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You Will Always Be My Only One | Ch. 1

College AU: Let’s all pretend that Amy and Karma did date after the kiss at the assembly and let’s pretend they didn’t fake the relationship. 
Amy and Karma went through a rough break up in the end of junior year and haven’t talked ever since. In senior year Amy started to date Reagan and their relationship still grows stronger. Now they find themselves as college roommates and things get complicated. 

A/N: This is an introduction chapter, there isn’t much plot, that will come with the next chapters. The story tells their college story and how their relationship went in the form of flashbacks. Almost every chapter will have a flashback. I hope you’ll like the introduction, please let me know what you think about this story. 

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Falling (Chapter 10)

In honor of tonight’s episode featuring Fifth Harmony, I thought I should update today:) Hella long chapter because I felt bad for never updating. I hope it’s good/.\

Amy groaned as her alarm blared, waking her up for the morning. She grabbed her phone to shut it off and noticed she got a text message from Lauren.

From Lauren: goo0o0o0o0od morninggg sunshineeee, the earth says hellloooooooo c: 

To Lauren: charlie and the chocolate factory fan? 

From Lauren: who isn’t? I’m def a jonny depp fan <3

From Lauren: am I seeing you before school?

To Lauren: definitely, I’ll meet you at the donut shop:)

From Lauren: okay, I’ll see you then c:

Amy checked her other social media stuff (Snapchat, tumblr, Facebook, etc) and realized that Karma still hasn’t replied to her.

To my( , )face<3: good morning, I’m going to the donut shop so I’m getting on an early bus to school. I’ll see you in homeroom.

Amy finally got out of bed and went to shower in her joined bathroom with Lauren. After 20 mins in the shower (she was falling asleep under the water), Amy got out and got dressed. When she was heading downstairs, she can smell the delicious bacon and eggs from the kitchen. Mom went to work for her morning broadcast, and Bruce went to drop of Lauren off early…? Amy heads to the kitchen and finds the table set up for two and Karma humming in front of the stove, cooking some bacon.

 “What are you doing here?” Amy asked, startling Karma.

“Jesus you scared me.” Karma says as she puts the bacon on a plate.


“I’m sorry okay. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I never do. I just… I’m sorry.” Karma dropped her gaze to the floor.

“Why didn’t you reply to my text message last night then? I was beginning to worry ‘cause I didn’t hear from you.”

“I must’ve left it in Liam’s car.”

“You couldn’t reply to me because you were with Liam. Typical.” Amy crosses her arms over her chest protectively.

“Please don’t be like this. I went with him to hang out when you walked out. We talked and hung out like we always do, I just left it in his car.”

Karma finished setting up the table for breakfast.

“Come. Sit. Eat. I made bacon and eggs with some toast. It’s an ‘I’m sorry I’m such a bitch breakfast’”

“I was supposed to meet up with someone for breakfast.”



“Then you should go, you’ll miss the early bus.”


“No, it’s okay. I’ll clean up and you can go. I’ll get a ride from Liam that way I can get my phone.” Karma’s eyes begin to fill with tears.

Karma gets up to clean up the plates on the table, but when she reaches to grab it, Amy grabs her wrist, pulling Karma closer to her, lips inches away from each other.

“Please have breakfast with me.” Amy whispers against Karma’s lips. Her eyes locked on those lips in front of her. All Karma could do was give a shy nod.

“Let me just give Lauren a call, telling her I won’t make it.”

“Lauren?” Karma asked, thinking Amy was talking about her stepsister. “Why didn’t you just go with her to the donut shop this morning?”

“Not that Lauren! The new girl Lauren, the one who is gonna tutor me.”

“Green eyes? You were going to breakfast with her?” Karma couldn’t hold back her jealous tone.

“Uhhm, yeah…We were going to get donuts and coffee from the donut shop by the school. I’ll just text her real fast.”



Lauren was waiting at the donut shop for a little bit before she got Amy’s text saying she couldn’t come. To say she was disappointed would be an understatement. Lauren was really attracted to Amy. Who wouldn’t be? But she was also hoping Amy would help her get over her ex-girlfriend/best friend, Camila, back in Miami.

Lauren and Camila have been friends since they could walk. Both of their parents have been friends since college, so their families are very close. The Cabello and Jauregui house were side by side, so Lauren and Camila have always been in each other’s lives. Earlier this year, Lauren asked Camila to be her girlfriend; they were together for 8 months. They were a closeted couple because Camila wasn’t ready to publicize their relationship, but their friends, Dinah, Normani, and Ally, were the only ones who knew. For those 8 months, Camren (Camila and Lauren) were inseparable. They were the icky cute couple that made people gag rainbows. They were really in love. Lauren still is in love with Camila, but Camila broke it off with Lauren a month before she moved. Camila said she found someone else, Austin. Lauren was devastated, but she can tell that Camila was not comfortable with Austin. Being friends for so long, Lauren knows everything about Camila inside and out. There’s nothing that Camila can hide from Lauren because Lauren was the only person who could read her like an open book. There was no way Camila was actually in love with Austin, at least that’s what Lauren kept telling herself. Walking to school alone, she called Dinah to keep her company.

“Oiiii, if it isn’t ol’ Lauren” Dinah answered with a terrible Texan accent.

“That was terrible.”

“Whatever, what’s up, Lo?”

“I’m walking to school and I don’t want to get jumped so. Where are you?”

“The quad. Waiting for the girls to get here.”

“How’s it been over there? I miss you guys.”

“We miss you too, Lo. Like…”

“Hella a lot” “Hella a lot” The girls say at the same time. They laughed.

“Oh, the girls are coming! GUYS COME HERE.” Dinah screamed into the phone. Lauren can hear the phone shuffling around as Dinah hugs each of the other girls.

“Who you on the phone with, CheeChee? Siope?” Camila asked, with a smirk. Even Lauren can hear the smirk all the way from Texas. Dinah grabs the bottom end of her phone, where the mic is, blocking it so Lauren doesn’t hear, but she does.

“Uhm…no actually. It’s Lauren.” Dinah told Camila.

“Oh, uhm, okay. I’m gonna go find Austin… Tell her…Tell her I miss her.” Camila said.

“Mila, you should really talk to her.”

By this time, Lauren is already at school, and she heard everything going on from the other side of the phone. Hearing Camila not wanting to talk to her to go to Austin breaks her.

“Hey Dinah!”


“I’m going to go. I’m at school; I didn’t get jumped. Thanks for some how protecting me.”


“Tell the girls I miss them…and that I love them with everything I have.”

“I think you should tell her yourself…”

“I got to go. Bye Di.” And with that, Lauren hung up without hearing Dinah’s reply.

Today is just not my day is it? With 45 minutes before school starts, Lauren grabs her things from her locker and heads to the roof. She likes it there. It’s peaceful and quiet.

Back at the Raudenfeld-Cooper Residence, Karma and Amy are having breakfast together. It’s silent, but it’s a comfortable silence. A silence is always a comfortable silence between Karma and Amy. They rarely ever have awkward silences or awkward moments in general. When they were done, Karma gets up to put hers and Amy’s plates away in the sink. With Karma’s back to Amy, Amy comes up from behind and wraps her arms around Karma’s waist. Being taller than Karma, Amy has easier access to everything Karma. She begins to kiss Karma’s ear, sending shivers down Karma’s back. She kissed her way down to Karma’s cheek and jawline.

“You can leave the dishes in the sink, I’ll have Lauren wash ‘em when she gets home.” Amy whispers, with her hot breathe against Karma’s ear.

“Ames…” Karma breathes out. Amy hums questioningly in response.

“We… uh…we have to go to school.” Karma gulps.

“Hmm okay.”  With that, Amy quickly let’s Karma go and walks out of the kitchen. Karma lets out a breathe she was holding, collecting herself before walking out of the house.

They arrive at school with 30 minutes before class starts.

“So, I was thinking we could skip homeroom today and go sit by that tree at field and finish some homework.”

“We could finish homework in homeroom, silly.”

“Yeah, but homeroom isn’t as nice as the scenery of the field.”

Right before Karma was going to reply, her phone chimes as she got a text message. As she reads the message, a smile creeps its way on her lips.

“I can’t actually. I have to help Liam with..uhh some art project.”

“Mmm, some art project, huh?” Amy asked with sarcasm at its finest.

“Yeah, he asked me if he could show me something and then help him out with it.” Karma said defensively.

“That doesn’t sound any better Karma.”

“I have to go, I’m gonna go. I’ll see you in nutrition okay?” Karma leans in to kiss Amy, but Amy was faster and Karma kissed her cheek instead.

“We’ll see if you’re still busy with Liam by nutrition to come see me.” Amy angrily answered.


“Bye, I’m going to go…I don’t know. I’ll go find Lauren (Jauregui) or something” And turned her back before Karma could reply.

Amy texted Lauren asking where she was, but after a couple minutes, she never got a reply. With one last sigh, she made her way to her favorite hideout: the roof of the highest building of the school. It’s not like I was going to go to homeroom anyway, she thought to herself.

Amy walks up the stairs and opens the door to find someone else also on the roof. Lauren (as you guys already know). With Lauren’s back facing the door, she didn’t see or hear Amy coming in.

“Hey…” Amy said, quietly as she tried not to startle the beautiful brunette.

“Oh, hey…sorry, I didn’t hear you come in.” Lauren said, as she grabs her bags to make room for Amy to join her next to her. She pats the now empty space, inviting Amy to sit.

“It’s okay.” Amy says as she sits down.

“How’d you find me?” Lauren asked.

“I come here a lot too when I just want to get away from everyone.” Amy says knowingly. “I actually didn’t come looking for you honestly, I just came ‘cause Karma again went chasing Liam, and I couldn’t find you.”

Lauren didn’t reply, she didn’t know what to say.

“What’s wrong, Lauren?”

“Why would something be wrong?”

Amy gave her the ‘really?’ look. Lauren didn’t reply. Amy came to the realization that she stood Lauren up at the donut shop.

“Oh my god, if it’s because of me and the donut shop, I’m so so sorry! I didn’t know she was going to be making me breakfa—“

“It’s not you! I mean yeah that kind of plays a tiny part in this but, I promise you, it’s because of you.”

“Either way, I’m sorry. Let me make it up to you.”

“You don’t have to, it’s okay. Really…”



“You’re best friend you told me about?”

“She’s my ex-girlfriend.”



“What happened? If I may ask?”

“Camila and I grew up next door to each other. We only recently got together. We were together 8 months, but a month before I moved she broke up with me. We were in the closet, but that was okay with me. As long as she was by my side, nothing else mattered. It was out of the blue. She kept saying she was sorry. She kept saying she didn’t know what she wanted. A week later, she and Austin got together. A week. But I know her. She doesn’t love him. I know her, I know everything about her. She doesn’t even have the slightest bit of interest in him. I just know it. I don’t know why she wouldn’t tell me what happened, or why she’s doing what she’s doing. When I tried to ask her about it, she blew up on me, telling me I needed to get over her. That was a week before I left and we haven’t really talked since. It was our worst fight. She still hasn’t really talked to me except some typical, ‘hi’ ‘how are you’ ‘hope you are okay’, but that’s all. God I miss her so much.”

Lauren drops her head as tears fall down her cheeks. When a sob escapes her lips, Amy wraps her arm around Lauren, comforting her. Lauren cries into Amy’s neck. After a while, Lauren calmed down. She debated whether or not to get out of Amy’s hold, but it was too comfortable to let go.

“I’m sorry for breaking down. Thanks for being here.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m glad you told me. Thanks for telling me.” Amy says and she squeezes Lauren’s waist in reassurance. Lauren wraps her arms around Amy’s torso.

“Karma likes Liam.”

“That artist boy? Hella straight. Typical high school popular kid?”

“Yep that one.”

“And you love Karma.”

“Uh huh. Sometimes I feel like we are on the same wavelength. Like this morning with the whole ‘I’m sorry I’m a bitch’ breakfast. I felt like she really did love me that way.”

“It seems like she does.” Lauren said.

“I thought so, too, but then she goes and runs off to Liam doing god knows what.”

“I’m sorry.”

“We’re both kind of a mess, huh?” Amy asked with a chuckled. Lauren can feel the vibrations of her laugh against her cheek. Lauren nods in return. She feels Amy’s heartbeat quicken. They sit in silence for a couple minutes before Amy speaks up.

“Do you, maybe, want to be a mess together?” Amy asked hesitantly.

Lauren got up from Amy’s hold, looking right into the green eyes in front of her. Her eyes are prettier than mine, Lauren thought. Without realizing it, Lauren was leaning into the pools of green, ready to get lost in them.

Is she leaning in? Holy shit why is she leaning in? Wtf. Amy thought. As Lauren gets closer, Amy closes her eye, waiting for impact. When their lips touch, both girls were pretty sure fireworks were going off. Out of instinct, Amy brings her hand to Lauren’s cheek, caressing it with her thumb; she can feel Lauren smile in the kiss, so Amy pulls back.

“I’m taking you out. On a date. That’s final.” Amy said with more confidence than before.

A/N: Woohoo! This chapter is finally done. It’s really long omg. I hope it’s not too long. I CAN’T WAIT FOR TONIGHT’S EPISODE OMFG ASDFGHJKL:

Suggestions/criticism/feedback is highly appreciated<3

Also….Amy and Lauren’s ship name?

Is this how it goes? || Amy x Reagan

Rating: Teen

Fandom: Faking It

Pairing: Amy Raudenfeld x Reagan

Word Count: 3303

Status: Complete

Warnings: Mentions of underage sex


The two of you become an official thing three weeks into dating.

Shane teases you mercilessly until Liam begs him to stop.

Lauren walks in on you two making out two days after becoming official. Your mom catches you a week later and enacts a new open door policy. Lauren laughs until she applies it to your stepsister too. Things between her and Theo have been going pretty well apparently.

Fic under cut or read here

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A Letter From A Not So Stranger | Ch. 15

AU:Karma Ashcroft has everything. She’s popular, never misses a party, and is always up to date with fashion thanks to her friend Shane. She’s a straight A student and has a perfect attendance record. She’s head of the cheerleaders with her co-captain and best friend Lauren. Her life seems perfect, other than Lauren’s who has to cope with her stepsister Amy. She is the school’s troublemaker with her best friend Liam. One day Karma receives a mysterious love letter from someone who knows a bit too much about her life.

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faking it fanfiction writers

I hope the Faking It ‘Karmy’ fanfiction writers don’t give up on their current stories and hope yall continue to make great new ones. After the show being done, I need these stories. oh and karmy better be end game in all of them haha. Don’t leave me hanging like Cater did, thanks. 

One For Me and One For You

So…I wrote a thing again. This time I tried out using Faking It. I’m not very good at summaries but basically…

Amy and Karma aren’t a thing, though I’m probably going to work in their friendship if I continue this. Amy meets Reagan and introduces her to Lauren. Lauren quickly finds herself seeing double.


“Lauren, this girl is incredible. I could go on for hours about her.”
“Well, you kind of have Amy. You haven’t stopped talking about her all day. It’s been what? Like a week? Give it some more time before you go confessing your love for her to everyone. Especially me, you can spare me the details.”

I’m laying on Lauren’s floor staring up at the ceiling but really, I’m on cloud nine. I’ve been smiling all week. This past Saturday, I went on a date with this girl Reagan. It really came out of no where. I never thought about dating a girl before, but now, I’m wondering why I never did.

Anyway, I was just minding my own business and sitting against a tree reading in the park, when this gorgeous girl sat down next to me. She leaned over to see what book I was reading and just started asking me about it. A short while later, she asked me if I wanted to go get some ice cream. I don’t know exactly where it came from but I said to her, “Like a date?” and she just laughed and said, “if that’s what you want it to be.” We’ve been talking non- stop since that day.

“Trust me, when you meet her, you’ll understand.”
“If you say so Amy.”

I get up from Lauren’s floor and head to my room to do basically the same thing, just alone.
I invited Reagan over tonight so that she can meet Lauren and she should be here soon so I’m just going to pass my time daydreaming until she gets here.  

I got lost in thought for however long when I heard the doorbell ring and I not so casually sprinted down the stairs to open the door. But, of course when I got to the bottom step, I slowed myself. I have to seem at least a little relaxed, though that may be impossible considering how excited I am. I opened the door and Reagan was there casually leaning on the doorframe and she just looked so…breathtaking. Literally. For a few seconds I think I stopped breathing.

“Amy? Are you ok?”
“Oh yeah, sorry come on in.”

I shout for Lauren to come down as I lead Reagan over to the couch in the living room.

“Hey, you must be Reagan. Nice to finally meet the person who I have been hearing about non-stop lately.”
“And you must be Lauren. I’m glad she talks about me too because i’m pretty sure my sister is going to kick me out of our apartment soon if I don’t stop talking about her.”
“Oh great. You two are going to be that kind of couple aren’t you?”
“Alright Lauren calm down,” I say because I’d rather not have her scare away a potential…girlfriend? The word seems to fit so nicely when I think of Reagan but it’s still a whole new way of thinking for me.
Reagan laces her fingers together with mine and looks over to Lauren, “if by ‘that kind of couple’ you mean adorably cute, then yes. That’s exactly how I intend to be at least. But don’t worry I’ll tone it down for you. As long as I can hold her hand in front of you, I think I can manage.”
Lauren rolls her eyes but there is definitely a hint of a smile. She comes off sassy but something tells me that she’s happy for me. Even if it is just so that I’m not constantly in her room trying to bother her.
“Ok well now that we have the meet and greet out of the way, how about some movies and popcorn?” This is my favorite way to spend evenings. What could possibly be more entertaining?


No one is even watching the movie. I honestly don’t even know why Amy even chose to put one on. She really doesn’t seem to think things through. Obviously when people first meet, they’re going to want to talk and get to know each other, not stare mindlessly at a movie that has such a predictable ending.

I actually really like Reagan. She seems to have good intentions and she’s really funny. Of course, if she ever hurts Amy…well, let’s just hope she doesn’t. I’d never say it out loud, but I feel very protective over Amy. I feel like she sometimes needs someone there to protect her. Just think of me as a type of small guard dog. Cute and tiny, but ready to attack if need be.

The movie runs through the credits for the third time tonight and I decide that it’s time for me to go to bed. So I say goodnight to Amy and Reagan and head up to my room, giving them a bit of privacy.


Lauren went upstairs and suddenly I’m feeling very nervous and I can see Reagan looking at me from the corner of my eye as I continue to stare at the now black screen.

“Amy? Is everything ok?” She starts to scoot closer to me and I can feel my whole body stiffen and Reagan notices too. “Amy, trust me, there’s no reason to be nervous. This is obviously new for you so we can move as slow as you like. Speed of a snail if we have to, or slower than that. Though I don’t really have a cute animal that’s slower than a snail…?”
“You think snails are cute?”
Reagan giggles at that and replies, “That’s what you got from everything I said? But yes, have you googled pictures of snails lately? They’re adorable. Almost as adorable as you.” She then leans in and kisses me softly on the cheek and I can feel a blush rising. “But, I should get going anyway. Sabrina is probably wondering where I’m at.”
“Oh sure, that’s your sister right?”
“Yeah she’s my other half. You two will meet soon I suppose.”
“That’ll be fun. Here let me walk you out.”
We make our way outside and Reagan kisses me on the cheek and I’m still smiling so wide as I watch her drive away.


I’m sitting in a coffee shop sipping on a latte when I see Reagan walk in, so I wave her over to my table. She has a confused look on her face but she walks over anyway.
“Hey, want to join me?” I ask and her confused look turns more curious and…intrigued?
“I would love to join you, let me just go get my coffee first beautiful.”
Reagan walks off and I’m left a little shocked, did she call me beautiful? I’m all for compliments but I just was not expecting that one. Reagan heads back to the table with her coffee in hand and sits across from me with a smile on her face. Something just seems a little different about her from last night and I just can’t seem to put my finger on it.

“So, what made you call me over? Was it my stunning looks? Or were you just lonely? Though I’m not complaining either way.”
“Reagan, what are you talking about? If you think for one second that you can be dating my sister one minute and then try to start flirting with me, you are sadly mistaken.”
“Woah settle down there killer. I’m not Reagan, I’m her sister, Sabrina.”

Was this ok???? How did I do? Please let me know.

Kisses - Karmy Fic

Hey guys! It’s been a long time since I wrote something and this is my first Karmy fic! Hope you enjoy it!! Let me know what you think!

Karma and Amy start kissing without an audience.

Amy and Karma were watching Pitch Perfect in Amy’s bedroom. They both loved this movie. Karma was cuddling into Amy while having her arms around her waist. Amy had her arm around Karma and was playing with the hem of Karma’s shirt.

Half hour into the movie, Amy started feeling that Karma was watching her, so she turned to look at her and she was right, Karma was staring at her. “What?” Amy whispered.

Karma, instead of answering, leaned into Amy until their lips were millimeters apart. She was giving Amy the possibility to back off, but she didn’t, so she went on till her lips were on hers. Karma was kissing Amy slowly and softly and there was no one to show off.

After some minutes of kissing, they parted and continued watching the movie as nothing happened. During the movie, they continued kissing like it was the most normal thing to do.

The next day, Amy called Shane desperately because she didn’t have a fucking clue about what was happening and she wanted to know what to do about. Shane, on the contrary, was excited with these news and told Amy to calm herself. He told her that there were two possibilities, either Karma really felt something towards her or she was so used to kissing Amy that she didn’t realized it. For him, it was the first one. He also told her that she had to options, the first one was to confront her and talk about it, which he didn’t recommend unless she wanted to get things weird with Karma, and the second, and best one, was to go along with it and enjoy it. Amy thought about this and thought that she really didn’t want to get things weird with Karma, so she better be enjoying this as long as it lasts.



Amy and Karma were on Karma’s bed. Amy was hugging her legs while telling Karma about this new documentary about dogs that she watched last night. Karma was sitting next to her and smiling at her.

After some minutes, Amy couldn’t hold it anymore so she asked, “Why are you smiling?” She breathed. “I know, I’m boring you, right?”

Karma shook her head. “Definitely not” She said softly. Then, she moved towards Amy and leaned her head on Amy’s arm, putting her head centimeters apart from Amy’s. “It’s just you look really cute when you talk about something you are passionate about” She simply said with a soft smile.

Amy smiled softly at her not knowing how to react to this new side of Karma. Deciding to better let it slide, she continued telling Karma about the documentary.

“It’s amazing! They can smell and hear a rat that’s on th-” Amy was cut off by Karma’s lips on hers. The kiss was soft and short. When they separate, they both looked into each other’s eyes and smiled.

Amy laughed nervously and continued her story.



Amy and Karma where on Amy’s bed taking selfies. In the last couple of weeks, Karma became addicted to take selfies, specially with Amy. So, whenever they got together, they would take some funny selfies and Karma would later post some of them.

They were making funny faces. Closing eyes. Click. Tongues out. Click. Then, Amy decided to kiss Karma’s cheek. Karma closed her eyes and smiled widely. Click. Karma turned to look at Amy. Click. Karma leaned in. Click. Karma’s lips softly touched Amy’s. Click. Amy smiled into the kiss and kissed her best friend back. Click.

Forgetting about taking selfies, Karma drop her phone on the floor and grabbed Amy’s face to deepen the kiss. Amy slowly pushed Karma down onto the bed until she was on top of her, kissing her fiercely.

The next day, Amy learned that the photo that Karma posted was the one in which they both were putting their tongues out and when leaning into Karma to annoy her during break, she discovered that the new wallpaper of Karma’s phone was the photo in which they were kissing and they were both smiling into it.



Amy and Farrah had another fight about Amy being gay (if only she knew that she was supposed to fake it, but really wasn’t) so Amy left her house in the middle of the night and found herself in front of Karma’s house. The only person she considered family and home. When she was with her, she was home. That’s why they were soul mates. She entered the house and went right upstairs. She knocked on Karma’s door and when she heard her say “Yeah?”, she went in and stood just a foot inside her room.

“What do you want mo-” Karma started saying while turning around in her chair, but was cut off when she saw Amy crying in front of her. “Amy” She breathe and stood up and run to her and crushed her arms around her neck.

They stood in silence embracing themselves. After a while, Karma looked at Amy and whispered, “What happened?” while she put a lock of Amy’s hair behind her ear. When Amy didn’t answer, she kissed her neck that made Amy shiver and hugged again.

After what seemed like hours, Karma dragged Amy to her bed and made her sit. Karma sat in front of her.

“Was it your mom again?” asked slowly.

Amy nooded.

“I don’t understand why she’s like this. Why can’t she appreciate how amazing you are?” Karma continued. “Because you are” She said smiling softly at Amy’s crying face. Karma couldn’t think that even while crying, Amy looked gorgeous. She then moved into Amy and sat on her lap. Amy’s hands found her waist and her arms went around her neck. “You’re beautiful” She whispered and leaned into Amy until she found her lips.

Later, when Amy calmed down a little bit and was more relaxed, they went both to sleep in each other’s arms.

Amy woke up to the feeling that someone was watching her. She slowly opened her eyes and saw that she was in Karma’s room and that in fact, Karma was watching her. She smiled at her.

“Good morning beautiful” Karma whispered.

Amy was shocked. In a good way. “Yeah…” She breathed while she composed herself. “I’m sure I look fabulous from there” She said jokingly.

Amy was waiting for Karma’s response, but all she got was a soft smile and her leaning in and softly kissing her lips. She smiled into the kiss.

Amy couldn’t control the next pair of words running through her mouth, “I like waking up like this” She said softly. Shocked by her words, Amy started to panicked.

Karma smiled at her. “Me too” She said sweetly. “Do you want breakfast?”

Amy breathed. “Since when do you have to ask?”

Karma laughed at that.



Amy and Karma were studying in Amy’s kitchen. The table was full of pages. Well, Amy was trying to because Karma couldn’t stop making noises and that was very distracting, especially since she looked so cute when she was nervous.

“Karma” Amy said softly turning her attention to those beautiful eyes she loves to stare.

“What?” Karma asked frustrated and looked up to Amy and found her smiling softly at her. “Why are you smiling?”

“You’re cute when you get frustrated” Amy said simply and swore she saw Karma blush. “Don’t worry… You’re gonna do great tomorrow”

“How do you know that? Amy… If I fail this test, I’ll fail the class”

“Because… I just know. Besides, you’ve been studying for weeks now. You’ll do great, trust me. So, just calm down, okay?”

“No, I can’t calm down! I’m freaking out right now!” Karma was slowly starting to raise her voice. “And how come you’re always so calm before an exam? How do you do that? I just can’t! I can’t fail this exam” By this point, Karma had stood up and started walking around the kitchen.


“I’ve been studying really hard to fail this exam and I just can’t!”

“Karma…” Amy was getting anxious.

“What if I forget everything? Then what? I’m so fucking nervous! I have to pass. I have to-”

Amy couldn’t stand it anymore. She stood up and walked towards Karma and just when she was turning around, Amy crushed slowly her lips with Karma’s. It was soft. Just two pairs of lips touching. It lasted a second.

When Amy opened her eyes, she found a shocked Karma looking at her. She was shocked too. She didn’t know where that courage came from. It was the first time she kissed Karma. It always was the other way round.

“Sorry” Amy whispered. “You just needed to shut up” Amy said with a thin smile still nervous about Karma’s reaction.

Karma smiled softly. “Kiss me again” She whispered.

Amy couldn’t be hearing well. “What?”

“Kiss me again” Karma continued whispering, never leaving her gaze from Amy’s. “Your kisses calm me down” Karma said seriously.

Amy was surprised. She surely wasn’t expecting that. But she complied happily.

They both leaned in slowly and their soft lips touched. They moved vaguely. Tasting each other. When they needed air, they parted, foreheads touching and eyes closed.

“Better?” Amy whispered.


And with that, they opened their eyes, looked deeply at each other for a second and then continued studying like nothing happened. Except, neither of them could stop repeating in their heads what just happened.

The next day, Karma was extremely nervous. She couldn’t keep calm. Amy accompanied her to the door of the class where she had the exam.

“Karma, look at me” Amy said softly while grabbing her arms so she couldn’t look anywhere else. “You’re gonna do great. Trust me”

“Okay” a trembling Karma said.

“Okay” Amy said softly, trying to reassure her and kissed her cheek. “Let me know when you finish”

“Yeah” Karma said so softly that Amy almost didn’t hear her.

Karma looked at her best friend once more and went into the class.

An hour and a half later, Karma was running through the halls of the school looking for the first person she wanted to tell the news. She was getting really anxious when she didn’t found her at the library or the diner, until it hit her. The only place she could be was where Karma was afraid to go. She knew she would be there because she was having a free period and Karma supposedly was in class. So, she went up. Up to the rooftop.

Amy was reading a book when she heard someone opening the rooftop door and shouting her name. She recognized that voice immediately and looked up. Karma was running towards her with the biggest smile she had seen. Amy stand up and went to greet her best friend.

“AMY!! I did it!! I did it!! I got a 90!!” Karma was shouting happily and when she reached Amy, she crushed her with a tight hug.

“That’s so awesome! Congratulations” Amy said in Karma’s ear. “I’m so happy for you” Amy looked Karma in the eyes. “Really”

Karma’s gaze went from Amy’s eyes to her lips and then her eyes again and then, she leaned in.

They kissed slowly. Tenderly. Showing they cared for the other. Karma’s arms went around Amy’s neck pushing her towards herself, and Amy’s arms found Karma’s waist. They both smiled into the kiss.

Foreheads touching and eyes closed, they parted.

“Thank you” Karma whispered into Amy’s mouth.

Amy opened her eyes. “For what?”

“Believing in me”

“Always” Amy replied sincerely.

They were both smiling happily and stupidly and were leaning in again when the bell rang.

“Cm'on” Karma said while grabbing Amy’s hand and pushing her towards the door.



Amy’s mother was promoted to a better position, so she was holding a party to celebrate and, of course, she insisted that the whole family should be there. Amy had a problem with that. She hated these kinds of things; too formal for her. At least she convinced her mother to bring Karma along as long as they didn’t do anything couple-y during the whole thing. Farrah had slowly accepted her daughter’s relationship (even though she didn’t know it was faked), but she wasn’t ready to share it with the world yet.  Amy couldn’t wait for the whole thing to end. And it would last the whole fucking afternoon!

Karma had arrived at noon, before everybody else so that she could have lunch alone with Amy.

“I can’t believe my mother is making me do this” Amy protested.

“C'mon Amy. She just wants to share this moment with you” Karma tried to calm her down.

“Seriously? With all these boring old people?” Amy asked raising an eyebrow. “And I can’t even hold your hand, not even hug you. That’s not fair”.

Karma couldn’t help it anymore. She started laughing. “Tell you what” She started saying while walking slowly towards Amy and putting her arms around Amy’s neck, and Amy’s hand found her waist. “We’ll make fun of all the people down there and we’ll laugh so hard that your mom will have to throw us out” She said slowly with a smile.

“Promise?” Amy whispered.

“Promise” And with that, Karma leaned in and put her lips softly on top of Amy’s.

Amy couldn’t kiss her back, because Lauren chose that moment to burst into her room.

“OH!” Lauren said disgusted. “Your mother is asking for your presence downstairs, so I think it’s best if you two, lovebirds, finally come” She said quickly and disappeared through the door.

“C'mon” Karma said while pecking Amy on the lips and grabbing her hand while Amy put her saddest face.

Karma kept her promise. Since the very beginning, Karma whispered ridiculous things on Amy’s ear and she would always laugh. After some minutes, Amy started realizing how fun it was to make funny comments about the boring people around them, so she joined Karma. They couldn’t stop laughing. Several times, Lauren and Bruce had come up to them and asked them to keep it quiet so that they wouldn’t piss Farrah, but they just couldn’t. Around seven, when Amy and Karma were almost crying of all the laugher, Farrah approached them and told them they could leave. Amy and Karma couldn’t be more pleased, so laughing they went up the stairs to Amy’s room. When they got there, Amy fell into her bed laughing and Karma followed her after closing the door.

“OMG!!! I can’t believe you said that” Amy couldn’t stop laughing.

“Well, it’s true” Karma said.

After some minutes, when they both had calmed down, Karma turned towards Amy and looked at her.

Amy noticed this, so she turned her head to look at Karma. “What?” She asked her confused.

“There’s something I’ve been wanting to do the whole afternoon” She said smiling.

“What?” Amy asked again.

“This” She said smiling and leaned in.

When Karma’s lips touched Amy’s, Amy couldn’t stop herself from smiling into the kiss. She grabbed Karma’s face and slowly buried her hands in Karma’s hair. Karma, on the other hand, grabbed Amy’s waist and slowly put herself on top of Amy. When air was needed, they parted. Karma rested her forehead on Amy’s.

“Don’t stop” Amy whispered and if she had had her eyes opened, she would have seen that Karma was smiling at her response.



It was a really hot day and Amy and Karma went grocery shopping. When they got back to Amy’s they were really hot.

“Mom! We’re back!” Amy shouted into the house.

No one answered. “Mom!” Silence. “Anyone!” Silence again. “Seems like we have the house for ourselves” Amy simply said.

“That’s what it seems like” Karma replied.

When they finished putting everything away, Amy turned to Karma. “I’m really hot. I’m going to the pool. Are you joining me?” Amy asked Karma with a smile.

“I’m too lazy to change” Karma said with a face.

“I’m not planning to change either. Underwear is like a bikini” Amy said while taking off her shirt and throwing it on the floor.

Karma was shocked. Amy looked, no, was so hot. How come she never noticed this before? Okay, well maybe she had. “Okay” She said slowly while taking off her shirt.

They both took off their shorts and left them in the kitchen and then went outside.

When they were besides the pool, Karma asked. “Do you think it’s cold?”

“Only one way to find out” Amy said with a malicious smile and pushed Karma into the water.

“Raudenfeld!” Karma shouted.

Amy laughed hard and then jumped into the water. “It’s nice” She said with a smile.

“It’s nice? It’s nice? I’m gonna kill you” Karma said loudly.

“Not if I catch you first” Amy shot back with a smile.

After a while of splashing water to each other while they couldn’t stop laughing, Amy grabbed Karma by the waist and Karma put her arms around Amy’s neck. “Gotcha” She whispered.

“You’re lucky you’re hot” Karma said honestly with a smile.

“Really?” Amy asked rising an eyebrow.

“Mm-Hm” Karma nodded.

Amy smiled and leaned into Karma to kiss her. Karma met her halfway.

They kissed slowly. Tasting each other, until Amy grabbed Amy grabbed Karma’s waist and without breaking the kiss. Karma hold Amy’s neck even tighter and put her legs around Amy’s waist and deepened the kiss.

Without a warning, Karma let Amy go and started walking out of the pool.

Amy was shocked. “Wha… What are you doing?”

Karma smiled playfully. “Revenge baby” And with that she started running towards the kitchen while laughing hard.

Amy ran after her. “You’re evil”

“Am I?” Karma laughed while running around the counter of the kitchen.

Amy noticed that Karma would be going outside again, so she ran faster and anticipate her move. Amy closed the door in front of Karma’s face and then turned Karma around pushing her against the wall. Amy pressed herself into Karma. She leaned in and when she was about to touch Karma’s lips, she said. “You’re lucky you’re hot” And with that, she crushed her lips hard against Karma’s.



Amy spent most of her Saturday studying that is until Karma came along.

Karma spent her Saturday morning helping her parents and after lunch she went to Amy’s to join her in the studying.

They were in Amy’s room. Amy was studying on her desk and Karma was on her bed trying miserably to concentrate. She was getting bored, when an idea occurred to her.

“How come you can concentrate so well and all day long?” Karma asked Amy.

“I don’t know. I just get really into it” Amy answered vaguely not leaving her gaze from her book.

“How much do you have left to read?” Karma continued.

“I don’t know. A couple of chapters” Amy answered again without looking at Karma.

“Amy” Karma said softly.


“Amy” Karma tried again a little more persistent this time.

Amy looked up and at Karma. Finally. “What?” Amy asked softly. “Look, I need to finish this today and I want to do it quickly so that then we can watch a movie. Okay?”

“Amy, you need to take a break”


“Amy” Karma said again softly and this time, getting up from Amy’s bed and walking towards her. “You’re always telling me how important it is to take breaks when studying” Now, she was in front of Amy and sat on her lap while grabbing softly her face. Amy’s hand grabbed her waist firmly. “So, you’re going to take a break” She whispered and then put her lips softly on Amy’s.

At first, the kiss was soft and slow. Just two pairs of lips touching, tasting each other. After some moments, neither of them could hold back and the kiss turned harder, hungrier and more desperate. Tongues fighting for dominance. Hands moving up and down legs and backs. Moans escaping mouths.

Amy grabbed Karma’s waist and without breaking the kiss, she stood up and walked them towards the bed. Karma put her arms around Amy’s neck and her legs around Amy’s waist. When Amy’s legs touched the bed, she let them both fall into the bed. Amy’s mouth found Karma’s neck and her hands travelled under Karma’s shirt, touching pure hot skin. Karma moaned.

Amy was about to kiss Karma again, when there was a knock on the door making them jump just in time to be beside one another when Farrah came in.

“How’s the studying going?” She asked.

“Good. We’re taking a break” Amy answered innocently.



Amy was peeing in her bathroom.

“I’m gonna get some popcorn” Karma shouted through the other side of the door.


When Amy finished, she changed into her pajamas and sit on the bed waiting for Karma.

Some minutes later, Karma was walking into her room with a bowl of popcorn in her hand. What shocked Amy the most was what Karma was wearing. She was wearing her favorite donuts shirt. It was very noticeable that she wasn’t wearing a bra and because it was Amy’s shirt, the shirt was bigger on her and it ended just a little below her ass. It wasn’t the first time Amy saw Karma wearing something of hers, actually, Karma had chosen one of Amy’s pajamas to wear every time she stayed over and eventually it wasn’t Amy’s pajamas anymore, but Karma’s. But this time, there was something different. Amy found it hot.

Amy’s face must have been obvious because Karma stopped moving and asked what was wrong.

“That’s my shirt…” Amy whispered.

“Yeah. I just couldn’t find my pajamas so I just grabbed the first thing I found” Karma replied with a smile on her lips.

Amy couldn’t stop the words that followed. “You look hot”

Karma’s eyes darkened. “Really?”

“Mm-Hm” Amy nodded. “You look hot in my clothes”

Karma put the bowl on Amy’s desk and then turned to look at Amy. Her look was the same, dark filled with desire. She walked towards Amy until she was in front of her and then put her legs on the bed besides Amy’s body, so now, she was on top of Amy. Their gazes locked and without breaking the contact, Karma leaned slowly into Amy until their lips were millimeters apart, but never closing that gap. They stayed like that for a little while, breathing into each other, gazes never broke. They have never been so intimate, so sensual. Until now.

Still, without kissing her, Karma pushed Amy slowly into the bed until she was laying above her. And when she couldn’t control herself anymore, Karma crushed her lips furiously into Amy’s. Amy’s hands found Karma’s waist under her shirt. They touched hot skin. As Amy’s hands moved upwards, Karma moaned loudly.

“HEY!” Lauren shouted. Amy and Karma jumped from their position. “Did you forget again to turn off the lights of the bathroom? I’ve been waiting for 15 minutes to use it now” Lauren shouted frustrated.

Amy looked at Karma with an apologetic face. “Sorry” She whispered to Karma and got up and went to the bathroom. She then opened the door that went into Lauren’s bedroom. When she opened it, a frustrated Lauren appeared.

“Sorry. I forgot again” Amy said apologetically.

“Whatever” Lauren said rolling her eyes. “Now, can you leave so that I can use the bathroom?”

And with that, Amy left the bathroom and closing the door of the bathroom that went to her room in the process.

“Sorry” Amy said again to Karma.

“Don’t worry. It’s not my fault that you’re a dork” Karma said smiling.

“Hey” Amy said while throwing a pillow to Karma. “Do you wanna watch the movie?”


They watched the movie and then went to sleep in each other’s arms, like they always did.

Seven a.m. BIP. BIP. BIP.

“Turn that off” A very sleepy Karma complained.

Amy turned off the alarm and then, turned around and grabbed Karma by her waist and snuggled into her. She kissed her neck. “Hey” She said softly.

Karma turned around in Amy’s arms and was now facing her. She then leaned in and kissed Amy on the lips. “Hey” She said into Amy’s lips.

“C'mon. We have to go to class” Amy said while slowly sitting up on the bed.

“No” Karma said while grabbing Amy’s waist.

“C'mon sleepyhead. We’re going to be late” And with this, she tried to get off the bed, but Karma grabbed her hand and pushed her into her, on top of her.

“I don’t care” She whispered into Amy’s mouth and kissed her deeply.

Amy couldn’t control herself. She let go. She lost herself in Karma and kissed her back.

After some minutes of making out, Amy managed to get out of bed and went to the bathroom to get ready. When she finished, she went into her room and what she saw couldn’t make her any happier. Karma was wearing another favorite shirt of hers and a thin jacket that was also hers. She walked to her until she was in front of her with a ‘what are you wearing’ face.

“You said I looked hot in your clothes and I sme-” Karma couldn’t finish because Amy had grabbed the jacket she was wearing and crushed her lips into hers, like she had done a couple of minutes ago.

Karma’s arms found Amy’s neck and pushed her more into her, if that was even possible.

They parted for air. “We’re going to be late” Karma whispered looking into Amy’s eyes which hadn’t left her lips.

“I don’t care” Amy answered back and kissed her again.

They couldn’t get enough of each other.

When they parted again in need for air, Amy asked. “What were you saying?”

Karma looked puzzled at Amy until she realized she had been cut off by Amy’s lips. “Oh” She breathe. “And I smell like you” She said softly and leaned in again.

They were late to class.



Amy was sitting against a tree reading a book with Karma lying on her legs. They were enjoying a break before class.

“How’s my favorite couple doing?” Shane approached them.

Karma sat up properly so that she could see Shane better and Amy put the book aside.

“Trying to enjoy peace until you came up” Amy said mocking him.

“Ha! Very funny… Anyway, please tell this handsome gay that you’re free tonight for a great party?” Shane asked with a grin on his lips.

“N-” Karma started saying, but was interrupted by Amy. “Actually, we’re busy”

Karma looked at Amy surprised. “We are?”

“Yes” Amy replied softly while looking at her with a soft gaze.

“Then we’re busy” Karma said turning towards Shane. “Sorry”

“Oh! Well, that’s a shame… You’re gonna miss the best party ever”

“Aren’t all your parties the best party ever?” Amy asked.

“Of course!” Shane said loudly. “Okay, I’m gonna keep going to spread the news” And with that, he was up on his feet and left.

Karma turned towards Amy. “Why are we busy tonight?”

“Because…” Amy sat up straight and looked Karma in the eyes. “I have a surprise for you” She said with a soft smile.

“Really?” Karma smiled even bigger. “Why?”

“You know how sometimes I like to make you little surprises…” Karma nodded. “Well, this is just like that” Amy said like it wasn’t a big deal. Since they were little, Amy loved to make Karma little surprises just because she felt like it. Besides, she always loved to show her how much she loves and cares about her.

“You’re the best” Karma said with a real smile and slowly leaned in and kissed Amy on the lips. When Amy felt Karma’s lips on hers, she closed her eyes and got lost in the kiss.

“So, what’s the surprise?” Karma asked with curiosity once she broke the kiss.

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you”

“C'mon Aims” Karma pleaded.

“Okay” Amy said not being able to say no to Karma. “The only thing I’m telling you is that you have to dress formally”

“Now I’m really intrigued” Karma said.

Amy laughed. Of course Karma would be intrigued: she knew perfectly well that she didn’t like to dress formally.

“Okay, I have to go to class” Amy said and turned towards Karma. “I’ll pick you up at 7:30, okay?”

“Okay” Karma said softly looking deeply at Amy.

Amy noticed this. “What?” Amy asked confused.

Karma’s eyes went from Amy’s eyes to her lips and then leaned in slowly. Her lips touched Amy’s and moved slowly around them. One of Karma’s hands went to Amy’s neck and, instinctively, Amy’s hands grabbed Karma’s waist.  It was just a second, but it seemed like an hour.  Amy rested her forehead against Karma’s and kept her eyes closed for a couple of seconds and then smiled.

“See you later then” Karma whispered. “Can’t wait for our date” She said quickly, pecked Amy’s lips and left a really shocked Amy.

Amy didn’t move for what it seemed like forever. The word “date” never left her mouth. She was sure of it. Did she want this surprise dinner to be a date? Of course, but she knew Karma didn’t feel the same way she did, even though she was the one who started kissing her without an audience.

When she heard the bell ringing, she rushed to class still in shocked and thinking what the hell could be wrong with Karma. From where did she got the idea that this was going to be a date? Agh! Never mind!

Amy changed into her best clothes and when she was ready, she left. At 7:30, punctually, she was knocking Karma’s door. When she saw Karma in a simple summer violet dress, a single word came out from her lips “Wow” At that moment, she swore she saw Karma blush.

“Thanks” Karma said softly. “You don’t look bad either”

“Thanks. Ready?”


“Let’s go then”

They walked in silence while Karma followed Amy because she had no clue where they were going.

After fifteen minutes, they reached a small but very luxurious restaurant and Karma’s mouth went wide open.

“OMG Amy! How did you get reservations?” A shocked Karma asked while turning towards Amy with a huge smile.

“I just had to make a reservation a month ago” Amy said like it was no big deal. “I just knew how much you wanted to come to th-” Amy couldn’t finish because Karma crushed her with a huge and tight hug. Amy smiled and hugged Karma back. Both of them got lost in the hug. Since this restaurant opened, Karma was dying to try it, especially because it was very luxurious, but it was expensive and she couldn’t afford it.

“You’re the best” Karma whispered into Amy’s ear and then let her go.

“I know” Amy smiled.

Karma softly punched Amy in the arm. “Cocky”

Amy laughed. “C'mon”

Everything was amazing: the place, the food, the company, specially the company. None of them were faking anything. They were just two best friends having fun. It seemed like old times, just the two of them. But it wasn’t. They both enjoyed dinner not knowing what the other really felt for the other.

When they finished eating dessert, because Amy insisted on having dessert, Amy paid and then, they left laughing because apparently the waiter was expecting a higher tip.

After a little while, they fell in a comfortable silence. Then, Karma entwined their hands.

Amy looked at their hands, then to Karma who was smiling at her and she smiled too. They held hands a million times before, but this time, it felt different.

“Did you like the food?” Amy asked.

“Yeah, it was really good” Karma said with a smile. How strange, Amy talking about food.

“Really good? That meal was amazingly delicious. We should go more often, I don’t care if it is-” But Amy was cut off by Karma’s hand pulling her and then Karma’s lips crushing against hers. Amy was surprised.

One of Karma’s hand found Amy’s neck and the other continued grabbing Amy’s hand. The other hand of Amy  grabbed Karma’s waist. They kissed slowly; tasting each other’s lips.

After a while, they parted, foreheads touching and eyes closed.

“Thank you” Karma whispered.

“For what?” Amy asked not understanding.

“Tonight. You really surprised me” Karma said sincerely, smiling.

“Good” Amy smiled. “That was the idea”

They both opened their eyes at the same time and smiled at each other.

When they got at Karma’s house, they decided to go to sleep. They fell asleep in each other’s arms, like always.

The sunlight started to bother Amy so she slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes discovered that Karma was still asleep hugging her. She couldn’t stop herself from thinking how beautiful she is. She’d seen her sleeping a million times, but she never got tired of it.

Karma woke up to the feeling someone was watching her and she was right. When she opened her eyes, she found two gorgeous blue eyes looking at her. She loved waking up next to Amy. She felt so comfortable and warm with her. She smiled at her and hugged her even tighter, if that was even possible.

Amy smiled back at her. “Good morning” Amy said softly.

“Morning gorgeous” Karma replied.

“Gorgeous?” Amy asked not sure she heard well. After all this time, she still hadn’t got used to it.

“Mm-hm” Karma whispered sleepily while entwining their hands.  

“How about some pancakes?”

“You want to make me pancakes?”

“Since when do you question my cooking to you?” Amy asked raising an eyebrow.

Karma laughed. “Okay. I’ll go to the bathroom first”

“Okay. See you downstairs” Amy said, kissed her forehead and went downstairs.

Amy was already cooking when Karma got to the kitchen. She stayed at the door admiring her best friend cook. She smiled at her, even though she couldn’t see her. Then, she walked up to her and hugged her from behind making her jump a little.

“Hey” Karma smiled at her.

“Hey” Amy smiled back.

They hugged many times like this, but this time it felt different. They were different. Their feelings were different.

Karma buried her nose in Amy’s neck and breathe her.

“Mmm… You smell nice” Karma whispered.

Amy couldn’t stop the shiver that went through her body. Between what Karma said and her breath on her neck, her knees were beginning to fail her.

Karma kissed Amy just where her neck begins.

Amy stopped breathing, she was sure about it.

Realizing Amy’s reaction and considering she didn’t stop her, Karma kissed her again a little bit higher.

By the third kiss, Amy moved her neck to give Karma a better access and moaned with pleasure.

Karma continued kissing up Amy’s neck until she reached her ear and bite it.

When Amy felt Karma biting her ear, she couldn’t stop herself anymore. She turned around in Karma’s arms and pushed her against the counter. Bodies pressed together. Mouths almost touching. Gazes locked with each others. Dark. Filled with desire. Amy’s gaze went from Karma’s gaze to her mouth and to her eyes again. And without saying anything, she crushed her lips against Karma’s. Hard. Karma’s arms went around Amy’s neck bringing her closer.

They kissed like never before. No audience. No faking it. Just the truth. Telling the other how much they wanted, needed the other. They were letting go. Holding nothing back.

Suddenly, Amy grabbed Karma and sat her on the counter putting herself between Karma’s legs. And Karma’s legs getting around Amy pushing her closer to her. They couldn’t stop kissing. Tongues fighting for dominance. Karma’s hands found Amy’s shirt and climbed under it, touching hot skin. In that moment, somebody decided to call Amy.

“Ignore it” Karma said between kisses.

“I wasn’t going to” Amy said smiling into Karma while pulling again into her.

The phone rang a second time, and a third time. By then, Amy got frustrated and went to look for her phone. Karma groaned and Amy laughed at that.

When Amy saw who was calling her, she answered an annoying “What?” She then looked at the clock in the kitchen. “Oh.. Right. I forgot I’m sorry. I’ll be there in a few” When she hang up, she turned to look at Karma who was watching her with a curious face.

“Who was it?”

“Lauren. I forgot we’re having lunch, right now” Amy replied.

“So you have to go…” Karma said softly.

Amy walked towards Karma and put herself in between her legs and put her arms around her waist. “But I really don’t want to”

Karma put her arms around Amy’s neck. “I don’t want you to leave either” And leaned into Amy. They kissed slowly. “I need to tell you something” Karma said softly once they parted.

“What?” Amy asked curious.

“I want last night to be a real date. I want you to be my real girlfriend. I want us. I want you” Karma said softly with a hint of nervousness.

Amy smiled till her cheeks hurt and kissed Karma with all she got. “I thought you’d never ask”

Karma laughed and kissed Amy again.

Amy’s phone rang again. It was a message from Lauren telling her she was still waiting.

“C'mon. We’re gonna be super late” Amy said while pulling Karma by her hand and pulling her towards the door.

“What?” Karma asked confused.

“Well, after this, there’s no way I’m leaving you alone, so you’re coming with me. It’s that or, we stay here and wait till Lauren kill us ” Amy said seriously and Karma couldn’t stop laughing.

Let Your Bones Show//Chapter (13/?)

Words: 1838 Words
Characters: Amy Raudenfeld/Karma Ashcroft, Karma Ashcroft/Liam Booker, Amy Raudenfeld/Liam Booker, Jasmine/Amy
Notes: My slightly different take on the prompt of someone asking for Amy meeting Karma at a stripclub. So Stripper!Karma, Lawyer!Amy and mostlybutnotalways Douchebag!Liam All Chapters can be found here. With a soundtrack right here. :) I am sorry for the long wait, but I seem to have overcome my writers block, so thank you everyone for being so patient <3

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  • Not Over You
  • Willett - Not Over You (Feat. Katie Stevens)

I’m listening to this song and it reminds me of the fanfiction I read since the beginning written by chill-out-dude. Day dreaming at it’s finest is a hell of a ride and the chapter is keep getting better. And this song is like the future chapters? i don’t know and it depends on the awesome writer. but my heart aches cos of what’s happening.

fakinginstyle-deactivated201508  asked:

How abt an AU fic where Karma is dating Liam but he has a fraternal twin sister Amy who is always frazzled when Karma is around. Liam never picks up on it but Karma does. One day Karma reads Amy diary by chance and starts to tease Amy in subtle ways.

I hope that this is what you were expecting it to be. I tried to make Liam a nice person in this since he’s dating Karma. Sorry for any mistakes, hope you enjoy it.:)

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