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BTS reaction to you asking them to model naked.

Request: his gf is an art student, and she must draw/paint an act, so she asks him for modeling for her naked?

A/N: what did i do?

“Is that necessary jagi? I  know I’m a work of art and nothing will compare to me, but naked?”
“It has to be naked Jin, it has to be something different”
“I can bake you a cute cake and you can draw it”
“You want to bake a cake so you can eat it,” You said pouting
“I mean if I don’t eat it, it will be a waste”

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“You want me to be your model?” You nodded looking at him “Naked?“ 

“Yes Yoongi, we have been through this conversation like 6 times" 

“I know you like my dick but do you really like it that much?”

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“I thought you said this was a college project”
“It is a college project”
“Are you trying to fail or something?”

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“I don’t have a problem with it. I mean you saw me naked like 99 times but isn’t that too unoriginal? I know you can do better than that baby”

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“You know I don’t have a problem with it but I don’t want everyone seeing me naked”
“But it’s a drawing, it’s not you in person”
“Still, everyone will know how big is the dick you take every night”
Stage fuckboy Jimin.

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“Why don’t you draw something cute instead of me, naked?”
“Is there something cuter than you baby?”
“Puppies are cute, I will buy you one”
“Is that a no?”
“That’s a: we are getting a puppy because you’re not drawing me naked”

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“I’m only doing it if you let me do the same to you”
“Mine is a project, what do you need a drawing of me naked for?”
“Honestly, I don’t want it I just thought you would reject the offer, just like I’m rejecting yours right now” smooth baby

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more twitter stuff, i drew a lot today even if theyre just lazy coloring and shit like that hahahhah when will i draw full bodies again adkajdf

first one is obvs a personality swap lmaoo god i felt so uncomf while drawing that ahahhahaha

2nd is my rarepair! TodoKami…idk lmao i like them both

3rd and 4th is yea


Jungkook and you get into an argument after he forgets your birthday. 

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Commission for @thisiswhatmylifehasbecome 
FAHC Rye bread and im ASTOUNDED i havent done an actual piece with this boi yet 
Three versions! Normal Ryebread, Spicy ryebread, and fresh ryebread. I didn’t know which one to do so I did them all HAH 

enjoy ::D
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