Fakiru - Thought of You - 9 March 2015

Uber late idea for 2014’s or 2015’s Fakiru week theme: Modern.

Inspired by this animation by Ryan Woodward. Which I also used as reference, haha.

And I also wanted to try my hand at dissecting more screen shots and styles :3

On my dA.

I actually have more scenes from the animation in mind :3 Look out for those too!


Jakarnet has major anger issues. She’s used to everyone being off put by her outward aggression. Usually others would either be scared of her, or hate her guts. But not Steven, little guy just wants to help her out with her issues. And she just can’t get used to that, she’s trying to scare him off with any chance she gets but the little kid just won’t give up on her.

No she’s not aligned with the Crystal Gems. Jakarnet’s not on any side actually. She rather fuck shit up with everyone no matter who they are. Even tho she’s under Jasper’s command she just likes to disobey the Homeworld gem and hang out with her sister, who likes to pal around with the Crystal Gems, so Jakarnet ends up hanging out with them as well. Hence this situation.

Background is official art by the Steven Universe crew. Not me. I just wanted to make a fake screen shot.

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