fakie 5 0

Some songs you’ve probably never listened to but need to give a try (part 2)

1. America by Logic (x) (English)

2. One Shot by B.A.P (x) (Korean)

3. La Madrague (Antis Remix) by Brigitte Bardot (x) (French)

4. Surrender by Faky (x) (Japanese)

5. Quiereme by Johnny Sky (x) (Spanish)

6. PoW by FEMM (x) (English) 

7. Awoo by Lim Kim (x) (Korean)

8. Make me wanna die by The Pretty Reckless (x) (English)

9. Laissez-les kouma by Zaho (x) (French)

10. Ohne mein Team by  BONEZ MC & RAF CAMORA (x) (German)

11. Don’t Be Shy by Primary (x) (Korean)

12. Crush by Yuna (x) (English)

13. Magic of Love by Perfume (x) (Japanese)

14. Uh Baby by Kida (x) (Albanian)

15. And July by Heize (x) (Korean)

16. A KELE NTA by MHD (x) (French)

17. Hard Times by Paramore (x) (English)

18. Baby Don’t Play by Wonder Girls (x) (Korean)

Congrats Focus Skate Mag for celebrating their 10th & final anniversary issue!

Thanks for everything Mazur & Justin, it was great working together & contributing over the last 9 years.

Jimmy McDonald - 180 fakie 5-0 pop-in: Lower Manhattan, NYC | spring 2014.