anonymous asked:

(I can't remember if you elaborated on this or not, sorry) Were you planning on making more visual novel art in the future? If so, what scenarios do you have planned, if any? Absolutely no rush, I was only wondering! Thank you!

I sure hope to! They were so fun to create and make up the dialogue~! I only have about two in the inbox at the moment, one for male jesse and one for some JJBA characters but I would absolutely love to do some more!

I’m also open to requests for them because you guys are a lot more creative than I am request wise ^^” - so if you have any MCSM or Camp Camp fake visual novel screenshots my ask box is always open~! (and if you’re able to give some detail of the scenario too it would be a bonus~ ;3)

But until then I’ll be getting the clothing memes finished and some writing done!

Hope this answers your question dear anon~!