fake unicorn

A fakemon I had sitting around for a contest I never entered :\ after seeing Drampa I was even more motivated to finish it! @destiny-llama  gave me the idea for the typing. If you can’t read my handwriting, that’s okay, sometimes I can’t either |D



The Knightly Pokemon

Entry 1: This wizened Pokemon spars with those who wish to grow stronger

Entry 2: It defends others with its unbreakable blade. Each vanquished foe causes a flower to bloom. 

I haven’t doodled Monster Falls in a while

I was thinking since Pacifica is a unicorn in my version of the AU, what if they went to her for her hair. They tell her about the whole “pure of heart” deal and upon Mabel confidently telling her about OBVIOUSLY being that, Pacifica feels nothing different as a unicorn so decides she somehow must not be pure enough. Since she’s not naturally a unicorn, she doesn’t know it’s all fake either, and her new inherent superiority as one (topped off with already dealing with superiority issues as human) makes her believe she is 100% in the right and they aren’t entitled to her hair even if it makes Mabel upset. Eventually they have to find the other unicorns where they discover it’s all fake and the unicorns probably degrade Pacifica for ever believing it true and being around “unworthy” creatures. This makes Mabel stand up for Paz and her friends and possibly still punch C Beth because that was awesome. Eventually Pacifica apologizes to Mabel and lets her have some of her hair.


tamaramalara13  asked:

Fake fic title: The Unicorn Eating Deans Pants

Title: The unicorn eating Dean’s pants

Summary: When Sam’s childhood imaginary friend shows up he brings a friend along with him, a unicorn who seems to develop a strong love for the taste of Dean’s pants.


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Q: Will I get to play this at any conventions this year?
Yes! In fact, you will! We will be at Everfree Northwest, BronyCon, and BronyCAN!

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We are ONLY selling these at conventions, and will not be selling these online. HOWEVER, a fan has graciously offered to ship decks to anyone who can’t make it to a con. Go ahead and contribute and I’ll put you in contact with them.

Q: Why are you so awesome?
Gosh, we just are. :D