fakemon sprite

I’m not finished with this one yet but I thought I’d share my progress so far. This is my first time animating textures, as seen on Finchlett’s eyes to make him blink. Games often use this technique as it’s much easier (and less graphically taxing) than the alternative of modelling and rigging actual eyes. Plus it looks cuter most of the time, at least I think so.

Januwormy Entry #1

#???, Peripod | Greasy | Slime Rope Pokémon
#???, Velvigon | Greasy/Dragon | Slime Rope Pokémon

Okay so I’m a bit late on this challenge from @aviculor, which is unfortunate because now the punny name is lost (I guess this is Febuwormy now???), but hey! I finally made a Fakemon after a 2 month hiatus!

Period and Velvigon are my first members of the Greasy type (created by @seizurecube​, of @seizurecubes-fakemon​), a very much needed addition to the lore of the region. True to their species name, their signature hunting tactics involve firing ropes of thick slime from their antennae, capable of immobilizing even the fastest of prey (usually small mammals).

Now to introduce the real life basis of these two ‘mon, the Velvet Worm! Much like their Fakemon counterparts, they hunt with slime, and just LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE. 

(((A new type, AND another unconventional dragon? This is the most manticr0n-style return I could possibly make)))


imma call these guys done

from top to bottom

Wunwang - he’s a fighting dragon pokeman. He only has one wing so he can’t fly but he can use it to fight and he can shield himself with it.

Reedstilt - straight out of Dougal Dixon’s Afterman Reedstilt is found in the safari zone in the swamp area. It’s very hard to find. It’s so rare you don’t even know. It would have to be dark water

Brainbreeze -  psychic/ice brainbreeze the slurpee pokemon! If you make him mad he will give you a brain freeze!

Elasma - he’s just a water legendary. BUT. He lives underwater….on a planet….that is frozen…


The Closing Of A TwitchPlaysPokemon Era

After a a series of teasers, glitches, and WutFaces

TPP Finally settled the score at the Haunted Mansion, and took on the myth, the legend, the mon that never was


Wait no sorry, I mean Olden Bi-



Lv.50, and was a battle going back and forth to catch it. Eventually as fated, we did Phancero as we do with Zapdos. Caught with the masterball in Anarchy! With that, the saga finally closes on a long term war on glitches since Feburary. What will this mean? with Sun & Moon finally on the horizon, there couldn’t BE any more perfect timing that the PC became a more welcoming place. That even releases now, have finally cease to feed the blood god, and start a new with Cyan. My friends, TwitchPlaysPokemon could have finally ended an era. Not just a Golden Era, but an Olden Era.

(I went full depth on this in the subreddit, if you’re curious.)

To congrat you guys, here’s the original animation of Phancero the devs couldn’t work with, but we damn hell made sure we made it  struck close home to it’s original intentions.~

Xenarthran Fakemon

#???, Slowth | Normal/Grass | Lazy Pokémon
#???, Therrarium | Normal/Grass | Overgrowth Pokémon

I’m slowly getting better at drawing fur!

Slowth live in the coastal jungles of eastern Taiyo, where they find a nice, cool spot in the shade and sleep for days at a time. When they wake up, they often find themselves completely covered in a thick layer of moss and algae. This doesn’t bother the Slowth, who enjoy benefits such as camouflage, and an easy (albeit slightly gross) meal.

Upon evolving into Therrarium, their bigger bodies and slower speed allows many more different species of plants to take hold in their fur. Also making their home in the fur are many species of Bug Pokémon, their presence and commitment to defending their home allowing Therrarium to use the moves Attack Order, Defend Order, and Heal Order.

(((I envy Therrarium right now. I wish I could sleep all week instead of studying for these finals…))) 


The List”: #732, #733 and #734 (Bakemomen, Shiitobake, and Futobake)

#???, Splooky | Ghost | Thread Pokémon
#???, Drabric | Ghost | Sheet Pokémon
#???, Spectress | Ghost | Bed Pokémon

I’d like to thank @tumblunni for helping me design Spectress. I’ve included their wonderful concept art, I loved it too much to not include it!

Splooky are very weak on their own, but in swarms they can be a force to be reckoned with. After its threadlike body grows long enough, it weaves itself into a Drabric and takes on a new personality. A Drabric wants more than anything to be scary, but its skittish nature means that it usually ends up startling itself more than any would be “victim.” Plus, it’s hard to be sneaky when the lower half of your body is a giant wooden stand.

Spectress feed on the energy of dreams. While nightmares are a richer source of energy, good dreams “taste” better. Because of this, they have evolved to be gentle and friendly spirits, sometimes waiting along the sides of long routes to offer shelter to tired trainers on their journey. Personally, I’d question the presence of a bed on the side of the road beckoning for me to lie on it, but after a certain point I think I’d be too tired to care honestly. And Spectress are extremely comfortable.

It’s said that a trainer once beat the entire Pokémon League while riding half-asleep on a Spectress. A true Taiyo legend.


Stork Fakemon

#???, Sweetweet | Fairy/Flying | Companion Pokémon
#???, Lamadra | Fairy/Flying | Delivery Pokémon

“Where do baby Pokémon come from?” 

Every young trainer wonders this, and the first time they go to the Day Care and find an egg waiting for them, the mystery only deepens. Well, kids, I’m here to tell you all about where baby Pokémon come from. You see, when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much…

…a Lamadra will be able to telepathically sense their bond, and deliver the perfect egg to them. That’s how it works, don’t inquire further.