fakefullnames  asked:

12, 16, 23, 69

12. what was your last dream about? i don’t remember what my last dream was about, i’ve been having nightmares for the past week and a half basically. they’ve varied from flashback type ones to crazy fever nightmares about giant monstrous creatures coming up from deep in the earth and terrorizing the world, to losing khai or missing him or trying to get back to him. 

16. favourite movie? i seriously don’t know if i can answer this, but i love studio ghibli movies and quentin tarantino movies as well. the aristocats. 

23. have you ever met any celebrities? i met whoopi goldberg when i was ten on a show my dad was working on, i’ve met feist and serena ryder as well, drake once at 3 in the morning at a tim hortons in toronto.

69. extrovert or introvert? i’m the most extroverted introvert, when i’m out i love interacting with people but god do i love being home away from them a lot.