Well, with the pokemon Sun and Moon right in the corner and tons of fans asking for evolutions of old pokemons… I decided to make a “fakelution” of something I’d really like to see. Chatot deserves that evolution so as many others, I chose him because I love macaws. He would turn into a psychic and flying to add more in his stats and ability. I’m really proud of how it’d came out, I hope you guys like it as well. 

Feel free to send me headcanons on status, habilities and moves this lil’ guy would get. :D


I’ve been itching to make some fake evolution for those two new Pokemons ever since I saw them! Sadly I have very little free time so I doubt I’ll be able to make fakelutions for nekkoara ; o ;

I really want Iwanko’s neck pebbles to grow huge, badass rock spikes! Also tip of it’s ears are quite interesting…rocks also??