fake tuna

Look out, seafood fans, something fishy is going on
  • 59%of “tuna” consumed in the United States isn’t actually tuna, and the skullduggery doesn’t stop there. Mislabeling of fish in the United States is, according to over 1,000 genetic tests run by ocean protection non-profit Oceana, utterly pervasive, with 18% of fish sold in grocery stores erroneously labelled. The most common place to find mislabeled fish, however? Sushi restaurants, where a staggering 74% of fish is not what you ordered. source
Protein Without Meat - Lunch Idea

When I stopped eating meat almost twenty years ago, my parents told me I’d never get enough protein.  They also told me it was a phase.  Haha, joke’s on them.

I like to make the same lunch for each day of any given week and then switch things up the next week.  Here is this week’s lunch that contains a little over 36 grams of protein.

First, you have to make the fake “tuna”.  Mash up a can of chickpeas with a fork, throw on a couple tablespoons of Vegenaise, a tablespoon of nutritional yeast, and a pinch of dulse flakes.  Just Mayo is a brand of vegan mayo you can find at most grocery stores and it’s probably less expensive than the name brand.  You can also use good old fashioned Miracle Whip.  Nutritional yeast can usually be found in a grocery store that has a bulk foods section (or in an expensive-ass container at Whole Foods).  Dulse flakes are a little trickier.  Whole Foods has them, I believe.  I order mine off Amazon to save some bucks, and they last forever.

Mix it all up and spoon some into a flatbread. Flatout has some high-protein, low-carb ones.  Roll that baby up and you’ve got a very filling entree.

I nestled it into my lunch container with some wheat crackers, green grapes, walnuts, and a half a cup of plain Fage greek yogurt.  The other greek yogurts are imposters.  Fage is the best.

I usually drizzle some honey or agave nectar on the yogurt and eat it with the walnuts mixed in.  It goes great with the grapes, too.  If you’ve got a long day ahead of you, this is a really good lunch.  You’ll feel stuffed when you’re finished eating, and it will keep you full for hours and hours.

That’s my meatless eating lesson for the week, ya’ll. Yay.

lawtonharper  asked:

i have been seeing your rants about arrow on twitter for a while. I agree with mostly everything what you say and my favorite character was laurel mainly because she reminded me of the actual roy from the comics. That said she never really was like dinah from the comics she had her heart but for me she is more like roy harper. So when dinah came in i was okey with it because she's more like dinah from the comcis, but the laurel fans are starting to become the olicity. So whatcha think

No offence, but I’m really wondering what renditions of both Roy and Dinah you’re referring to? Because aside from addiction Laurel and comic Roy arent alike?

I think the big problem with the whole Tuna Fake scenario (or Arrow in general) is that people have a bad habit of condensing complex characters down to one or two traits and then trying to say that’s all they are? Tuna is literally nothing like comic Black Canary. Aside from the meta human cry and the name Dinah (that they blatantly slapped onto another OC in an attempt to save face), she has nothing about her that is BC relevant? And to imply that anyone who has the canary cry is “just like BC” would be to imply that anyone who has super strength is Superman, anyone with a bow is Green Arrow etc.

A leading theme in DCs work is legacy and family. Tuna Fake has an apparent love for killing people, uses a gun and has shown next to no loyalty or compassion. She just showed up with a sonic scream and people just jumped at the chance to call her the “real” Black Canary in a bid to undermine Laurel when she’s had no development, has shown no heart, and has done absolutely nothing to earn that title. I feel pretty comfortable in saying that those people aren’t Black Canary fans at all. They just wanted a hot girl with the cry to fill the quota and they fell for Arrow’s shit.

Arrow spent literal months hammering home how unimportant Black Canary was, how they didn’t understand why they couldn’t kill her, how OF COURSE you can have Green Arrow without her. Then their ratings tanked. And in an attempt to save face they brought in ANOTHER OC because they couldn’t realistically go back on killing Laurel without making fools of themselves, but anyone with common sense can see that Tuna’s introduction was to make up for that dier mistake. Because why would they have spent so long digging their heels in and repeating “we dont need black canary” if they intended to bring in a new one anyway? They didn’t. Tuna was their Plan B because it blew up in their face.

Laurel was built up to be BC from the pilot. At the end of episode 1 we hear “Dinah Laurel Lance, always trying to save the world” and we know that this woman is a hero. She fights the good fight and defends the helpless with or without a mask. From day one Laurel has dedicated herself to helping the people of Star City in any way she could. She never needed a crucible to make her a hero, she always was one. In that sense, she was a hero before Oliver was. The same way that Black Canary and Green Arrow were both heroes before they met each other. Laurel also - very much like comic book Dinah - cleans up Oliver’s mess and takes responsibility for Oliver’s failings. Laurel took in Thea on multiple occasions and showed her endless support that Oliver - for whatever reasons - was unable to provide, which is the exact same thing that happened with Roy, Dinah and Oliver in the comics.

Thea Queen is an obvious combination of both Roy and Mia from the comics - she’s an uber Speedy. Laurel supported Thea through her drug addiction, she represented her in court, gave her a work placement position, took her in when Oliver abandoned her, threatened thugs to stay away from her. Laurel was there to catch Thea each and every time without fail, just the same as Dinah was for Roy in the comics. Laurel is loyal and compassionate and protective and steadfast and determined, she’s been shown to care for children in a way that shows her as almost maternal, all qualities that are taken from comic book Black Canary. She never let anyone tell her she couldn’t do something, she never backed down without a fight. She had a bit of a temper and called people out on their bullshit. She trained under both WildCat and the League (via Nyssa). Laurel is as close to being Dinah as the show could make her given the ramifications they’d set themselves.

Laurel was always a lot more like comic book Dinah than Oliver has ever been like comic book GA. So why is it that people always like to try and pull this “real BC” nonsense (when it’s completely fabricated)?

If they’d introduced Tina as some random OC and eventually named her something else (I’ve seen some fans suggest she’d be a great Lady BlackHawk) then people wouldn’t have a problem. But it’s the blatant damage-controlling that they’re trying to do by slapping BC’s name on her after all the shit they said about BC last year. So it’s not necessarily Tina’s inclusion that’s the problem, but rather the unfounded need to force this “new black canary” agenda when Tina is nothing like BC and doesnt deserve that mantle. They said they could kill Black Canary. They repeatedly said that they didn’t need Black Canary. If that were true, why did they immediately try to bring in another one when their ratings tanked? BECAUSE THEY WERE WRONG. And they also wrongly assumed that people wouldnt care who it was as long as they had someone to fill the canary quota. Except, people are pissed because female characters are not interchangebale and Laurel had some of the best character growth the show had ever seen, only to have it all thrown away and replaced by some rando who shows up out of nowhere and immediately starts getting the treatment and respect that Laurel never had. It’s bullshit.

I also think it’s a fucking joke to imply people who are rightfully pissed about Laurel’s treatment are the same as Oliciters. Laurel fans were grasping onto 5mins of screentime an episode (if that!) prior to her death. We got spat on at every turn. We witnessed Laurel’s ups and downs and followed her growth and watched her struggle and come into her own and embody a strong, complex character who made mistakes but grew from them, only to have all of that ripped away from us and used to prop up a ship. Black Canary is a 70year old legacy character and they treated her like she was replaceable. Meanwhile, Oliciters only care about their ship, they keep demanding ol*city sex scenes and babies and weddings and all this romcom bullshit that has no place on an action show, they attack and slander comic book writers and katie and stephen’s wife, and even that guy who played Felicity’s boyfriend for a few episodes said he got death threats. Yeah, there are some bad apples in the Laurel fandom, the same with anything else, but most of the time the Laurel fandom just call Marc on his bullshit because he contradicts most of what he says and actually private messages oliciters to give them spoilers while the rest of us sit around wondering why we give this show the time of day when there’s clearly nothing left here for us.

The signs as bees
  • Aries: bees, stinging you in the eyes
  • Taurus: a single bee, separated from the hive
  • Gemini: bee2
  • Cancer: many small bees
  • Leo: three bees in a trenchcoat
  • Virgo: that bee that hits your window and flies away
  • Libra: a swarm of bees
  • Scorpio: Japanese bees cooking a hornet alive
  • Sagittarius: furries with beesonas
  • Capricorn: swarming bees
  • Aquarius: hornets
  • Pisces: bumblebee tuna
shit said pt 1
  • “Choke me.”
  • “I’m into that.”
  • “Choke me so hard my tongue slips down my throat and falls out my ass.”
  • “You’re my heterosexual life partner.”
  • “What does this soiled Wendy’s nugget think she is?”
  • “Crack an egg on my ass, and fuck me so hard it scrambles.”
  • “Seafood Freakshow: 59% Of Tuna Mislabeled, Fake Tuna Linked to ‘Anal Oil Leakage’.”
  • “My dick is out, pulsating with the vigor of a worm in a bird’s mouth.”
  • “Roast me o'er the spits of hell. Spice me up with Real Emo Hours™ and a huge helping of angst.”
  • “UGLASS.”
  • “ ‘The Safe Word is Mistress’ lookin’ ass.”
  • “God damn, shawty got me swoonin’ with the chest bigger than a cheddarfilled crust pizza.”
  • “Lewd but rude.”
  • “Hey big head. ;)”
  • “By ‘lit’, I mean LITerally on the verge of drowning the world in our angst.”
  • “I too identify as a blueberry and stick my dick in other blueberries.”
  • “But beware of the dangers, for the man that met the devil, the one who meets the truest of all evils, his very last recorded words were: SHAWTY TOO THICC.”
  • “I want to cry so hard my dick goes dry.”
  • “Whose mans is this??”
  • “Delightful. I was only choked twice.”
  • “Your mcm could never.”
  • “Your mcm thinks this is deep.”
  • “Licks my phone screen like a lustful lizard.”
  • “You know my sex tape, not my story.”
  • “Holy cheesecake, he’s topless!”
  • “This is the only type of BDSM allowed in this household.”
  • “Trash talk so much your mouth turns into a landfill.”
  • “Shoves an entire Bible up my 🐱 and waits for the hallelujah to spill forth from his foaming maw.”
  • “Why spread your legs when you could be spreading the word of the Lord to your peers.”
  • “EEEE, EEEE, echolocate into my blowhole.”
  • “Slide that pipin’ hot weiner in between my buns.”
  • “From deadass to headass real quick.”
  • “Sexuality: Grabby Girl™.”
  • “Slap that ass so hard the Earth flips upside down and rotates counter clockwise.”
  • “Went venus trap on that dick mmm chomp chomp ladies.”
  • “Deepthroats the knife.”
  • “Codka is my foreber girl.”
  • “There’s a weed in my garden.”
  • “That’s when they jumped him, four guys, all at once.”

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Black Siren and Tuna Fake are gonna have a scream off again. I'm already tired. There's like 4 other members of Team Trash, why does she always have to fight Tuna? 😴😩

Yeah, i’m already so done with Tina/Siren. I’m glad we’re getting a Siren/Diggle fight in the episode! I feel like they saw how many people thought it was epic to have a canary cry clash in the Season 5 finale, and so they were just like “lets keep doing that” and here we are… about to have a whole season of it :/

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I was curious if you or your followers know of a fake tuna recipe? My cousin loves tuna sandwiches and I would like to be able to make her some but vegan of course.

It is gonna sound weird but..chickpea salad sandwiches. They sort of taste like a mix of tuna and chicken salad to me. My cats even go crazy when I open a can of chickpeas…it’s really weird??? But it’s delicious. I’ve been obsessed with chickpeas lately. Here’s some recipes (x)(x)(x) I’m really lazy and just mash some up and throw some vegenaise, salt and pepper (sometimes chopped parsley) in it and let it chill. It’s good with avocado too though if you don’t have vegan mayo available. ^-^