Happy Valentines from Team Hopia! 💕

My valentines day

Friend: How do you spend your Valentines day?

Me: Actually I have a date.

Friend: Oh really? Who is it? And where do you go with him/her? 

Me: I meet him/her later on Tumblr. 

Friend: …what?…Oh wait is that the new bar in the city?

Me: uuuuh…no. With Tumblr. I mean the social media side. Like Facebook or Twitter. 

Friend: So…you stay at home?

Me: Yes…

Friend: …Is your date even real? 

Me: Do I have to answer this question?

Things I’d Like to See in Season 3

I will be the first to admit that I do not spend as much time analyzing this show as some others do (bless you), but there are some things that were mentioned in season 2b that I would like to see revisited.  One, Karma’s half of the friendship necklace.  Seems like a lot of time was devoted to mentioning that Karma lost her half and Amy offering up her half of the necklace–to just let it go unmentioned again.  Let alone the fact that Karma can be seen wearing it for most of 2b.  And let’s not forget that Karma was clutching it as she watched Amy ride away in the van for the summer.

Two, what has become known as The Lifeguard Theory.  From Amy having a crush on a lifeguard the summer before, to Karma’s “dream” of becoming a lifeguard, and finally, seeing her head for lifeguard tryouts in the finale.  Maybe I am just delusional, but this seems like more than a mere coincidence to me.

The list actually goes on and on; this is merely the tip of the iceberg.  What’s on your wishlist?

Best lgbt moments of 2k15

Happy new year guys! 

2015 was so insane: we had wonderful moments, the best shows and inspiring speechs. 

I’m sure 2016 will be great as well.

Fic: The Trick is to Keep Breathing [Faking It; Karma & Amy]

Title: The Trick is to Keep Breathing. Pairing: Karma/Amy, Amy/Felix [references].
Rating: Teen and up. Word Count: 3,865 words.
Notes: Follows canon. Karmy centric. I’ve had this ready for a while, but wanted to save it so it could be my Valentine’s Day gift to you all. Since my stories recently have been about that summer, I decided to switch it up and look at how things between the girls might be once Amy got back. Then, I added the twist of Valentine’s Day to the timeline I built and this is the result. To tell you anything else would spoil too much. Title from/inspired by the Garbage song of the same name.
Summary: Since her return from the tour, things between Karma and Amy are difficult. Lonely and isolated, Amy wonders if things between them can ever be the same when an unexpected act of kindness from Karma changes everything.

“You have no one to blame but yourself.”


Just because two people aren’t romantically involved doesn’t mean they can’t be super important to one another.

Just because two people are super important to one another doesn’t mean they have to be romantically involved.

It is okay to love people deeply without wanting to be with them romantically and people should not make your friendship uncomfortable by consistently nagging you to date.

Let’s appreciate and support friendships and stop demanding people to have feelings they don’t have.