All they want to see is a smile. No tears. No sobbing. No frowns. Just smiles. All they want to see are fake, plastic smiles.

All he wants is to make me laugh. Not cry. Not hate him. Not leave him. Just laugh. All he wants is a happy, fake laugh.

All she wants is to me happy. Not sad. Not mad. Not pissed. Just happy. All she wants is pretend happiness.

But that’s not what I want. I don’t have to smile. I can cry if I want. I don’t have to laugh. I can cry and hate if I want. And I don’t have to smile. I can be as pissed as I fucking want.

I’ll smile when things get better. I’ll ‘take a joke’ when they actually become funny and not hurtful. And I’ll be happy the same time that I’m able to smile again.

You don’t like it, then too bad. 


fun fact: everyone who uses lol in every sentence is either trying to fuck you or prove through excessive use of fake laughter that they aren’t suffering eternally and on the brink of a mental breakdown in that very moment