fakemon sprite


Look at this cute little guy and his stupid, floppy head.

I made this for a contest, in which I had to design the baby form a pseudo-legendary dragon type Fakemon. It’s a little stuffed animal dragon, dual Normal / Dragon types. It has the ability Protective, which boosts its attack stat by one stage when swapping in for every Pokemon on your team with critically low health (besides this Pokemon).

Check out the making of these gifs here:


Mouserf- Peasant Pokémon

Type- Normal

Ability- Steadfast/Anticipation/Limber (Hidden)

Mouserf are resilient and hardy Pokémon that can survive on little more than a few scraps of food. They also have a high tolerance for pain and are capable of surprising physical exertion without tiring. This makes them an excellent choice for new trainers, because they’re highly accommodating and also have a tendency to be obedient and subservient. Unfortunately, their servile nature can lead to swelled heads in young trainers.

Emperodent- Upper Class Pokémon

Type- Normal/Psychic

Ability- Pressure/Anticipation/Mold Breaker (Hidden)

Emperodent rule over huge groups of Mouserf, using their strong psychic powers to compel their unevolved brethren to perform menial labour for them as they laze their days away. They take most of the food that Mouserf find or collect for themselves, leaving the poor Mouserf with naught but crumbs. The organs on their tails allow them to subdue others.

Emperodent are also very paranoid and suspicious of anyone trying to rob them of their power. They will retaliate fiercely and mercilessly against anyone going against them. This also means that an inexperienced trainer who evolves their Mouserf will be in for a nasty shock.

If you really want to help the poor Mouserf, they do learn Guillotine by breeding…

Januwormy Entry #1

#???, Peripod | Greasy | Slime Rope Pokémon
#???, Velvigon | Greasy/Dragon | Slime Rope Pokémon

Okay so I’m a bit late on this challenge from @aviculor, which is unfortunate because now the punny name is lost (I guess this is Febuwormy now???), but hey! I finally made a Fakemon after a 2 month hiatus!

Period and Velvigon are my first members of the Greasy type (created by @seizurecube​, of @seizurecubes-fakemon​), a very much needed addition to the lore of the region. True to their species name, their signature hunting tactics involve firing ropes of thick slime from their antennae, capable of immobilizing even the fastest of prey (usually small mammals).

Now to introduce the real life basis of these two ‘mon, the Velvet Worm! Much like their Fakemon counterparts, they hunt with slime, and just LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE. 

(((A new type, AND another unconventional dragon? This is the most manticr0n-style return I could possibly make)))


Squishy boiz.

#???, Senslime | Psychic | Goo Pokémon
#???, Globbrain | Psychic  | Jelly Cube Pokémon

Senslime are simple little balls of slime jelly that move themselves with their psychic powers. Once a Senslime evolves into a Globbrain, their powers allow them to grow and preserve a brain in their bodies to further their psychic powers.

Also, I did a little timelapse of me spriting Globbrain, so you can check that out below: (I might do more of these in the future) 


aaand there’s the whole lot, fully FR/LG compliant! though if you use them for anything i’ll fucking kneecap you.

Mermit -> Nautilix -> Coralush

my friend David is doing the work of actually hacking them into the game for me, and i don’t know for sure if I’ll design more, but I’m definitely going to be running through Firered with My Boy ;v; i’ll probably start looking into doing it myself so that David doesn’t have to do all of it haha BUT FOR NOW


The Closing Of A TwitchPlaysPokemon Era

After a a series of teasers, glitches, and WutFaces

TPP Finally settled the score at the Haunted Mansion, and took on the myth, the legend, the mon that never was


Wait no sorry, I mean Olden Bi-



Lv.50, and was a battle going back and forth to catch it. Eventually as fated, we did Phancero as we do with Zapdos. Caught with the masterball in Anarchy! With that, the saga finally closes on a long term war on glitches since Feburary. What will this mean? with Sun & Moon finally on the horizon, there couldn’t BE any more perfect timing that the PC became a more welcoming place. That even releases now, have finally cease to feed the blood god, and start a new with Cyan. My friends, TwitchPlaysPokemon could have finally ended an era. Not just a Golden Era, but an Olden Era.

(I went full depth on this in the subreddit, if you’re curious.)

To congrat you guys, here’s the original animation of Phancero the devs couldn’t work with, but we damn hell made sure we made it  struck close home to it’s original intentions.~



So! This has been a while coming, I think. But yes, I am now open for commissions!!

I’ve got a decent spread of art styles, so there should be something for everyone! If you’re interested, my email (and Paypal) is znogyrop@gmail.com.

Prices and more info under the cut, all prices are in CAD (Paypal only please):

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