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Arcturus the Avenger

As you can see in the enlarged picture below, the last image is of the people of Rosewood running away in terror. Those are possibly flames engulfing the town.

In the episode that Spencer was forced by AD’s boardgame to visit Toby in the hospital. Toby says: 

Toby pretty much said the words that the comic book illustrates. The Endgame is destroying Rosewood for good. And then he can finally leave, and move on with his life.

I absolutely think that:

  • Charles is either Ezra, Jason, or Detective Wilden (who I believe faked his death)
  • Toby is Arcturus, his avenger
So um

Here we go, unanswered questions, feel free to add on:

  • What was so important about “That Night”? The constant use of yellow tops, Alison’s “you all combined know more about that night”, constantly having flash backs to said night. The girls had nothing to do with “killing” Alison or Bethany (that was Mona and CeCe) so what was the point?
  • Why did Toby fake his death? Or who forced him to fake his death? Why did he never apologize to Spencer (this whole ordeal sent her into Radley). Why was this never discussed more? 
  • Who knew the truth about what happened to Toby’s mom and led him on a wild goose chase about finding it out only to never mention it again when he dropped it because of Peter? What did Peter know? Was this supposed to be CeCe’s doing? 
  • We’re honestly supposed to believe Eddie Lamb just poofed? How did he recognize Aria, what was he going to tell Ezra? Why was he so scared of Wren?
  • What did Wren have to do with anything? Seriously? Drawing red coat, talking about “you take care of your end, I’ll take care of mine”, Mona mentioning she couldn’t trust him because she knew now where his loyalties were and they weren’t with her. (He did NOT know Alex at this time) Alex specifically said they met after he moved back to England and after him and Melissa had broken up for good. He was shady AF all through out and only came into being part of the shady story after meeting Alex IE. way after all of that occurred.
  • Why did A/UBER A/A.D never use any of the liar’s murders against them but Archer’s? 
  • Who put the vial of blood in Spencer’s bag while she was in London? 
  • How did CeCe and Wren know each other? As soon as Wren saw Alex and realized she was 100% not Spencer messing with him he told Alex everything and then called CeCe right away to tell her she had a long lost sister who was Spencer’s twin. Why did he call her? How did he even know they were sisters? How did he know CeCe?
  • Alex says she was jealous of Spencer and wanted her life (Toby, parent’s, and the liar’s friendship) so why was she trying so hard to break the girl’s apart? If she wanted parent’s why force Veronica and Peter into a divorce (granted she should have divorced him forever ago but, alas she didn’t until Alex forced Aria to put the recording into their house). 
  • Did Alex cause Toby and Yvonne’s accident? How? They hit a deer, how was she able to force a deer into the road? Did she in fact, kill Yvonne as well by poisoning her?
  • Who created the underground bunker in Alex’s house? Toby sure as hell didn’t create that or know it existed when he sold the house. How did Alex have time to do that?
  • What the hell was the point of the comic book? It was legit the entire story of what was happening to the girls. Yet had absolutely nothing to do with it. Why was Alex using Lucas? And you really expect us to believe that Lucas had no clue who CeCe truly was?
  • WHO WAS THE MAN/WOMAN OUT TO HURT ALISON? That occurred before CeCe even met Archer didn’t it? And it was before Wren/Alex came into play. 
  • Dr. Cochran said he only delivered two of Mary’s babies and he was speaking of CeCe and Spencer soo how did he also deliver Alex? That was clearly him in the flash back yelling at the nurse to come in cause another baby was about to be born after they handed Spencer off. So why did he lie? 
  • Who was the second hoodie in the dollhouse? If one was CeCe, who was the other? This was before CeCe knew of Alex. Who was the figure that was manly? Who was the figure that Spencer saw face to face and said “I feel like I knew them.” No way that was CeCe, that was clearly a man. 
  • We’re seriously supposed to believe that Mona, CeCe, and Alex had no cameras? How the hell did they know every little detail about the girls? 
  • Alex wanted to be loved so badly and she was (Wren) so why did she kill him because she wanted him out of the way so she could have Toby. Why was Toby so important to her? Spencer and him weren’t even together.
  • Alex started the game because she wanted revenge for CeCe, she wanted to know who killed her sister. Yet the game ended when the girls found out that it was Mona who did it. So according to all of that, Alex knew the whole time it was Mona as the game was meant to have the girl’s find Mona out. So why then did Alex NOT kill Mona? Why did she NOT punish Mona? But she punished the girls, especially Hanna, for thinking they did it?
  • How did Mona get Alex and Mary to London? Apparently the guy she was with was the same guy who “arrested” them. So they weren’t actually ever sent to jail but, how did she meet this guy? Was he a police officer turned bad again? Was he someone who worked at the sanitarium she was at this time around? Even still, how did they smuggle the both of them into London unseen? How did the girls not realize Mary/Alex never went to the Rosewood PD?
  • What was the importance of Bethany? Why did we never see her face? Why was Wren so pissed at Melissa over her killing Bethany if he had 0 connection to her? 
  • Why did Jenna choose to actually help the girls when she finally realized who A.D was (Alex) when that’s all she wanted. What was the Endgame she read?
  • Why did Alex kidnap Ezra and want to kill him?
Pretty Little Liars Time-Line.

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1987 - Charles is born.
1988 - Jason is born, from Jessica’s and Peter Hastings’ affair.
1995 - Alison (and the liars) are born.
- Charles tries to drown Alison on scalding water.
- Charles is checked in at Radley.
- The DiLaurentis family moves to Rosewood.
2003 - Charles’ alleged suicide and organs’ donation.
October 2007 - Marion Cavanaugh’s death/suicide.

October 2008 - “The First Secret”

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July 2009 - The liars blind Jenna.

September 1st, 2009 (That Night):
- Charles and Bethany escaped Radley.
- Someone hit Bethany.
- Melissa buried Bethany alive.
- Charles hit Ali, and Mrs.D saw him.
- Mrs.D buried Alison alive, with Charles watching.
- Mrs. Grunwald took Ali out of the ground.
- Mona helped Alison dissapear.

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September 2010:
- Aria comes back from Iceland.
- The liars start junior year.
- Maya moves to the DiLaurentis’ house.
- The liars start getting texts from A.
- Alison’s/Bethany’s body is found.

November 2010 - Alison pushes Ian from the bell tower.


November 2010 - Ian’s body is found with the suicide note. 

December 2010 - The liars get arrested for having Alison’s “murder weapon”.
March 2011:
- Mona is revealed as Original A.
- Lyndon James kills Maya.
- Mona is checked in at Radley.


September 2011:
- Em comes back from Haití.
- Charles steals the game from Mona.
- Alison’s grave is dugged.
- The liars start senior year.

October 2011:
- Emily kills Nate St. Germain / Lyndon James.
- Toby is revealed as part of the A Team to the audience.
- Halloween Train.
- Darren Wilden kills Garret Reynolds.

November 2011:
- Mona gets out of Radley and comes back to Rosewood High.
- Spencer finds out about Toby on the A Team.
- Toby fakes his death.
- Spencer is checked in at Radley.
- Spencer gets out of Radley and joins the A Team.
- The lodge is set on fire.
- Alison helps the liars, dressed as Red Coat.

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November 2011:
- Wilden’s body is found, CeCe killed him.
- The liars go to Ravenswood.
- Ezra is somehow revealed as A.
- The liars confirm their suspicions of Alison being alive.
- Aria finds out about Ezra’s book.
- Ezra is somehow revealed as not A.
- The wedding dresses runway.
- The liars go to New York.
- Noel Kahn leads the liars to Alison.
- A shots Ezra.
- CeCe goes to Paris under the identity of Vivian Darkbloom.


November 2011:

- Aria kills Shanna.
- The liars get back to Rosewood with Alison.
- Alison tells the Rosewood P.D. that she was kidnapped and held hostage for 2 years.
- Charles kills Jessica DiLaurentis.
- Thanksgiving Day.
- Mona fakes her death and is kidnapped by Charles.
- Mona is taken to the Doll House.
- Spencer is arrested for Bethany Young’s murder.

December 2011:
- Spencer is bailed out of jail.
- DiLaurentis’ Ice Ball.

March 2012:
- Mona’s funeral.
- Alison is arrested for Mona Vanderwaal’s murder.

April 2012:
- Hanna is arrested.
- Alison’s trial.
- Alison is declared guilty of murder in the first degree.
- The rest of the liars are arrested for “helping the wrong person”.
- Charles kidnaps the liars.
- “Welcome to the Doll House”.

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May 2012:
- The liars escape the Doll House.
- Sara Harvey is found.
- The liars start the investigation on Charles DiLaurentis.
- The liars find out Lesli Stone was a patient at Radley on the same time Charles and Bethany were.
- Prom. (6x09)
- Charles’ reveal. (6x10)


This time-line was made by me ( myyouthismine ), and I put a lot of effort in this. If you like it, reblog it so more people can see it. Please, don’t steal it.
If you find another events you’d like me to include, message me.

P.S.: November 2011 was a long, crazy month.

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SINCE YOU ASKED WHAT DO YOU THINK IS GRIFFINS OPINION ON BEES, also do you think he and Dorian would do nailpolish together

lmaO he’s indifferent. he thinks it’s hilarious whenever sera is like look…the inquisition needs bees…and he just. fuck….ur right. 

also y e s 10000%

they’d do it during inquisition and then after trespasser dorian helps griffin do it cause. single arm. but also because they’re losers they’d paint fingernails on his fake arm

cute bfs…


TOBY: There are some good things in this world not from New England, sir. 

PRESIDENT BARTLETT: Don’t ever say that again.

The West Wing 2.3, “The Midterms”


Enjoy this thing from 2008.

I always loved this fake Akatsuki Opening.

From the song about spinning and falling in puppy love. (nah really, that’s what the song is about. Getting dizzy because you’re in love…)

And the animation on this is near flawless to the original opening. (just with more stills)

What I don’t get about pll is that Toby decided who Spencer was by asking her favorite poem from the book she gave him but fake Spencer gave Toby the book so real Spencer wouldn’t have known that Toby had her book

fake film | sebastian stan + amber heard + toby regbo + oblivion

(requested by bashangouleme) in a world where bodies are merely disposable shells, grown to be occupied by whoever pays the highest price, a young genius (regbo) hacks into the system out of pure boredom. his intelligence government-bred and his body purposefully crippled, he is seen as nothing more than a breathing computer, not capable of spontaneous action or genuine feelings. using his mind to animate two random bodies, he sets out to satisfy his hunger for entertainment by re-enacting a classic revolutionary story, unknowingly orchestrating a true rebellion in the progress.

more unsolved mysteries from pll (spoilers)

where’s jake?

what the fuck did maya know?

did ezra’s whole other family like…die? where’s his “son”. 

why did they kill off emily’s dad in the time jump

where’s mike?

so a.d. was torturing the girls to find out what happened to charlotte. why when the girls found out what actually happened to cece, they got puzzle pieces and that was the end of it? there was a whole one year time jump. if a.d.’s initial plan was revenge for charlotte, a.d. could’ve been killed mona

why did a.d.’s motif change three times. first it was for cece’s revenge, then it was because she wanted “friends”. then it was because she wanted toby’s fake love for her, when wren actually loved her

so why are a.d., spencer, and melissa all eskimo siblings? gross

spencer had sex with jason at one point, yeah? incest

if aria had stayed with jason, she would’ve been wrapped up in that weird hastings/dilaurentis shit

technically alison’s twins aren’t related to her. it was emily’s eggs and wren’s man water


the carissimi group wasn’t explained well enough

what was cece’s reason for being Big A again?

spencer and hanna are also eskimo siblings

are we going to just forget that ezra had a fling with alison and semi-tortured the girls for a fucking book?

mona was honestly the most slept on character. her character development was massive. she was smart as shit. she just wanted to be accepted as one of the girls but she kept getting that taken away from her. she was honestly the protagonist if you ask me, even if the other five are the heroes.

“the fans will be satisfied”

the only thing i’m satisfied in is the fact that mona has a man now and she finally took back control of her game

a.d. smacked the fuck outta mary for NO REASON

mary is the second most slept on character. all she wanted was to have a family and be normal but peter and jessica are both bitches. jessica, along with bethany, wilden and archer, all got what they deserved. hell, someone should have offed peter

alison dilaurentis, archer dunhill, alex drake, etc. why? was this intentional from the jump?

sara didn’t deserve that. why did we do that to her?

more to come…