Forbidden Love | Pt. 9

▷ Jimin Angst

❥ “I think about you a little more than I should..”

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You read the last text message over and over again, each time sobbing harder because of the pain in your chest.

You never thought that leaving him would be so painful and hard for you. Each passing day, you felt weaker and weaker, the longing for his love and touch growing every second.

But you had him now. He needed you, just like you needed him. He changed your whole life, making you realize that you could love someone even more than you’ve ever imagined.

He made you realize that you had to be strong. For him and for yourself..

You snapped out of your thoughts when your felt the bed beside you dip slowly, two arms wrapping around your body and squeezing you tightly as much as he could.

Smiling softly, you hugged him back and closed your eyes, relaxing to the feeling of his soft and warm touch.

He belonged to you and you belonged to him. And you were ready to do everything not to change that.

Jimin sighed as he looked at his phone screen. It was another day and he had send another text message, just like everyday since you left.

At first, the text messages were expressing his anger and disappointment he felt towards you. But as time flew by, his anger turned into pain and the disappointment vanished away as if it had never been there before. He started missing you like crazy and hoped to find you as soon as he could.

But just like everyone, he had times too, where he felt like he was losing his hope, fighting for something no one could guarantee he would achieve someday.

Nonetheless, he believed in his love and promised himself every single day that he would find you.

Standing up from the bench, Jimin tucked his phone into his pocket and started walking with heavy steps towards his apartment.

Suddenly, he felt something bump against his leg and heard a silent whimper.

Turning his head around, Jimin looked down and saw a little boy sitting on the ground. The little boy was observing his knees carefully with his teary eyes, making sure not to touch the wound that was forming on his them.

Jimin crouched in front of him immediately. “Hey, are you okay?”

The little kid looked up at him with his teary eyes without saying anything and in that moment, Jimin felt his heart break into million pieces.

Reaching out for his purse, he took out two bandaids and covered the wounds with them so the little kid couldn’t be able to see them.

Patting his head, Jimin smiled at him. “Next time, be a little bit more careful, okay buddy?”

He watched how the teary eyes of the boy in front of him turned into amazed and happy ones. “Buddy? Can I really be your buddy?”

Jimin smiled widely at the question and nodded immediately. “Of course! But first, we need to find your mommy or daddy so you can go home safely, ok?”

Just before the kid could answer his question, they heard a panicked voice nearing them, making them turn their head towards the nearing voice.

“Jihyun! You promised me you wouldn’t run away like that again! You scared the crap out-”


Jimin froze the minute he saw your face and heard the words coming out of the little boy’s mouth.

You, on the other hand, looked at Jimin with widely opened eyes, your heart beating furiously against your rib cage.

Just before you could say anything, Jihyun spoke again.

“Mommy look, this hyung looks just like my daddy you showed me in the picture!”

❝ Just tell me the truth. ❞

Plot: You and your boyfriend Yoongi fought due to his stress and misunderstanding but at the end he fixs everything.

Pairing: YoongixReader

Words count: 3k+

Genre: Angst/ Fluff 

For anon, I hope you like it! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner!

You were just passing by the studio to leave him something to eat. You knew too well Yoongi and you were sure he had already skipped lunch, too concentrated on the music to notice the rest.  

You had the best intentions and you still couldn’t figure out how it was possible to begin to scream in the soundproof walls of his studio.  

“Can you let me talk?” You murmured with a softer voice, hoping that lowered your voice would help him to lower his, too; “Yoongi, please.. I can’t even understand why we’re arguing! ”  

He snorted and turned back to the computer, pretending that you were not there; “Because as always you meddle in businesses that are not yours, Y/N.”  

“That is?”  

“I told you not to tell Namjoon I have problems with this track, but accidentally he said that I don’t have to worry. You were the only one who knew. ”  

You remained silent for a fraction of a second, remembering the fact that you didn’t see and text Namjoon for almost four days and he interpreted your silence as an admission of guilt.  

You opened your mouth to be able to say something when he turned and his face was so transformed by frustration and anger that it didn’t even seem to have before Yoongi.  

He got up and you just flinched away, feeling a thrill of fear running along your back but he didn’t approach you. He ignored you, as he had done a few seconds before and came up to the door, opening it and keeping it open.  

“Go away.”  

His jaw was contracted while you watched him completely shocked by his attitude, without finding the strength to move one step. You noticed how his hands trembled, how he clung to the door, and even though he was treating you unjustly, you felt sorry to see him in those conditions.  


“I said go away, Y/N,” He hissed bitterly, finally lifting his gaze and laying it on you. The thrill of you felt before was nothing compared to what crossed through your body, taking for a few moments your breath. “I don’t need you, I don’t need your attention. You have to stop, okay? I can handle everything alone because then the result of your attentions are just trouble. ” His tone became more and more aloof and cold to every word he uttered, while what he said slipped on you and almost put the roots within you.  

You never thought he had so little need of you or considered you a kind of trouble, but it wasn’t hard to believe.  

You had always had problems in dealing with people and in time you came to the conclusion that the main problem was you.  

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Dear fake service dog handlers,

     You do not know me. You likely have never met me. But let me speak to you, if only for this moment, to explain why so many service dog handlers are “so defensive and gatekeeping”. 

Disability is not a social game, or a place, or an activity. Neither is having a service dog. 

I have often heard from those who believe that I am just being grumpy that I need to calm down and that I am being selfish by having my own dog and not letting others have theirs. This is simply not true. I am sick. No, not a cold, or the Flu, or even a curable illness. I have chronic illnesses. 

They don’t go away, and though I look fine right now, there are days where I cry from pain, where I can’t physically get out of my bed because of the exahustion( oops spelling sorry). There are days when I go out in the heat and pass out because my blood is not like yours, for I have much less of it and it doesn’t know to stay up in my head and arms. I have had more needles in my arms in the last month than you’ve probably ever seen in your life. 

But I don’t know you. You could have a disorder, or an illness that disables you. But there is more to a service dog than JUST having tasks, or being with you. I have put blood, sweat, tears, scrapes, pain, and a ton of time into my dogs training. I remember my first outing with Hero I was so nervous because I was afraid he would sniff someone or something and I’d get kicked out (he did not of course). But I quickly learned than the social parts of our country know nothing of the laws, and the ones that do think they can abuse that system. 

So I ask you, fake service dog handler, have you ever had a syncope so dangerous that you had to be hospitalized? Have you ever had a migraine so bad that it had the potential to damage your brain? Have you ever had a migraine that madeyour entire left side go numb, including your lungs? Have you ever had scar tissue over your veins so thick that a stick hurts so bad you started to scream? Have you ever had to look down and see your hairbrush filled with hair that is falling out from being malnourished? Have you ever, at any time,had a flashback to when you were beaten, or in war, or attacked by the one person you though you could always count on? Have you ever gotten so overwhlemed by the different smells, sights, sounds, and touches that make you want to rip your head off or bang it against a wall, or that cause you to shut down completely? 

I have. 

And while I may not look it, my service dog is the only thing that keeps me out of the hosptial, that keeps me from livign the rest of my life in my house, bound to it because I would not be allowed out otherwise. He is my rock, my love, my guide, my alert system, my emergency responder that stays with me 24/7. He loves his job, and went through over 500+ hours of training to become the well behaved dog he is today. 

I have nothing against you personally, other than your dog not supposed to be in here. I only ask that if you were to do one thing today, it would be to think about what I have said to you, and to think about the laws that are in place. 

Those laws, the ADA, are not in place to allow for healthy people to take their dogs wherever they want. It is there because when you are disabled, when you have nothing left in life but the decline of your health, then the joy that we get comes from our dogs. Our dogs that pick things up for us, our dogs that tell us so that we can take our meds to abort an ER trip, our dogs that guide us, that get help, that help us change, and do laundery and walk, that help us cummunicate, that help us overcome nightmares and keep us grounded. 

I do not doubt that your dogs brings you joy. But these laws are here to protect me so that I can live the same amount of life as you do without your dog. Whereas you have the choice of taking your dog with you, I am forced to, out of the will and desire to simply remain alive. I may not look sick, but that is due to my dog, and you are using the laws that protect me, to gain what to you seems tiny. 

But its an insult to me, and offends me, that you do no training and just bring in your ntrained dog, when I have worked tirelessly to make sure that my dog is trained to standard for his type of job. 

So please, I ask you, try to see it from my view. When your dog sniffs and narks and pees on the floor, it shows the public an idea of what they thin ka service dog is, and gives the impression that we are an obnocious comminuty. We are this way out of fear, out of a need to protect our dogs. We spend every minute in ublic hoping that we do not come across an agressive untrained dog. I have had to take Hero out of work, making me homebound, because he has been attacked. We are the way we are because we are ill, and we are sick of being treated like we have it easy, or that we are “lucky” to get to bring our dog everywhere. I am not lucky, and while I am honored and overjoyed to have my partner in crime (Hero), I am constantly in pain, constantly nauseous, contantly battling myself. I ask you to not abuse the system desinged to protect me, and I ask you to understand my defensiveness. I do not look sick, but I am constantly fighting to maintain stability. Your dog being in here puts me in danger, and puts a stain on the service dog name. Please respect us. 

Please leave your beloved pet at home, and if you need a service dog… please properly train or get a program dog. 

  • Jimin: Taehyung, go to the supermarket and buy a blender.
  • Tae: A blender?
  • Jimin: We need one.
  • Tae [comes back with a blender]: This is for you.
  • Jimin [hugging Tae]: Ohhhwwww...
  • Jungkook [mumbles]: He hugged him, right? He hugged him behind my back, right? He-
  • Rapmon: Yeah, he hugged him. Keep calm and say me what to do next, i don't have a plan.
  • Jungkook: Seriously, look i like i have a plan? He hugged him. Really close, right?
  • Rapmon: Mh...a little bit. What should i do with the chicken?
  • Jungkook: And Jimin-Hyung smiles bright, right?
  • Rapmon [mincing the chicken]: Turn to your right, hug Jimin and tell my what i should do with the damn chicken!
  • Jungkook: I can't. He could think i'm jealous.
  • Jimin: Jungkook...i can hear you. And you are jealous. Tell Moonie what he should do with the chicken, before nobody knows that it was a chicken, after he mutilated it.
  • Jungkook: He can hear me!

When you and Bae aren’t on the same team but your relationship is inseparable so you gotta find ways.

Their love for each other is- I’m speechless 😩😍

bts as things my coworkers have said
  • namjoon: "pssst...i think i broke the chair"
  • yoongi: "someone help, i think im overdosing on coffee"
  • taehyung: *after perfectly singing along to a rap song* "i think its time to start my rapping career"
  • jimin: *as they walk in* "ive come to bless you with my presence"
  • jungkook: "pfft i could do that way better"
  • seokjin: "im like that hot mom my sons friends have a crush on"
  • hoseok: *someone pisses them off* "stay positive! smile, smile, smile!"
  • Taehyung: *Is serenading a potted plant*
  • Namjoon: What are you doing?!
  • Taehyung: I read online that yelling at your flowers makes them grow faster, but that seemed mean so I decided to sing them their favorite song instead!
  • Namjoon: ... That's not how this works.

pregnancy series // you go into labor 📩

(sorry if these suck)

hyung line// maknae line