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This is a surgery head we created for last nights episode of Grey’s Anatomy. We did this work for the Burman Studio. This is a silicone head with a skull under structure and silicone pulsating brain with facia layer over it. Brows and lashes punched by the great @sasha_camacho this is an in shop movement test, pre blood dressing etc… #makeupfx #prosthetics #makeupfx #specialeffectsmakeup #fakehead #surgery #dummyhead #vvdfx #vincentvandykefx #vincentvandykeeffects

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“Cycle” is my comic-in-triskelia from last year’s Fakeheads Two, of which a few copies still remain. It tells a “story” of space colonization, rebellion, and inverted resource-consumption cycles, sort of. It’s now entirely on tumblr. View it all in order, though with the cover awkwardly placed at the end due to lack of foresight. Or buy it in Fakeheads Two here. Enjoy. And watch for Fakeheads Three at MoCCA this year.