The current state of the Faking It fandom before the long awaited release of season 2b

“Faking It is back? Wait, what was that about again? I forgot what I was even watching. Lesbians? Zombies? Lesbian zombies?”

“Oh, right. I remember now. A freak show high school where no one ever goes to class and a bunch of gay stuff. Best friends pretending to be girlfriends. Karmy. OMG Karmy pool kiss. Holy shit–”

“Are you telling me my favorite ships will put me through emotional hell again and Carter Covington will make me go through all five stages of grief for his personal enjoyment once more?”

“Possible Reamy break-up?”

“Rita Volk and Katie Stevens?!”

“New male love interests, more Kiam and a possible Liam Booker storyline?”

“Highly likely Karmy angst/cliffhanger in the finale?”

“All of this madness just one day away?”

“Oh, boy, here we go again. Fuck.”