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Homosexuality is an abomination and those who give in to the temptations of Satan will spend eternity in Hell I hope you and your perverted friends enjoy masturbating to 12 year old kids you fucking sicko

Jesus loves gays and all his beautiful children, he is an asexual polyamorous panromantic with 12 boyfriends who likes to drink wine and hang out with prostitutes get the fuck out my face

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This is complete unrealistic crack but I'm so amused by the idea of a vagabond who responds to murder the same way a dog responds to "walk". Like geoff is discussing plans with jack for their next hit and casually mentions having to "get rid" of the guard at the door and suddenly there's a clatter in the next room as ryan appears in the doorway, knife in hand and eyes wide like "Murder?? Do we kill him?? Is it me can I do it???"

tbh i’m not entirely sure that’s beyond the realm of possibility. now i’m imagining it too.

geoff at the kitchen table with jack, talking about some jackass lawyer who’s starting to get under his skin.

“it doesn’t look like we have much choice left at this point. that motherfucker’s got to go.”

“’got to go’ you say.”

“jesus fucking christ ryan how the fuck did you sneak up on me like that dude - “

“you know i can help him go.”

“yes ryan i know - “

“my schedule is completely clear i have all the time in the world.”

“okay ryan but we still have to figure out how we want to - “

“me. you want me. i am the how. me.”

ryan don’t you have plants to water jesus christ

Stop being fake woke.

I am sick. And. Tired. Of. You. Fake. Woke. Keyboard. Warriors. Jesus. Fucking. Christ. Culture appropriation is not when a person wears/ owns/ does anything from a different culture, there is more to it than that. Culture appropriation is when a person who has no association and or understanding of the culture that they have stolen from attempts to rebrand it as their own/ wear it as a costume/remove all context behind it etc.
For example, Martin wears a native American head piece for halloween, this is culture appropriation because he has taken all meaning& importance of the headdress away by not understand what it is for, ontop of wearing it as a costume.

And on top of that can we please get it out of our minds now that culture associates only to race, because it doesn’t, culture comes in sub genres and as progressive as our times have become things such as popular culture and styles of clothing are much more fluid and are by-products of cosmopolitan integration. You just have to keep in mind there are just some stuff groups of people do not want you to alter or use however you like.
It is really not that hard for you to wrap your head around, so stop and think before shouting bloody appropriation left, right and centre

this is a whiny and unnecessary post but im a little pissed off so here goes. i am totally okay if you don’t like religion! if you hate god that’s okay! if you don’t like the idea of a higher power or sentient being or a savior or lord or anything!! that’s okay! i get it if you DESPISE religion! but for fuck’s sake, if you know that I’m a religious person, PLEASE do not to say “God is fake,” “Ew, Jesus,” “You know they’re just stories, right?” religion has been the cornerstone for my entire life and I take a lot of solace in God and the Bible and prayer and I love the religion I practice and the God I serve so please, please, don’t fucking talk shit about my faith in front of me. I know a lot of Christians are seen as “““““self-righteous”“““ and whiny but for real, when you attack my religion like that it really hurts. if you’re an atheist or want God to burn in hell or don’t believe in anything, that’s OKAY!! just don’t!!!!! tear down my beliefs in front of my fucking face!! it’s such a huge part of my life!! don’t fucking insult me!!!

Good news:Looks like Selena and Abel news is fake.Thank you jesus.

Bad news: Selena  is with theresa.Ugh.She is toxic af.

I don’t know what is worst.Theresa the fake friend or Abelena the fake relationship.God have mercy.

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Have any of you guys been to a strip club?

Ayato: Hell yea, I remember my squad and I got a bunch of fake ID’s and went. Jesus fuck the girls were so hot~!

Shu: Too bad that’s the only action you’re getting soon.

Ayato: Hah!?!? I’ll let you know, you blonde asshole, that the strippers were basically fighting to the death just to give me a lap dance!

Shu: Whatever. I tricked Subaru into going to one with me.  He’ll probably deny it now but he realllyyyy enjoyed it.

Subaru: Shut the fuck up I mean any guy would, it’s normal!!!

Shu: Yea but Jesus dude, you were reallyyyy enjoying it. 

Reiji: You both are disgusting…as for me I don’t enjoy partaking in such acts. Those girls are anything but attractive to me.

Laito: Of course I have~! Not much of a surprise is it~?

Kanato:  What a dumb question. Of course I haven’t. Strippers are disgusting to me.  

-Meanwhile with Mukami’s-

Azusa: I don’t…wanna talk about it…

Yuma: God I can’t believe you actually thought we were going to the animal shelter to adopt a cat.

Azusa: That girl…wanted me to pet…a different type of cat…

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The dude who discovered 'Issa' and linked him to Jesus admitted several years later that the records were fake/manipulated. Jesus was not a Buddhist monk. Please don't spread that information. Thanks - a Buddhist.

You speak of Nicolas Notovitch. Notovitch was a fraud. However, he was neither the first nor the last to put forth this theory. I realize that it is rejected by Christians but that doesn’t surprise me. So did Jesus travel to India on the Silk Road? Yes, no or maybe. Certainly, his teachings on love, forgiveness and the fellowship of man sound similar to Buddhism but they also sound similar to Zoroastrianism. 

Now, about your message. Although your language was polite you were still telling me what and what I cannot write. Moreover, you assumed the mantle of an expert when asserting your belief when in fact there are several different theories.

I write what I wish.

The Silent One - Part Seven

You can find the other parts if this story HERE

Synopsis: You wake up in a new place with some new people.

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,498
Warnings: Curses, sexual references, Dora The Explorer References (Oh the horror!)

When you awoke, you kept your eyes tightly closed, your breathing steady and you didn’t move from your current position. You knew you were no longer in the ‘dark room’, as Negan had so dubbed it, for from under your eyelids you could see a dull orange light.

You could hear the sound of male voices from outside of the room. The air wasn’t like the dark room’s air, which tasted stale, but it was fresh. You could still vaguely smell the stench of rotting corpses outside. When you were sure that there was no one in the room you opened one eye tentatively.

The room was well lit by bedside table lamp which cast a yellow glow on the room. You slowly sat up and rubbed your eyes like a tired toddler. You let your eyes adjust to the sudden brightness of the room.

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