faking amnesia

I really hope you’re happy that’s all I ever wanted, to see you smile hear your laugh. even if it’s not with me. don’t worry about me I’m getting used to see you with her. it’s fine trust me.
—  not so fine

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Just finished (don't forget) where you belong - the canon fic - the pain was really worth it, thanks, I cried A LOT kansdklsandk I love the pain so much that now I'm thinking about re-reading the other amnesia fic on that list - Take my hand (and my heart and soul)

*whispers* do it do it do it

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for the fic trope thing: amnesia, fake dating, coffee shop au

Amnesia Trope

How Likely I Am to Write It: Likely.
For What Characters/Pairing: Lauriver. Since I just remembered I already have a Biospecialist amnesia fic.

“Tell me again.”


“Tell me again,” he says. “Tell me again why we’re not together. Why I left you and– and went on my father’s yacht with– with–”

Laurel clasps her hands together; her knuckles turn white from the pressure. She’s over it, she tells herself. But sometimes, the memories still feel fresh–the news of her boyfriend and her sister not only together but also lost at sea and presumed dead.

For the man in question, though, those events are inconceivable and simply untrue when he can’t remember the past five years of his life.

Fake Dating Trope

How Likely I Am to Write It: Likely.
For What Characters/Pairing: Biospecialist.

Jemma couldn’t stop twirling the ring on her finger.

The rock was pretty, it really was. Rose gold, fourteen karats, what was there not to like? Skye had gone with Grant to pick it out, and the team had made a whole thing of not showing it to her until they had embedded the tracker and resized the band. Jemma would have just taken it afterward and put it on herself, but then their resident specialist had gotten down on one knee and actually proposed.

“You know we’re not–”

“You need practice,” he had said. “You like to prepare, right? I’m helping you prepare.”

Nobody had prepared her for the emotional turmoil and utter anxiety she felt after her fake fiancé had disappeared for the past fifty-two hours.

Jemma hated to think that the piece of jewelry she continued to twist on her hand would be the last thing of Grant’s she would have to remember him by.

Coffee Shop AU Trope

How Likely I Am to Write It: Not as likely… I probably wouldn’t write a coffee shop/barista AU. But two people meeting in a coffee shop? Sure.
For What Characters/Pairings: Biospecialist or Lauriver.

Oliver wouldn’t consider himself a stalker of any sort, but this was the tenth time in two weeks that he had purposely walked past the coffee shop on the edge of campus to see the pretty girl inside drinking her latte or whatever and furiously typing away on her laptop.

“Man, you don’t even know her name, and she’s already got you whipped,” Tommy had commented during his fifth pass-by. Oliver had simply shoved Merlyn into the adjacent antique shop’s window.

His best friend did have a point, though. Oliver never had any trouble getting girls–lots of them–but this one in particular had him hesitating on his old tricks. He didn’t think smolder and charm would work on a girl who surrounded herself with law textbooks.

Finally, after he had grown impatient and tired of looking at the back of her head and shoulders when he dared to sit inside, Oliver walked up to the counter, bought a cup of coffee, scribbled his name and number on the styrofoam cup, and gently set it down on top of Cases and Materials on Torts with a smile before leaving.

me: *thinks about Grima while doing the dishes*
what if Morgan came to the past and didn’t lose her memories but still got separated from the rest of the children, but then Grima from alternate future got into trouble and had to possess Morgan when Robin’s body was damaged, and ran away to the past, too. And then he found the real Morgan and murdered her and started to pretend he’s her (having her body ofc) and he faked his amnesia just to avoid bothering with lying about Morgan’s childhood because he obviously didn’t know all of the details and it would be suspicious if suddenly Morgan began to tangle herself in her memories. Her “ouch, my head, but wow I remember something!” WAS A LIE
And then Robin sacrifices himself, wakes up in the field, Chrom picks him up, they hug and Robin cries because finally everything is over, they won, he’s free of the fell blood, grima is gone. And then there’s Morgan standing next to them and she’s like

and I

me: looks down at the dishes. There’s a knife in my hand,

Hi there, this is a friendly reminder that you should definitely go back and watch the amnesia lyric video. It has things like this in it

I evolved from “please make the show like the books on its entirety, use every line and every dialogue to write the script” to “I’d pay for the writers to fake amnesia while they write the episodes, please just ignore the books as if they never existed” and I think that’s beautiful

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what are the games your talking about?

No Thank You!!! (with exclamation points, yes)

It’s a BL game that was presented to me in a very matter of fact way. Like oh this guy got amnesia and now he works for a cafe while recovering and you get to date one of the guys who works there! And then at the end of the game it suddenly took a really fucked up turn and theres a bunch of rape in it out of fucking nowhere and it turns out the main character was faking his amnesia the whole time and was a fucking plant for some illuminati type organization and hes just a hired killer and all he KNOWS is killing and torturing people but hes presented SO VERY INNOCENTLY and even his own thoughts are that way until you unlock his REAL thoughts and its like what in the fuck is going on why is someone being chopped up why did he just try to kill a guy and then immediately fuck him why is his eyes so FUCKING DEAD HES A LITERAL MONSTER BUT HE CUTE

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Yay! <3 <3

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Oh no, Grant’s had a mishap. Poor Jemma! Good pairing switch off.

Thanks! I also just wanted to say that I write more than just Biospecialist and Lauriver? Lol. I should have thought of some more pairings instead of going for my main two. Staron could’ve worked well for any of them really. And even iZombie/Lilymoore, which I have unfortunately kind of given up, would’ve been nice for the coffee shop AU.

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Ohhhhh I love ALL of these! Although now I’m worried about Grant in the second and want to know what actually happens! D:

Okay, so it took me this long to reply because I’ve been casually thinking about what actually happens since I didn’t care to think that far when I wrote the snippet. Of course, then I had this whole long fic conjured up in my head, and–

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