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  • @prettychritty requested: Can I please get a fluffy soulmate au with got7 Jackson, like where their soulmate’s first word is written on their wrist? And he’s an idol and you’re a fan and you guys meet at a fanmeet? Sorry if it seems confusing 😅 Thank you 💕

ardently, adjective

having, expressive of, or characterized by intense feeling; passionate; fervent: ardent love.

Pairing: Jackson Wang x Reader

Genre: Fluff + Soulmate AU

Word Count: 2.42k

Authors Note: I have no idea how this is gonna be, but i hope you like it lmao… i really hope i made it so fluffy that you feel like cringing but still enjoy it o’ dearest one, please enjoy it.

It had been three years since the words appeared on your skin. The more you looked and got accustomed to it, the more you felt an overwhelming flush of emotion. You weren’t on the hunt for your soulmate, if anything, you were pretty passive to the whole idea but it made you feel some kind of way knowing someone was out there for you. 

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Got7 Reaction: Trying To Talk To A Girl Who’s Really Shy

Requested by: Anonymous 

A/N: As someone who’s extremely shy and socially awkward this was sooo easy to write. Although it hits a little too close to home for me :”3 Anyways, I hope you like this!! Thanks so much for requesting!!

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Mark: This boy is extremely awkward when it comes to talking to girls, and a quiet person, so within approaching you he’d already be shy himself. Seeing that you were also like this would make him feel strangely more comfortable and would find you adorable. He’d try to get you to talk to him, but not to the point where you’d feel uncomfortable

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Jackson: It’s Jackson Wang we’re talking about. No matter how shy you were, in matter of minutes this boy would be able to make you feel comfortable and get you to talk to him. His approach would be very friendly and warm and from the first seconds of getting to meet him, you’d already be laughing with his lame jokes.

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Jaebum: I feel like Jaebum wouldn’t understand you were just shy, he would think you weren’t interested and would leave you alone. See, he’s kind of oblivious when it comes to girls and their behavior. If he really liked you, he’d come up to you again and you’d have to tell him you were just shy or else he’d get extremely offended.

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Jinyoung: I feel like Jinyoung would know you were shy by just looking at you. Before he approached you he’d have studied the way you standed, talked and acted around to people. When he finally came up to you he’d be very polite and would ask you questions to get you to talk to him. He wouldn’t want to force you to speak to him by any means, just make you feel comfortable around him.

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Youngjae:This sunshine would approach you slowly and would shoot you his bright smile, trying to start a small talk with you. If you didn’t talk and just looked at him smilling shyly he would understand that you were shy and would tell you to not feel uncomfortable and that he won’t judge you.

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Bambam: International playboy BamBam doesn’t have the word “shy” in his dictionary. If he wanted to talk to you, nothing could stop him. He’d compliment you nonstop and have you blushing and giggling within the first seconds. He would get you to talk to him and make you feel comfortable around him sooo easily.

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Yugyeom: Our maknae is so shy around girls, it’s no secret. He had to build up so much courage to come up to you only to realise you were as or even more shy than him. He’d smile at you and let you know that you didn’t have to feel nervous and would even admit he was quite reserved himself.

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• you just watched your best friends new MV so you decide to fangirl to them •

Sorry if this is bad, I literally rushed this right after I finished watching the MV

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