fakemon sprite

Sidepeck- Assistant Pokémon

Type- Normal/Flying

Ability- Justified/Big Pecks/Guts (Hidden)

Sidepeck are obsessed with justice and heroism. They leap into action at the slightest hint of danger. Unfortunately, they are rather bad at discerning actual danger, so their exploits usually consist of “rescuing” Caterpie from high branches. And then eating them. They are tenacious and powerful, though, so if given proper direction they can be a force to be reckoned with.

Justork- Vigilante Pokémon

Type- Normal/Flying

Ability- Justified/Big Pecks/Guts (Hidden)

Evolves from Sidepeck at level 20.

Upon evolution, Justork move away from their forest or wetland homes and begin to live in urban areas, living by themselves and nesting at the tops of skyscrapers. If they spot a crime in progress, they will swoop down from above to attack the criminal with their powerful legs and beak. Sadly, many Justork may target the same criminal, and because they are determined to work alone, they will often end up battling each other while the criminal escapes.

Superheron- Bravery Pokémon

Type- Fighting/Flying

Ability- Justified/Big Pecks/Guts (Hidden)

Evolves from Justork at level 35.

Superheron patrol a massive area, soaring many miles each day to keep a constant watch for evildoers. Their keen hearing allows them to pick up on sounds of distress from far away and swoop down from above to rescue the victim. Unlike Justork, if two Superheron cross paths, they will team up rather than squabbling, all but ensuring that criminals will pay for their misdeeds.


Look at this cute little guy and his stupid, floppy head.

I made this for a contest, in which I had to design the baby form a pseudo-legendary dragon type Fakemon. It’s a little stuffed animal dragon, dual Normal / Dragon types. It has the ability Protective, which boosts its attack stat by one stage when swapping in for every Pokemon on your team with critically low health (besides this Pokemon).

Check out the making of these gifs here:


Ambug- Encased Pokémon

Type- Rock/Bug

Ability- Solid Rock/Sap Sipper (Hidden)

Revived from the Sap Fossil.

Ambug are ancient Pokémon originating from millions of years ago that became trapped in tree sap that hardened and fossilized. Upon revival, the bug Pokémon within is restored to life, but unfortunately, it remains totally immobile within the hardened amber. Despite its inability to move, eat, or even breathe, the Pokémon inside manages to survive. This is believed to be related to its latent psychic abilities, though whether these were developed while it was alive or after revival is unknown.

Carambug- Sap Monster Pokémon

Type- Rock/Bug

Ability- Solid Rock/Sap Sipper (Hidden)

Evolves from Ambug at level 34.

Carambug’s amber coating is now fluid and can be manipulated by the bug within, which for some reason continues to remain perfectly still. However, when struck by an attack, the sap rapidly solidifies, making its defenses stronger than they appear. Though its large size and intimidating claws and stinger make it look dangerous, in reality it mimics the behaviour of most small, weak bug Pokémon- it uses its claws to forage, has an extreme fear of bird Pokémon, and tries to bring food to its “queen,” which it identifies as the first thing it sees upon being revived. Very few of them exist, but they are highly social when they do meet, and in the absence of other Ambug or Carambug, it will bond closely to a Trainer’s other Bug-type Pokémon.

Squishy boiz.

#???, Senslime | Psychic | Goo Pokémon
#???, Globbrain | Psychic  | Jelly Cube Pokémon

Senslime are simple little balls of slime jelly that move themselves with their psychic powers. Once a Senslime evolves into a Globbrain, their powers allow them to grow and preserve a brain in their bodies to further their psychic powers.

Also, I did a little timelapse of me spriting Globbrain, so you can check that out below: (I might do more of these in the future) 


The Closing Of A TwitchPlaysPokemon Era

After a a series of teasers, glitches, and WutFaces

TPP Finally settled the score at the Haunted Mansion, and took on the myth, the legend, the mon that never was


Wait no sorry, I mean Olden Bi-



Lv.50, and was a battle going back and forth to catch it. Eventually as fated, we did Phancero as we do with Zapdos. Caught with the masterball in Anarchy! With that, the saga finally closes on a long term war on glitches since Feburary. What will this mean? with Sun & Moon finally on the horizon, there couldn’t BE any more perfect timing that the PC became a more welcoming place. That even releases now, have finally cease to feed the blood god, and start a new with Cyan. My friends, TwitchPlaysPokemon could have finally ended an era. Not just a Golden Era, but an Olden Era.

(I went full depth on this in the subreddit, if you’re curious.)

To congrat you guys, here’s the original animation of Phancero the devs couldn’t work with, but we damn hell made sure we made it  struck close home to it’s original intentions.~