mars 1924  the music from which Tisci’s futuristic yet Deco inspired couture gowns were created. Everyone is on the Rooney Mara bandwagon with this set, which is a little frustrating to us- not that it isn’t smart to give people what they want, but we think Riccardo Tisci’s concepts are a bit deeper than lisbeth sander couture. The play of masculine and feminine beauty has been a constant in his work, and this collection takes that to the extreme.  We love that the crocodile skin, which is a very angular and menacing looking creature as well as pattern, was doctored completely into something delicate, smooth, and very fitting of a haute couture status. 

The Cashmere blend tank tops are also a feature of these looks that we love, and as i find myself reminiscing about the 90s, this mixture of what everyone is referring to as high-low fashion is something that means a lot to me. We’re not 5th avenue bergdorf babies.  The cross of high and low end - masculine and athletic design with soft luxury detail turns out beautifully for Tisci and his lineup of Super-esque models.  The casual tank look is an ode to a masculine under dressing that is certainly the opposite of what most people think of couture-Perfectly compositional basketball and everything. <3

oh wait did i mention the jewelry.. i wont get into it too much, but i will say that we have both had various facial piercings in earlier years, and to see things on the couture catwalks this year like pink hair, amy winehouse-ettes and septum rings that are both tribal, futuristic and retro goth, is surprising yet overdue


pics via google image search and Vogue.com courtesy of givenchy !