fakemon art


Apparently, the one thing I like drawing more than Pokemon is Fakemon and fusions.

It’s “fur” is actually made of wax and it drips everywhere. It’s lil’ feets click-clack on the ground wherever it goes. It will chew your shoes and then accidentally set them on fire, not recommended for inexperienced trainers.

You can change the trim by feeding it special items that change the fire color (like how you can change real fire colors depending on what chemicals you’re burning). Then it shakes off the wax and it “grows” back in the new trim. As for the hat… magic.


Some fakemon evolves for the mighty shuckle (and also a shuckle)

Second stage:

Shuckuoy, the flotsam Pokemon (water/rock)

Shuckles evolve into this second stage when they are driven from their rocky, mountainous homes and into the surrounding sea. Effortlessly buoyant, shuckuoy float aimlessly on ocean currents, just below the waves.

Third stage:

Shuckliosaur, the tidal Pokemon (dragon/rock)

When the waters grow cold during winter, shuckuoy fall into a dormant state and sink to the bottom of the ocean where they’re buried by the sand. During the next full moon, driven by the tides, shuckuoy evolve into shuckliosaurs. The armor of a shuckliosaur cannot compare to its prior stages, but the speed this aquatic Pokemon exhibits rivals any in the sea.

Fake Mimikyu evolution(s)!

The other one is based on @rarefaction​ ‘s awesome idea (so credit to them!) that Mimikyu’s second evolution would just be Mimikyu without the Pikachu disguise! The trainer makes Mimikyu appreciate itself for what it is!

And the other one is my idea - Mimikyu doesn’t learn to love itself and the grudge and sadness is just too much. It turns into an angry and bitter monster, who’s powerful but very alone. :[