victor-gordin asked:

I'm really looking forward to the anime Medaka! for you who would be perfect for voice kumagawa? happy new year to you !!

me too!

i have to say though, seiyuu aren’t my specialty… if anything, i think a sing-songy/very mocking and grating voice for kumagawa would be the best? so somebody like kouji yusa would be the best, in my opinion. i’m sure whoever gets hired, they’ll do a great job!

thank you! i hope you have a happy new year too~


victor-gordin asked:

do you like the voice actress Aki as the Medaka? In my opinion it is not perfect for Medaka!

it’s hard to say at this point in time! i haven’t seen k-on, which is without a doubt the role she’s most famous for (and which’s given her a reputation for high pitched voices) but i have seen all of the world god only knows, and her voice for jun (character song) was quite nice! if anything, she has a wide vocal range, so we’ll have to wait and see if she can pull off the “ojou-sama” type tone i have in mind for medaka. something like her song boku wa sagashite would probably be perfect, though!

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