Whatcha say Caliborn and Gamzee

Alright, that’s enough of Curt Responses time! I’m sure as hell never doing anything like that again; it’s video-recorded BladekindEyewear Gets Angry At His Inbox or nothing, and I’m not doing that again too soon either.

If you want to see ACTUAL compressed, concise analysis on the update, read this post.

One last thing… I’m starting to buy more and more into the theory that JUST POSSIBLY, Caliborn isn’t God-Tier (yet).

He talks about the kiddie camper handisash, which makes it QUITE unlikely that he’s lying, but it’s still a distant possibility that he took an idea from Gamzee, had Stitch stitch him a fake God-Tier outfit, and isn’t actually the sort of person who can kill himself without hesitation yet. (Yes, the guy who bit his own leg off, and clearly IS that sort of person down the line; as I said, distant possibility.) Meaning he might not be able to actually use his Time powers at the moment, which explains why he lost so hard to John in that fight.

This would also explain how we can be going back to Caliborn so quickly… that’s an important twist to reveal, on the (VERY low) off chance it’s true, and would easily excuse us going back to Caliborn’s perspective for a while to see him admit it.

John even ripped his cape in two! Is it magic God-Tier fabric that will grow back, or just regular fabric??

Once again, I do NOT consider this theory very “likely” at all. I’m just starting to like it, and suspect more and more that it might be the case despite its slim chance.