i’m a big proponent of fake it till you make it. i open my body up at parties, sit up straight during phone interviews. if you have anxiety, you know that one of the worst aspects is worrying about other people noticing your anxiety. and body language doesn’t just affect others’ perceptions – it can help get you out of your mind. whenever i’m feeling small, i like to puff up real big. i find my mind meets my body somewhere in the middle. 

this morning, i stood outside my work and thought about all i wanted to accomplish today. i watched the first computers turn on. i straightened my back and got ready to walk like i meant it. "get up, look sickening, and make them eat it" rang through my head. combat boot after combat boot, this tiny world would know how productive i am by my strut, how tall i stand. deep breath. i flung the door open straight into my face. my glasses smushed into my nose and one of the lenses almost popped out. i let out a little yelp and looked up. none of my coworkers noticed. deep breath. paw after paw, face tingling, i made each step count.