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Why Embracing Emotional Distress is the Best Medicine Sometimes

Much of our mental suffering is caused by our overwhelming attempt to avoid it. We think experiencing any sort of anxiety is a threat to our existing, but psychology studies have proven that one learns from struggle. One becomes a better human being through heartache. Let us explain with the science behind this theory..

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Could I request the reactions of Shoto, Bakugo, and Izuku finding out that their S/O is the child of a Villain?

Hi dear! I liked a lot this ask, but it wasn’t simple. In the end, I believe they’d be very understanding, especially Todoroki and Midoriya (You’re not your parents), so I hope you like them!

Have a nice day!

Bakugou, Midoriya, Todoroki x Villain’s Daughter Reader (Slight Angst, Comfort, Swearing for Kacchan)

Bakugou Katsuki

“What the fuck?” Bakugou shouted and you jostled, taking a step back as his hands sparkled and the smell of nitroglycerin invaded the small bedroom. “Shit!” he growled again, angrily.

You shut your mouth with wide eyes, thinking about something to say to calm him down. To make everything alright again. You should have said it before, you should have found another way instead of blurting it after your boyfriend had to fight him. You should have done better. But you couldn’t turn back time.

“Why the hell haven’t you told me before?” he asked glaring daggers. Bakugou clenched his fists trying to avoid blowing up something again, but he felt like combusting inside.

You shook your head, stepping back.

“…I was afraid…” you whispered, staring at the floor. You didn’t want to see that the usual, hidden softness in Bakugou’s eyes had vanished, nor that he was disgusted. Or betrayed. You two had fought and struggled so hard to get together, to become better people together.

What if it had all been in vain?

Bakugou frowned deeper as he understood your words: he wasn’t stupid and he knew you. He knew what you were afraid of and that annoyed him even more.

“Oi, look at me!” He marched towards you, who ended up trapped with the back to the wall, “I said, look at me.” He repeated slamming his hands at the sides of your head.

You slowly lifted the chin and met his ruby eyes.

Bakugou was angry. Mad angry. His jaw was tense and his eyes were narrowed as always when he was trying to kill someone with his glare; you could hear the crackling from his palms.

But he hadn’t given up, nor he was sickened.

“…I’m sorry,” you instinctively murmured, trembling. You were fighting hard to bite back your tears, but you were losing that battle.

“Shut up,” he scowled, “This is so fucking stupid.”


“I don’t give a shit!” he roared and you shrunk against the wall, “Do you approve what your dad does?”

You shook your head, lips sealed.

“Do you care if I throw him in jail for the rest of his life?” Bakugou asked again, analyzing every single movement and expression of yours. To read the truth.

Your eyes saddened, but you shook your head again.

Bakugou took a big breath and relaxed his shoulders, nodding slightly.

“Then, I don’t give a shit that he’s your father,” he repeated in a lower voice, visibly calming down, “You’re with me, that’s the important thing. The rest is bullshit.” He leaned ‘till he rested his forehead against yours, his breath caressing your lips.

You finally felt the fear and the anxiety being washed away by a wave of relief and showed him a small smile.

“…thank you.”

He rolled his eyes and scoffed, but for a second you could swear you had seen a grin on his lips.

“I’m still mad because you haven’t told it to me before,” he reminded you in a low growl, but you giggled.

“Yeah, sorry,” you hummed, too happy that the tragedy had been avoided. “Could you let me go now?”

Bakugou smirked and tilted his head. “Not yet,” he replied before leaning closer and kissing you fiercely.

Midoriya Izuko

You finished your confession with a sob, looking down at your cup of tea, now cold.

“…I’m sorry if I haven’t told you before, I was really scared you were going to hate me,” you explained, wiping away the tears. The tension was tearing you apart as you waited for an answer.

“Uhm SO,” Midoriya was smiling awkwardly, scratching nervously the back of his head, “If I have to be honest…well, I already knew it?”

You perked up immediately, staring at him shocked.

“What?” It was impossible.

“Y-you know that I like to study and analyze other heroes, noting down everything about them…I did it with you too?” Midoriya explained tentatively. A faint blush colored his cheeks and he seemed scared of your reaction.

“I discovered who she was before we…started dating? Or even before we became friends. I don’t really remember …”

That was absurd. He was to one who should have been mad at you for lying, deceiving him and not trusting him enough to tell him the truth about your mother. One of the evilest villain around.

“Then why did you stay with me?” you asked incredulous, shaking your head in disbelief, “Do you trust me? Aren’t you mad?”

The questions flowed one after another and Midoriya blinked at you, finally relaxing a bit.

“At first I was a bit cautious, I admit it, but I observed and befriended you: there’s no way in the world you could be evil. You’re a hero,” He answered smiling softly at you.

That smile hit hard, making you tearing up again.

“You’re crazy…” you mumbled covering your eyes and Midoriya chuckled.

“I-I just fell for you…” he explained as if it was the simplest thing in the universe.

You beamed at him and let the pain and the fear of rejection fade away.

“Thank you,” you said fondly making him blush even more.

“So you aren’t mad that I stalked you?” he playfully asked, playing with the green hair.

“It depends on what you had found…” you faked to threat, standing up to reach him and plop down to his side.

“Well, then maybe we should talk about it another time,” he replied sheepishly and that made you both giggling.

Todoroki Shouto

Todoroki was laying on the infirmary’s bed, some bandages covering minor wounds and blood smearing his face, but actually nothing too serious had happened. Except for him discovering your dad was a damn villain.

“…I’m sorry,” you whispered looking down, “It’s my fault,” you added clenching your hands around the white bedsheets. And it was for real. If you had said about your father to Todoroki before, he wouldn’t have discovered it by the enemy himself, wouldn’t have been so shocked about it and consequently hit by that last attack. Luckily, other pro-heroes were there and managed to solve everything peacefully.

Still. It was your fault. What was worst is that he’d also discovered that you’d lied to him for all that time and that your father was a bad guy.

Todoroki sighed heavily, but his eyes were more confused than angry, even if the twitch of his lips betrayed his annoyance.

“Why haven’t you told me before?” he asked, grabbing your hand and pulling it gently to force you to meet his eyes.

Again, his voice was the usual cold and didn’t let anything shine through.

“Because I didn’t want to disappoint you. I’m the child of a villain, Shouto. You’re an incredible hero,” you whispered in reply, tired and broken.

He scoffed, giving you a dirty look.

“Did you really think I would judge you about who your father is?” He seemed more troubled by this than everything else, “Do you remember who’s mine?”

You frowned.

“An asshole,” you replied instinctively and that made him smirk, “But a hero. Not a villain,” you added trying to free your hand, but he tightened his grip. He grimaced doing that and you stopped moving immediately with a worried look.

“He hurt you!” you grieved, guiltiness eating you from the inside.

“Weren’t you the one who’ve helped me freeing myself from my father’s influence? Who’ve taught me how to love my fire? Who’ve said I wasn’t my father?” He calmly reminded you. You grimaced but shook your head stubbornly, even if you recognized the truth in your own words.

“It’s different-”

“It’s the same,” he argued, “Now, or you have lied to me about this or you aren’t your father too.”

You pursed your lips in a tight line.

“What if I am?”

“I wouldn’t love you,” He replied without batting an eyelash. Your face flushed.

You stayed silent again.

“What if…I’m going to become like him?” you murmured scared, searching in his eyes a certainty. The last one. The only one you needed.

“Then I’ll fight to bring you back with me,” he replied with a small, soft smile, “Because I know you’re better than that.”

That finally broke your walls and you let the tears stream freely down your cheeks. You threw yourself at him and buried the face in his chest.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry…” you repeated in a blur. Todoroki sighed again between fondness and exasperation as he stroked your hair gently.

“There’s no need,” he huffed, “ But, please, tell me everything from now on,”


“And I’m not hurt,”

“You’re bleeding and it’s my fa- I’m sorry, I’m hurting you? Let me mov-“ you tried to move away from his hold, but he kept you there.

“Stay here,” he frowned, looking away to hide the light blush of his cheeks. That sight finally made you smile and you nodded amused, resting again.

“As you want,”


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sanvers + lost. (sorry these all somehow turned into the one word prompt things that some people ask for. i personally like seeing how the writer interprets the word and what they decide to make)

She’s pretty sure she’s dreaming, but dreaming has never felt quite this vivid.

And she’s had some pretty vivid nightmares since she joined the DEO.

The DEO! Why would… why would she be at home in Midvale? She’s on assignment, she…

“Morning babe!” Maggie greets her from the kitchen, six mugs set out for coffee as Kara bustles around behind her stirring up a mean pancake batter.

“Maggie, what – ”

“Good morning, honey.” A scruffy kiss lands on her cheek and Alex jumps, and then Alex sobs, and then Alex backs away quickly, quickly, quickly.

“Dad, you – no, Cadmus has you, you’re not – and Maggie’s not – no, no, Cadmus has you, I’m dreaming, or – is that my board?”

Her eyes land on the surfboard – propped up near the back door – she rode in her last competition before leaving for Stanford. The one she completely wiped out on. The one she’d tossed in a fit of rage, a fit of despair, a fit of not being worthy, of not being deserving, of not being good enough.

It’s clean and it’s sleek and it’s new-looking, and Eliza steps in from the backyard with a wide smile.

“Oh Alex, I’m so proud of you. My beautiful girl.”

Eliza steps forward and hugs her and kisses both her cheeks and Jeremiah beams and Maggie giggles with Kara as they try to smear each other’s noses with pancake batter.

“Mom, what – what’d I do?”

Eliza shrugs as she steps back from Alex’s befuddled arms. “You don’t have to do anything for me to be proud of you, Alexandra.”

Alex squints and Alex steps back again.

“No. No, this isn’t right, this isn’t… The DEO – J’onn needs me, I – ”

“The DEO? Alex, we haven’t been bothered by those damn soldiers since you created that serum to keep Kara safe from kryptonite, remember?”

Alex blinks and Maggie sidles up and kisses her slow, kisses her soft, kisses her passionate. “Mmm, my brilliant fiancée, being brilliant. And beautiful. As always.”

“Your… fiancée?” Alex blinks and Kara laughs.

“How early were you up to surf this morning, Alex? You even awake yet?”

“I… no… I…”

But Maggie’s lips are soft and Kara’s smile is warm and Jeremiah’s cologne is strong and Eliza’s pride is… genuine. Deep. Unconditional.

And the ringing in the back of her mind diminishes, the alarm bells in the pit of her stomach settle, the tension in her ready-to-fight muscles dispels.

Because in a half hour, J’onn and James and Winn and M’gann are streaming through the door, with champagne and with orange juice and with pie, because Sunday is for brunch and brunch is for family and family is whole and here and now.

Alex leans into Jeremiah as she laughs and Eliza strokes her hair and asks everyone if they’d ever seen such a perfect couple and Kara is popping champagne bottles with her powers and she’s kissing Alex’s cheek as she crosses past where she’s sitting with Maggie, who’s joking with James and M’gann, who’s sitting next to a skeptical-looking J’onn listening to an overenthusiastic pitch for some new computer whosawhatsit from Winn.

And by the end of the day, she forgets that there is something to worry about. Because this is her life. And her life is perfect.

She waves energetically from way out on the surf when she sees Maggie and Kara, weeks and weeks and lifetimes later, standing on the shore waiting for her, waving her in. She tosses up a hand and knows Kara will be able to see that she’s gesturing one, one more, one more wave.

And she catches it, and it’s perfect, and it’s beautiful, and she doesn’t risk swiveling her eyes toward Maggie, but she knows she’s impressed and she knows she’s turned on and she knows she’s in love, in love, in love.

She rides through the funnel of a wave until it crashes down, and she carries the board the rest of the way out to Maggie and Kara.

“Alex. You look happy,” Kara says, but she doesn’t sound like herself. Alex furrows her brow.

“Of course I’m happy, Kara, why wouldn’t I be happy?”

Kara and Maggie exchange a glance, and Alex’s frown deepens.

“What’s wrong with you two? Didn’t you see me ride that wave?”

“Yeah, it was great, babe, you were great – you’re always great – but Ally, baby, you – ”

“Alex, remember when I was under the effects of the Black Mercy?”

Alex stares between Kara and Maggie and Alex laughs.

“The what now?”

“Babe, I know this is going to be so hard. And I’m so sorry, but honey, it – Al, this world  you’re living in? It’s not the only world out there. It’s not the world you’re… you’re actually from.”

“What the hell, Maggie? What’re you talking about?”

“Alex, it’s me. It’s your sister, you have to trust me, trust us, it – this isn’t real. None of this, I’m sorry, none of it is real. What’s real is that right now, you’re hallucinating, you’re… you’re creating the perfect world, your perfect world, around yourself, but your real body… Alex, you’re dying, the Black Mercy will keep you here forever if you don’t come with us, and I  – ”

“Kara, what the hell? You’ve been here with me, you’ve been staying here with me, while Maggie and my apartment gets renovated in National City, you – ”

Kara pales and Maggie gulps, and Alex notices why the moment after they do.

Because suddenly Kara and Maggie aren’t the only Kara and Maggie on the beach.

Suddenly, the two women she’s been living with – the women in soft clothes and sunburnt skin – make the two women she’s been talking to, with their pale expressions and their wide eyes and the sidearm and badge on Maggie’s hip, stand out as imposters, as invaders, as fakes. As threats.

“What the hell – ”

“Ally, I’m so sorry, babe, but Kara’s right, you have to listen to her – ”

“Listen to her? Alex, who are these people? Why do they look like us? Should we call Clark? He can help us get rid of them, Alex.”

“Alex, babe, this isn’t you, this isn’t your life. This isn’t the life we’re building together – ”

“The life you’re building together? You might look like me, but I’m the one with the finger Danvers put a ring on – ”

“What the – Al, you wanna – ”

“Maggie, don’t let yourself get distracted, we need to – ”

“Right. Right right right. Al, I – no – ”

No, because the Black Mercy versions of Kara and Maggie are restraining them, now, are fighting them punch for punch, mirroring their moves and holding them down, Eliza and Jeremiah suddenly on the shore to oversee the brawl.

“Babe, this isn’t your dad. But I promise you, we’re gonna find him, Alex, I promise you but this – this isn’t how – ” She takes a punch to the gut from herself as Kara slams herself into the sand.

“Alex, you need to listen to Maggie – the real Maggie – and me, Alex, it’s me, I’m me, I’m your sister, I – I broke your hand the first time I tried a human handshake, and you crawled under the kitchen table with me the first time I got scared of the popcorn maker, and you needed stitches that time I pulled that girl out of that van, and you know why I’m telling you this?”

Kara is yelling, now, is pleading, because the other version of herself is holding her down, is holding her back, just as the other version of Maggie is holding Maggie down, is holding Maggie back.

“Because this world, Alex? This world doesn’t allow for that kind of pain, for any pain. And when I was trapped in my own world, you told me, Alex, you saved me – you told me that the world can’t always be about pain, but Alex, Maggie needs you, J’onn needs you.”

“Don’t listen to this imposter, Alexandra, she’s trying to corrupt your beautiful mind – ”

“Alex please, I need you. I have always needed you, more than I’ve ever needed anyone, anything. And the world needs you, Alex, Jeremiah needs you! He needs you to rescue him from Cadmus, and the world needs you to keep it safe, and I need my sister!”

Alex stares at the tears streaming down Kara’s face, at the blood streaming down Maggie’s. Her Kara’s. Her Maggie’s.

Hers. Because Jeremiah. Jeremiah needs her. J’onn. The world. Maggie.

And Kara. Kara, Kara, Kara.

Calloused hands take her by the arms, now, and it’s the last bit of convincing she needs, because Jeremiah would never hurt her, never, and this? This grip hurts.

“Alex, you don’t need to rescue me. You don’t need to rescue anyone. I’m here, Kara’s safe. All thanks to you, Alex. You can live your life here, with all of us, with the people who love you, not these… not these imposters.”

His grip on her arms hurts, and his words are soft, but his eyes are hard.

And Alex kisses his forehead anyway, because she knows. She knows it’s the last chance she’ll get in a long time.

But he lets her go, because he doesn’t understand. He doesn’t understand that she’s saying goodbye

“I will rescue you, Dad. I will. That’s a promise. And I’ll find a way to make you proud, Mom. Somehow.”

Jeremiah’s eyes glow and he leaps on her, then, to prevent her from reaching Kara, to prevent her from reaching Maggie. She hits the sand and her surfboard snaps against her ribs, and she screams, and Maggie struggles to free herself enough to reach for her hand, and Kara struggles to reach for her other, and Eliza yells and Jeremiah’s fist raises and the world goes black.

The world goes black until she opens her eyes, and she gasps, and she sits bolt upright.

And she sobs.

Kara and Maggie’s hands find her as J’onn grasps her thigh, and she lets her sister and her once-fiancée-now-girlfriend hold her, hold her, their tears mixing with hers on her face.

“I’m sorry, Ally,” Maggie whispers into her hair, and Alex moves back and shakes her head.

“No. Mags, babe, I… no, I – I was lost. I was lost, and you two found me. That’s… never apologize for that.”

She leans up and kisses Maggie’s lips and she leans back and pulls Kara into a bone-crushing hug.

“You’re my sister, Alex. I will never let you stay lost. Never.”

Please Stop With The Death Threats And Fake Facts:

I really hate that this is what the world has come to. A bunch of people hiding behind their computer screens and asking for another person to be destroyed and removed from a drama he has been working on. Have we really become people who want success but would take it away from someone else in a heartbeat if given the chance?

Yesterday I made a post about all the death threats I found being sent to Onew and the rest of SHINee on social media and for some reason I thought that once people knew that the girl/victim had stated it was all just a misunderstanding AND that Onew was the one who wanted to further the investigation on her part EVEN when she told him it wasn’t necessary, that people would stop with all the negativity and bad labels. But my inbox and my feed are as filled with hate as ever.

I ask you again, what type of person are you that you can casually type up a death threat and throw around a title like rapist as if though its the most normal thing in the world to do? How do you not feel an an ounce of guilt for wishing harm on another living being? How do you look into the mirror everyday knowing that  there’s another person out there who you’ve just told to kill themselves while you breathe and go about your life? Are you so perfect that you can bash and completely demean another person’s life? 

I hate that we live in world where we continue to let people run around and wish harm on others. I hate that people think it’s okay to hate and threaten other people just because they can hide behind their computer screen. I hate that this is the world we live in now.

Words hurt. They send people down a dark spiral of depression that can and will lead to suicide. As someone who suffers from depression, I know all that very well. You can’t go around bullying people and wishing them harm and then want to pull up your shoulders and cry when they do exactly what you told them to do. Or is that the kind of person you really are? The type to send death threats every few seconds and hope the person actually does it? If that is the case, you need professional help because at the end of the day you are leaving the world in a worse condition than you found it in.

Lee Jinki is a human being who made the mistake of drinking himself into a stupor where he couldn’t walk without stumbling to the ground. Which is what happened. He stumbled and grabbed onto her leg to keep from falling. None of his fans or any Shawol has excused his drinking habits or called out the girl/victim. All we have done is speak out on the matter and correct the facts a lot of haters are still running with. 

Onew didn’t molest her and he certainly didn’t rape her. You can’t go about spreading things like that when they simply aren’t true and because you want to stir things up. We understand completely how the woman must have felt at the time to have someone stumble into her like that, someone who she doesn’t know in a crowded club too. Onew and his friends did apologize and she was the first to state it was all a misunderstanding. Onew wanted to further the investigation even when she told him it wasn’t necessary, he wanted to be sure he hadn’t hurt her in any way possible. He didn’t try to pay her off or use his status as celebrity to sweep it under the rug. He pressed for answers because he wanted the woman to be sure she was okay after everything.

I have no idea where some of you are getting your information but please direct your hating ways to Dispatch’s official report. The situation had been stated to be a misunderstanding and all of you still running around with fake facts and calling Onew a rapist aren’t giving anyone chance to heal over the situation. 

We are all human and we don’t deserve to live in a world where it’s okay to wish harm on others. 

NCT 127 Reacting to Being Jealous

Prompt: “Can you do NCT 127 and BlockB reaction (separate) when they have a crush on you and get jealous bcs you speak with someone else that the they see as a “threat” lol”

Taeil: When he saw you talking to someone else, someone he isn’t particularly fond of, he would keep an eye on you from a distance. He wouldn’t want to do anything out of line to ruin your friendship or his chances of being with you, but he also wanted to make sure the other person wasn’t trying to make any moves on you. He’d wait until your conversation was over to talk to you, but wouldn’t bring up that person.

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Johnny: After seeing you talking to some other guy, he’d walk over to you two and insert himself in the conversation, probably interrupting it in the process. He would try to stay casual and keep his jealousy on the downlow, but he’d really be making sure that you’re not flirting with the guy. He wanted to see what you were talking about and when the person leaves, Johnny would probably make a joke about him/her.

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Taeyong: Besides occasionally side-eyeing the person he sees as a threat and fake smiling/laughing, he wouldn’t actually say or do much. He might try to linger a little bit closer to you, but overall he wouldn’t feel like it was his place to say anything. He would stare at you a lot to watch how you react to what the person says. He’d probably even feel a little guilty for being jealous considering you guys weren’t actually dating.

Originally posted by t-yong

Yuta: He’d make it very obvious that he did not like the other person you were talking to. He’d immediately weasel his way into the conversation and would make sure to stay as close to you as possible. He’d also make snide/sarcastic remarks towards the other person and smile/laugh about it while doing so. If you called him out on it, he’d most likely deny it and try to play it off as a joke.

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Doyoung: While he wouldn’t be the type to do anything too direct, he would definitely try to be a part of the conversation between you and the other person. He might make some subtle, back-handed comments everyone once in a while, but really he’d try to not make it obvious that he’s jealous.He’d also try to do little things to become the center of your attention again. Ultimately, he’d just be lowkey petty about it and would be irritated.

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Jaehyun: He’d want to be by your side while you’re with the other person, but wouldn’t do anything to make his jealousy obvious. He’d try to make jokes and he’d smile and laugh at what they say, but everything would be forced. He’d only really stay by your side because he likes you and thinks you might be flirting with someone else. In the end, he wouldn’t really do much but stay close to you.

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Winwin: He would be hella pouty about it, but wouldn’t even try to join in the conversation. He would probably keep a close eye on the two of you and be a little whiny, but wouldn’t say anything. He’d want to know what you two were talking about, but would be too scared to ask or talk to you about it. He’d want to keep his jealousy to himself and it would put a damper on his mood.

Originally posted by pourup

Mark: He would definitely eavesdrop on your conversation with the other person, staying close by to listen in on what went on between the two of you. He’d try not to make it obvious, but would keep glancing over at you, watching the both of you closely. If you caught him, he’d just smile at you and turn away quickly, hoping you didn’t notice how hard he was staring. He’d just be very nosy about it.

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Haechan: He would have no problem walking up to you two and interrupting your conversation. He’d speak only in rude comments as if sarcasm was his first language. He’d constantly try to one-up the other person and would practically fight for your attention. He wouldn’t directly admit to being jealous, but he’d let you know that he doesn’t like the other person.

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I didn’t realize how popular this abuse tactic was until I myself was a victim: Fake Hero.

I read about it in a fantasy book where an organization played it on our protagonists. A fake threat is presented, the abuser saves the victim from the fake threat, abuser gains trust. 

It’s featured and well explained here (TW: the character frames this as a “seduction method”. It is absolutely abuse.) in the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

My abuser pulled this on me. He framed my last relationship, which had just ended, as abusive. It wasn’t healthy, but it was far from abusive. This made me trust him more, and founded a basis for the emotional bond we later had.

His next victim was masterfully tricked by framing me as abusive, both severing me and gaining emotional trust and sympathy.  Framing the victim as the abuser is a fairly common tactic as well. It’s used a lot against neurodivergent people to silence them and try and keep them from realizing the relationship was abusive.

Friends, look out for someone who comes in trying to save you from a threat that “just appeared”. If it looks like they created the threat themselves through trickery, over-blowing the event, or even a seemingly random “doxxing”, it may be that they’re trying to lull you into a false sense of security about them.

Bodyguard au

I need someone to please write a fic where Jon is Sansa’s bodyguard? A broody ex-soldier with a man bun whose literal job is to punch people if they get too close to her. Sansa loves it; she deliberately lets Littlefinger slither towards her only for Jon to choke him for daring to come near her. He ends up in all the selfies people take with Sansa cause he’s always that close. People have totally noticed, there’s Buzzfeed posts about Sansa Stark’s hot bodyguard and blogs on tumblr where people have begun shipping Jonsa. Robb and Arya ship it; they send fake threats to get Jon all worked up and then lock them in a room because the sexual tension is unbearable. When asked what Sansa thinks of the whole ‘people shipping her with her bodyguard’ bit, she declares “well he doesn’t let anyone else come close so…”.

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how does it feel to have to compete with park kyung as zicos biggest fan

Just because he knows him personally doesn’t mean SHIT to me

Does Kyung have any of Zico’s albums? And if he does did he even pay for them? NO. I have every single one of them since I’m about that stan life. Did Kyung purchase his music on iTunes after preordering the physical? Did he legally purchase Boys and Girls 4 different times? Does Kyung have two custom made posters of Jiho? Does Kyung have a chibi Shikamaru figurine that he paid $15 for because he looks like Freeze Zico baby brows and all? Does Kyung have a baby with a sheep hat (from the blooming period meme) and hand drew all Jiho’s tattoos onto the baby? Does Kyung even have the Tough Cookie album? Does Kyung even regularly visit Jiho’s Soundcloud to see his new likes? Did Kyung do that television diy project? Did Kyung almost break his honey wand that dates back to the first patch Seven Seasons ever made when he saw Jiho do his solo stage at the BlockBuster concert? Did Kyung just buy a second copy of Television just because he wanted the other version of the posters? Kyung not about this hardcore stan life. He just some nerd that befriended someone so amazing as Woo Jiho. Zico’s biggest fan HA! you must me joking.

Hunty can finally try to compete with me once he starts financially supporting his tall handsome rapper/producer model highly skilled iconic leader like I do all the time. And I dare for him to come @ me with I kissed Jiho. BOI I kiss Jiho all the time too…in my dreams. You’re not that special so keep your thirsty self moving.

I don’t care about many weekly reminders I make about how much I love Park Kyung if he gets in the way of me and my baby I will cut him down to his real height 

Scandal -Mercy Review

This episode, I’m telling you. Scandal is so damn good right now, everything about it, is just perfectly played. The characters foiling one another, the disillusionment of power. Wonderful. I literally can’t get enough of scandal right now.

We start the episode with Olivia waking up, slightly disoriented and confused as to how she has found herself back at the White House but then she turns over and she sees him sleeping beside her. And suddenly it all makes senses. It wasn’t a dream, for one moment Olivia was granted this moment of bliss. The soft music playing in the background as Olivia watches Fitz sleep, this uninterrupted view of him, though it only lasted a minute it was everything gentle and warm that Olivia needed to feel and you can see that Olivia missed sleeping next to him. Can we imagine Olivia chocking back the tears as Fitz hands her the shirt that is only reserved for her. This symbolic moment of wearing something that belongs to him, it’s as though sleeping next to him wasn’t enough, and Fitz too has removed the physical barriers (his shirt) leaving himself open to Olivia so that she knows the sincerity of his heart and his truth. 

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The moment was simple but it was every bit meaningful. You see, I’m happy they didn’t dive into Olivia and Fitz’s reunion because it’s not really one just yet. They have much to talk about, and Olivia has yet to find herself in the amidst of chaos but these brief moments with Fitz have changed Olivia and no one can see it clearer than Rowan.

After waking up to Fitz, Olivia putt on her same clothes but just placed her hair up to see good ole ‘dad’, but it appears to be the next day as evidenced by the breakfast platter scattered throughout the small room. Olivia spent all day and night with Fitz even though the world was crumbling down around them. Immediately Fitz comes into the bunker where Rowan sighs heavily annoyed at Fitz’s presences and Fitz picks up on that moment, and makes sure to kiss Olivia with Rowan watching them. 

Fitz was flexing his muscle but it’s more than just a petty moment. It was a obvious and intentional FU to Rowan. You see, Rowan has made it his life mission to destroy the possibility of Olivia and Fitz. He has purposely moved himself to be in the center of the relationship and he has been successful but every time Rowan thinks they are done, Fitz comes back and so does his influence over Olivia. Kissing Olivia was an obvious point that he is around and this time he’s not going anywhere.

In 4x08, Olivia rejected Fitz touching her or kissing her because she was worried about being disloyal to Jake for wanting Fitz, but we know Olivia couldn’t resist the moment to have Fitz to herself and she kissed him with wild ambition. The fact that Olivia let Fitz kiss her in front of her father, knowing that he despises Fitz and remembering what Fitz told him (the way she taste  ), shows growth and accepts from Olivia’s part. She once used to deny Fitz’s touch in fear but while she was surprised by the action she did not refute but kissed him back much to Rowan’s disgust.  Anybody watching knows that Rowan will retaliate and punish Olivia for choosing ‘him’. I loved this scene yet I hated it for so many reasons. Rowan is visibly shaking his head with disapproval and such venom in his eyes and it’s all directed at Olivia because she didn’t obey, because for one second she decided to do something for herself without worrying about the consequences. Rowan brings Paris and Zanzibar as a obvious dig at Olivia and her past with her mom and the island where Rowan placed Olivia after he had FItz’s son killed. Rowan is a despicable person. Fitz decided to make it clear to Rowan that he is still a prisoner though he is able to walk, but throughout this moment it needs to be noted that the only one in control was Olivia. Olivia was also flexing her muscle when Rowan tried to leave and the guards blocked his exit, but every time Olivia opened her mouth to speak, Rowan would cut her off yet Fitz never did. The difference between a man who loves and values her versus a man who feels ownership and possession. Olivia already said that between her father and Fitz, that Fitz would lose but now i’m wonderfully if she still believes this to be true. 

  After meeting Peus for the first time, he makes it clear that Jake is no longer a suitable candidate as vice president , but my question though is when has he ever been? Olivia and Jake are at her apartment and it’s dark in the room quite a contrast is it not. Jake begins talking about how they can get through this, and frequently uses ‘we’ when talking about the future of them teaming up and taking down Peus especially ‘this being their chance’ since Rowan is gone. Olivia never said a word when Jake was talking up until she mentioned Rowan not being gone, and guess what he’s not. Rowan’s influence over Olivia is still heavily embedded in her DNA and it is something Olivia must deal with soon. When Olivia told Jake in so many words that Fitz has Rowan, he immediately started laughing at the actions and Olivia just mumbled that they would get through this while nursing her glass of wine and Jake taking a sip of his beer. Olivia and Jake are drinking their respective drink preference but let’s not forget that Olivia has openly disdained the taste of beer yet we have seen numerous times Olivia sipping scotch and to add this moment we find out later on that Fitz built a wine cellar in the White House filled with the most luxurious wines known to man and we all know who the wine cellar was really for. *deep breathes* *don’t cry* With Jake laughing at Fitz having Rowan emprisioned, you can see Olivia’s awkwardness regarding that topic all together. Olivia wasn’t going to bring up Fitz and she shouldn’t have to, what Olivia does in her personal life should be her business not every Tom, Dick, and harry’s.

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Chile, this is going to be bad. Olivia’s sister brother going to cry and shame her and we already know Rowan is in the bunker practicing his monologue that doesn’t make sense so let’s just skip to the good part and forgo any huckleberry charlie quinn because I could take less of them on my screen, but how cute of Quinn to pick Charlie, maybe Olivia too will make her decision once in for all.

Olivia managed to pull off a fake bomb threat and clear Mellie from real bitch. DAMN. This moment when everyone is around and working to fix the situation is amazing. This is scandal at it’s best all the players circling around trying to find a solution to their problems, smells like defiance all over again, which Marcus doesn’t know anything about…meanwhile why is Marcus actually there?  Olivia brings Rowan to help and the minute he set foot in the residence his eyes land on Fitz and never left. Rowan wants to humiliate Fitz by making him beg for his help which is futile because he’s worse off then any of the others but Fitz swallows his pride and asked for help all while looking at Olivia. This is not a moment of weakness though Rowan was trying to prove it to be so, Fitz is man enough to swallow his pride for the sake of others something Rowan is not capable of doing. 

So Rowan just came up there with the sole intention of shaming and demeaning   Olivia and Fitz. Mellie is crying about how her and Olivia should have never ran for office of course placing the blame on Olivia as if she doesn’t have enough guilt, but Cyrus cuts her off and was like yo ole betty crocker ass was just for it a minute ago when Olivia advised you not too. Everyone is talking over one another but every time Jake speaks up he is automatically voiced out because he has no voice, but it isn’t until Fitz commands everyone to stop that Rowan brings up everyone in the room as being ‘worthless’ including his daughter but not him because he is the king of all kings. Rowan’s patriarchal bull shit is for the birds. Rowan is the coward trying to run but it’s really about how powerless Rowan truly feels that causes him to attack the one person truly showing his power and worth.

This mofo still believes he is running something when his ass is literally confined to a freaking room, attempting to run away like a coward because he is “smart prey”

Rowan’s problem is that Fitz is physical and emotional threat to the hold he has over Olivia, and the power he once had like Cyrus said. Rowan ruled the underworld and now Fitz is ruling the upper world and has him a prisoner without his dinosaurs. Jake, Russel, they were all appendages of Rowan used to seek and control Olivia in the one place he can’t. Rowan has brought men in Olivia’s life as means of seeking to rule every aspect of her life even one as personal as her sexual life. But it’s not about sex. In a matter of minutes Rowan was capable of diminishing  Fitz’s unselfish act of love by reducing it to a ‘wrinkled dollar bill.’

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Fitz saved Rowan’s life because Olivia’s life is worth more than anything else this world could possess, what Fitz did was an unselfish act of love. Fitz just witnessed Olivia’s willingness to sacrifice herself for Rowan and this is how he shows his appreciation to his daughter, by reducing her to a whore, a stripper who is selling her body to the highest bidder. As Fitz is yelling at Rowan that Olivia begged him to spare his life, Olivia’s eyes fall on Rowan and you can see this longing to be appreciated by her father, but he will never appreciate her because he doesn’t respect Olivia. Which Fitz calls Rowan out on by demanding that he shows his daughter some damn respect.

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Let’s us go back to the start shall we? Olivia was going to go to jail for her father for many stupid reasons but Olivia loves him that much that his worthless miserable life is worth more than hers but Fitz, only Fitz stopped Olivia from making the worst mistake of her life. And it was only Fitz who stood up for Olivia when her father shamed her once again for sleeping with Fitz and this wasn’t just them by themselves but in a room filled with all of her peers and coworkers; THAT is how much RESPECT Rowan has for Olivia and guess what, it was only Fitz that had enough of this verbal abuse. I am so tired of everyone shaming Olivia for loving who she loves, regardless of Fitz being married or single no one will ever approve of their coupling just like the AU. When Rowan told the room that Fitz chose to spare him as a way of getting into Olivia’s bed once again, no one was upset about how their personal relationship was once again outed, but all they cared about was themselves. The camera pans on Mellie who looks confused and slightly hurt and of course Choke who looks at Olivia with his judgmental stare, as though he is just now putting the pieces of the puzzle together. As a finale dig Rowan once again refers to Fitz as his father Big Jerry throwing cash at a stripper. Everyone is upset and Olivia calls for a five minute break to regroup but as everyone scatters to take their leave, Jake and Mellie stay as Fitz moves to comfort Olivia who now denies his affection. At first I was put off with Olivia but it is obvious to see that much has happened in a short period of time and to add to the chaos, her entanglement with Fitz has been risen without them actually having a moment to figure out what it all means. Rowan will never approve of Fitz because he is someone that he is unable to control, Fitz is reminder of the power he has just lost, this has nothing to do with love and I hope and pray that Olivia sees this for what it is. No matter how much she loves him and wants him to love her back, Rowan will never approve unless she obeys every command he makes. I need Olivia to open her eyes and remove the blinders that is her father, he is not weak, or old but still the same ruthless monster he’s always been. Again Rowan had a moment of happiness with Sandra but for some reason whenever Olivia chose Fitz she is weak, stupid, a whore. I’m so tired of Rowan and Jake projecting their thoughts onto Olivia as a means of being ‘honest.’

Thank you Shonda, for the beautiful juxtaposition between Fitz and Jake. After Olivia shrugged him off understandably  after the horrifying moment, Fitz shares a drink with David who wonders why he just can’t find a nice women who likes cooking and being supportive, not a domestic terrorist, but Fitz chides David and reminds him that it was those women who made him into the man he is today, he wouldn’t be the Attorney General if it wasn’t for those women just like he wouldn’t be the President. Let us take this moment to appreciate what Fitz is saying, he was just shamed and humiliated in front of everyone for loving Olivia Pope and instead of being angry at the storm heading his way, Fitz is talking it up with ease about how a strong women makes you work for them, i.e. Olivia Pope. Fitz begins to tell David about the ‘headband’ women who are cookie cutter perfect, who likes going to parties and pretending to be happy about being in the shadows but all Fitz wants to do is tell these ladies is to wake up and find themselves. Something Olivia is trying to do right now.

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Fitz tried to turn Olivia into a ‘headband’ gang in 5x09 but he’s since then worked on himself. He’s not trying to turn or make Olivia into something she’s not (i.e Rowan, Jake) Fitz is completely and totally supportive of all of Olivia’s endeavors. Fitz wants Olivia to go out there and find that speckled dream of her’s, whereas Jake wants Olivia to live with him at his craigslist shack and settle on being mediocre or normal as though Olivia Pope is a normal person to begin with. Rowan on the other hand is threatened by Olivia’s power and influence so much that he has to demean her in order to be powerful, yet Fitz is a man completely in touch with his masculinity that he is not threatened by the hell that Olivia will bring but welcomes it. The gentle smile on Fitz’s face as he tells David ‘If she loves you, she can be any tornado she wants.’  Fitz isn’t worried about Olivia loving him, he seems confident and assured that Olivia is in fact still in love with him, he’s not pinning or whining to Olivia for denying his affection unlike Jake, but he’s assured and welcomes the chaos  Olivia will bring to his door step because that’s his tornado and if it helps her conquer what she needs to then he will clear the land just so she can twirl through it. This man is everything and I can’t seem to describe this beautiful specimen enough. 

Excuse me.

While we have Fitz appreciating and valuing Olivia’s worth, we also have jake sulking in a chair, and out of all that happened in that room earlier all he wants to know is when did Olivia and Fitz start sleeping together.

If this boy don’t stop this damn foolishness. Instead of asking how Olivia is doing after being humiliated by Rowan like a normal person would he decides to add to Olivia’s shame by asking Olivia if all of this is because of Fitz, Olivia stumbles on the question and Jake seeing that moment decides to twist the knife even further by telling Olivia she is crazy for doing the same thing over again when she knows how it’s going to end. 

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Let me tell you something about learning my friends. How can you expect to change if you don’t do it over again? How can you say you have learned if the action is not repeated, so screw you Jake. The reason why Rowan approved of Jake is because Jake is an extension of him, knowing just the right words to hurt Olivia and shame her for doing something outside of the book of Rowan. Jake tells Olivia that he isn’t the answer, very clearly alluding to Fitz not being the one to save and fix Olivia. But Jake’s jealously and pettiness is really disgusting because he’s shaming Olivia for picking Fitz instead of picking him like he’s been wanting her to do for the past four years.

Jake has been using this same tactic, never learning, and never changing. Fitz isn’t the answer to Olivia’s problem but you are. Right Jake? Out of all that has happened you are still sitting there and telling Olivia that she doesn’t belong here, and that she should look elsewhere more importantly at him to fix her. 1) Fitz is literally packing them bags to leave the White House so i’m not sure why Jake is bringing Fitz up as in the White House when this has nothing to do with Fitz and everything to do with what Olivia does for him. This false pretense of being concerned for Olivia is utter bullshit because he kept his mouth shut throughout  Rowan’s dicklogue. Jake is so transparent with his disdain for Olivia sleeping with Fitz that Olivia is quick to read Jake for filth once again, reminding him of why he is a poor substitute for Fitzgerald Grant; he’s weak, pathetic, and needy.

How many times does Olivia have to tell you that she doesn’t want you. I thought she made herself clear in 5x18 but she had to remind you once again of why you two would never work out. Jake is married, yet he has found it appropriate to shame Olivia for sleeping with Fitz who is single. Why do these men feel it is their business to know who and what Olivia is doing? Fitz is single and divorced and still Olivia is being belittled and demeaned but if Olivia was sleeping with Jake then it would be okay. 

Jake at his shack waiting for Olivia.

Rowan and Jake only care about what Olivia does and gives to them not how they make her feel. Like father like son. But let us clap for Olivia telling Jake that she doesn’t have time to coddle whatever he is feeling because right now there are more important things to do then pacify Jake and stroke his bruised ego. For instance their is a man who is single handedly trying to take over the country and control Mellie like the puppet she is. So yes, Olivia check his ass.

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Olivia is handling this situation and while she did go back to command in the end with the bad ass comment about not taking Olivia Pope it was effective and beneficial as Mellie called Luna Vargas her VP which is shocking to say the least and highly unpredictable but effective to gain support after Cyrus finally rejected the White House after having a moment with Teddy Roosevelt’s portrait. But Olivia and Abby teaming up and look at Real Bitch and deciding what to do with her is amazing but rest assure that Peus will be coming for them.

I just don’t know what to do with myself with scandal. My wig is scalped, my edges are gone, my throat is hoarse, and my loins are ovulating. Scandal is not letting down but just getting better and better each episode which only reminds me that we are close to being done with season. Which will make me have a panic attack.  This episode was infuriating and as evidence by the promo for next week we are continuing were we left off. 

Grab your seatbelt kids cause it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Until Next Time, Muse.

NCT’s reaction to other members walking into you guys kissing/making out

Request: “NCT reacting to other members walking into you guys kissing/ making out?”

A/N: This was so fun to do, lmao. Thanks for requesting!


It would be the most awkward thing ever, Jesus Christ. Taeil would try his best to act natural and relaxed, like if anything never happened, but the fact that his red cheeks were burning because of how flustered he was and how he was sweating non stop made things harder for him. He was teased, approximately, thE REST OF HIS LIFE.

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Johnny would be really chill about it. As soon as he hears the door opening he would smile and calmy start talking. “As an advice, I’ll tell you to leave, Taeil. Now are only a few kisses but this is going to get really serious in no time.” He would have no shame and just smile widely as he looks at your now red cheeks.

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Taeyong would be making out with you when out of the blue Ten came in, ruining the whole mood. He would separate his lips from yours and use his famous I’m-pissed-off face to scare the shit out of him. He would kiss you newly, this time in a.. angrier way until you separate from him and start playing with his hair to calm him down a little. This would make him undestand that you felt uncomfortable and would apologize to you and Ten.

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I feel like even if he’s aware that there’s other member looking at both of you he would still keep making out with you for a few seconds more just to make sure that the members knows that you’re only his. After that he’ll act all natural like if he wasn’t casually putting his toungue in your throat just two seconds ago. “Hey Mark, oh, that’s the sweater I lend you? Thanks for bringing it back, it’s really cozy, right?”

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I just can’t imagine this angel getting angry. Kun would look at you with a surprised expression and hide his face in your shoulder cutely as he giggles non stop about the situation. After calming himself he would ask kindly the member what does he need him for and help him in anything he need.

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Okay, this guy would get SO angry. Doyoung would look at Johnny with the most serious expression once he interrumpted your making out sesion, making him leave the room without eventhe need of saying anything. “You’re okay?” You would ask and a few seconds later you would have his whole body over yours, kissing your lips with even more passion than before.

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Unlike most of the other members, Ten would find the situation really funny and wouldn’t be too embarassed for it. You could see a light shade of pink in his cheeks but would be laughing with you and the other member about it. Because of his easy going and playful personality he would make jokes about himself too, achieving that the teasing of the members would only last for a week.

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This baby would be pretty much like Kunl, his whole face would be a bright shade of pink and would hide it in his hands, then he probably would stand up and leave the dorms leaving you alone with Doyoung teasing you, lmao.

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Sicheng would get so flustered! He would start mixing korean and chinese as he tries to explain to the member everything as he talks at the speed of light. “I’ll let it pass if you buy me ramen and let me eat a bit of your ice cream, hyung.” And that’s how Chenle ended up getting free food, lol.

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This is something that would happen to him a 100%, lmao. Mark would broke the kiss right away and look at Renjun with a surprised expression in his face at the same time as he laughs about his luck. “What do you want?” “My innocence back, bye.” Lmao.

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He would laugh it off awkwardly at first, but when Jeno starts asking him a million of things about he would finally get tired of him, running beside him and trying to catch him to scold him.

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Here’s other baby who I just can’t imagine being angry at someone, he’s just too pure. Jeno would blind you with his perfect smile and maybe would, as a joke, threat the other member for bothering both of you in such an intimate moment.

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At first he would be exactly like Taeil but less awkward. Hyuck would try to act natural and would use his savage personality to hide how flustered he actually is when Jaemin started to scream when he saw both of you kissing. And a few hours later, once you leave the dorms is when he would get a bit angry and start running around the dorms to kick Nana’s butt.

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Jaemin would flash that beautiful smile of him and, obviously joking, start complaining about how Jisung ruined the whole thing. Like Jeno he would scared our maknae with fake threats and once he leaves both of you alone he would smile widely at you one more time and caress your hand softly. “I guess we can continue what we were doing now.”

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Chenle would simply start laughing non stop out of the blue as soon as he sees the other member. I feel like his first reaction to everything is just laughing like an idiot because he’s such a bright and happy child. God bless him. :’)

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You could see sweat falling in the sides of his head as Taeyong starts making him lots of questions with a serious tone in his voice. Jisung would lowerd his head as he answers but you could see Taeyong trying his best to not laugh and winking at you to make you know that everything is fine. “What are you laughing about, Y/N?” “You’re too cute, Jisung.”

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Being best friends with Wes would include

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- Too many Inside Jokes to Count

- Mocking the rest of Smosh Games

- Twice the Goofiness

- The rest of Smosh Games FEAR the Relationship

- Fake Threats (Shaving Hair, etc,)


- Arguing Over ONLY Small Things

- You defending him, always

- Protective Brother Wes

- Baking Together

- Throwing stuff at each other

- His fans Love You

- Constantly explaining that you two aren’t dating

- Him always being a brother when some creep hits on you

- Telling everybody embarrassing stories about Him  

- Him Telling everybody embarrassing stories about You 

- Being Best Childhood Friends

- Being Genuinely Close


- He will cry to you

- You can cry to him

- Being Each Other’s Protection Squad

(This is my freaking dream.)

~ Origially By Lilly, Until Chrispy hijacked it…. Sorry Lilly   ;(

Let’s talk about Peepers.

It’s not going to be an analysis of his character, no, I’m leaving it after I watch the entire S2. I was considering if I should write this post at this point, but I had to, otherwise I’d explode. (A threat of not being to able to liveblog in the near future and lack of Internet overall also helped in writing that post.)

I should note that I got to “The Bad Hatter” and don’t know what happens after this episode.

So let’s talk about Peepers, his relationship with Hater, some hypotetical scenarios and how I tend to overanalyze a children cartoon.

Back in S1 he used to be a punching bag who was totally happy giving Hater all the control (to be fair Hater was competent back then in spite of his Hatey moments) and being in the shadow, doing the hard work. All in the name of the Hater Empire! …But not really. One could say the changes began back in “The Prisoner”, but the real deal was shown in “The Bounty”, where Peepers did draw a line - he had his ambitions and had to follow them. He still wanted to be a Commander of the empire that was supposed to rule the galaxy; perhaps even the universe itself. And after that he was shown to lose his paticence with his boss, acknowleding his flaws out loud.

Fast forward to S2 and Hater is not the greatest in galaxy anymore; despite his abilities and powers he got distracted by Wander way too many times for other villains not to notice. Peepers still follows him, though this time not without justified and verbalized complaints and screaming. And when they get to Dominator despite being the powerful one Hater is a distraction, while Peepers takes job into his hands and saves everyone along with Sylvia. “If you march in to my galaxy, you’re gonna have to deal with me!” was it?

Peepers and Hater’s relationship took a big step in “The Axe”. We as the audience learned that without each other the won’t be able to function in the villain world without each other, and Hater finally understood he needed his Commander. Peepers meanwhile seemed to be fully aware of his abilities and why he nedeed skeleton man in the first place. After he left the skullship he didn’t consider the obvious ‘there are so many other villains out there wonder if any of them would use a competent right hand?’ No, he was looking for a job in a NEWSPAPER showing that he does believe Hater is still the most powerful conqueror this galaxy could have. Not to mention his whole flashback song, where we witnessed him caring about Hater beyond the whole conquering thing. One more thing worth the note is that Sourdough noted how Peepers is the one who 'knows what’s being a true villain is all about’.

After this episode their relationship started to be much, much better, though not without its hiccups.

“A true villain turns weakness into a strength!”
I love this line. He technically tells Hater how great it is that he used his obsession with the tag game in conquering planets… But what he’s really saying is that he used Hater and his shenanigans to get back to the top ten. Not to mention that he considers Hater as his weakness overall; despite everything that happened not only he has some ounce of belief in him, not only he can not imagine conquering the galaxy without him (“The Axe”), he genuinely cares about the guy to some extent.

This sentence aside “The It” gave me a lot to think about (and laugh for that matter). Peepers had no qualms about freezing his boss in coldbrrnite and leavin him behind, just like he didn’t have any problem with locking him up in the box to use him for conquering planets. And the Sequence happens, where it’s more than obvious what Peepers wants, how he is the real villain in the Hater Empire, how he revels in his pragmatic villainy and using Hater for conquer. At the end he learns his lesson how while his boss is the instrumental part in building the empire overall, if he’s busy with Wander, he’s not able to carry out the mission and needs to stay away.

Time for the next Peepers-Hater episode. So what happens? “The Cool Guy” happens. Hoooo, boy, “The Cool Guy”.

The figurines play from the beginning is the obvious way of explaining stuff to Hater without boring him at the more formal meetings (the way that Hater took to the heart, if his 'commercial’ in “The New Toy” is any indication), but Peepers is also having fun. Until Awesome happens and takes Hater away. For almost the whole episode Commander is busy fretting over Hater’s abscence and irresponsibility while phoning him like a worried mother.
(Don’t worry that much, Peeps, Hater is a good enough boy to use a straw and a napkin.)

And then he decides he had enough, the time for invasion was coming with big steps anyway, had to do it himself.

Two major things happen: first of all his little speech. He knows that all Hater wanted was to be popular, not to conquer planets. He says that in such a mocking tone that made me think: a) he actually doesn’t really care what his boss really wants, jsut used his abilities, apperance and desires for galactic domination, b) is it just me or he sounds like a parent who dismissed their kid’s desires and 'knows’ what’s better for them, roping them in a job they didn’t really want? I’m probably taking the analogy too far here, but yeah.

The second thing is that he tried to conquer the planet on his own in his name. But wait, didn’t he just try to conquer in his boss’ name despite his abscence? Nope. You don’t put your face-eye on the banners where Hater’s face is supposed to be if you want to invade in his name.

But wait, didn’t I say that Peepers acknowledged that he needed Hater to conquer the galaxy? Yes, but with Hater’s incompetentence and him controlling pretty much everything he might have thought: “Alright, I’m doing all the work anyway, I’m much more capable of being the leader!”

“Bow down to your new master!”
Peepers had no idea that Hater was around to watch the invasion. So who was this 'master’? Come, on, he was testing the grounds, he wanted to see if he’d manage to conquer the planet on his own, though still using the skullship which is Hater’s symbol. He even had a peep pep talk with himself for flrap’s sake. But then Awesome happened (whose words imply that he actualy knew what Commander was planning to do? Or he just wanted to make a joke? I don’t really think he’d care any way, but still.) After that Peepers retracted and used Hater’s name, but the Thing happened anyway. Commander goes back to his boss just like the boss comes back to his Commander… though not without a little Wander distraction.

After that Peepers gets Hater to the 2nd spot on the villain leaderboard, though not without problems, like partying hard with Wander or making Major Threat fake his return to villainy. Not to mention getting smacked around few times. But overall Peepers could work with that and only Dominator was the real obstacle to get back on the first place. What could go wrong?

Then “The Battle Royale” takes place and Hater falls – literally and figuratively for Dom. Which is a big, big problem for Peepers.

In “The New Toy” watchdog is absolutely fine with Hater not taking the part in the battle; in fact he’s delighted he’s allowed to lead the attack by himself. Unfortunately not only his boss sabotages his plans, but it’s also obvious that without Hater’s cooperation he couldn’t get anywhere near beating Dominator.

“The Bad Hatter” is the main reason I’m writing that post. Once he finds out Hater has Wander’s magic Hat he takes it to make weapons to defeat Dominator and…


I said I was going to think about it, didn’t I?

Despite the fact that he cares about Hater somewhat and is willing to call him a friend, he is absolutely, 100% ready to put him aside for his own ambitions. He wants to defeat Dom and wants the galaxy to be HIS. There are even parallels with the civil war Wander talks about for grop’s sake!

So let’s recap: Peepers uses Hater, though he still cares for him, he does consider the posibility of working without him to pursue his dreams, he is thinking how much better he’d fill the leader’s position and he’d be glad to be done with Hater’s nonsense.

You’re going to ask: 'Ok, why are you telling us the stuff we already know?’ Well, I’m getting there.

Given what we’ve seen in the S2 so far it’s not without merit to think that Peepers might want to leave Hater after all. Anyone who has been following me knows how surprised I was that he didn’t leave skeleton man’s side after witnessing Dominator and her powers back in “The Greater Hater” and developed their reluctant friendship (which, for the record, I love, but it was still shocking to see that).

As of now they still have Dom to deal with, so while I don’t think Peepers is going to do anyting of the sort in this season, but S3 is still a fair game. Hater might have a moment of clarity or whatever to get the job done, but it’ll never be in the long term - Hater from S1 is not going to come back, he’s still going to be distracted by Wander, he’s still going to be ultimately redeemed. What would Peepers do in that situation? Would he still follow Hater into the path goodness? Possible, but not without complaining. Or some kind of story arc that would happen beforehand for that matter. Where he could at the very least think about leaving Hater to his own devices.

So let’s play a game of 'Peepers gets a better job proposition where he actualy can fullfill his dreams of ruling the universe’. Maybe not even in someone’s name, but his. Of course it’s absolutely hypotetical situation, but still very much possible.

Ok, so in that scenario Commander leaves his Lord to work for somebody else/begin reign in his own name. So Wander would have to do someting, right? Nope. Sure, he might have few words for Peepers, he’d definitely try to do something, but ultimately he’d fall deaf on his ears. Peepers doesn’t care about Wander, he doesn’t consider him a threat, he’d love to ignore him entirely and for Hater to do the same. I did complain that these two barely interacted, though it made sense why. Now with the possibilty I described here it would make even more sense, especially in narrative way.

But there would have to be someone who’d talk him down, at least partly, right? There’s Sylvia, I guess, they did find a common ground in “The Battle Royale”, recognising that they had similiar struggles, and I was told they have more interaction in few next episodes. But I don’t feel like Sylvia could do that much. Her words would have some effect, maybe, but not that big.

So who has any chance to talk to Peepers to get him out of this path?

Hm, this redeemed/almost redeemed guy maybe?

Tl;dr Peepers stop stealing the show.

Yona ch.138 spoilers

Akatsuki no Yona chapter 138 “Disturbance” summary with pics

Please don’t repost/reuse my scans and translations without permission. Tumblr reblog is fine.

Do not use the raws or translations for scanlations and don’t upload them on other websites. If you need watermark-less images to make graphics, send me an ask (not on anon) and I’ll give you a link - you can only request 3 images per chapter.

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Camille Smoothie Story ✓ Freddie ✓ fake tweets ✓ fake dms ✓ death threats ✓ articles about H's voice in Camille's ig story ✓ articles about Camille ✓ Freddie on Louis' ig ✓ → all of this in the short span of Larry MIA. coincidence, if you ask me.

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I WOULD LOVE TO! Here you go my dear! Make sure you read under the break, I just didn’t want the post to be too long! -Hufflepuff Mod Star

Sterling Archer - Slytherin

Originally posted by taylorwildfree

Oh man, this guy is a stereotypical Slytherin. Manipulates people in his life, including women into having copious amounts of sex, has little empathy (much like Voldemort or Bellatrix) but also calls people out pretty quickly. He is never seen without HIS turtleneck (he of course ‘invented’) and maintains a stellar image with the public. He oddly doesn’t do his job because of a sense of justice, like a Hufflepuff or Gryffindor would do, but he does it all for personal reasons, which are typically selfish. For those he cares about, like Lana, he will do anything, even becoming a certified Doula for her, and defends his mother to the ends of the earth, even though she was neglectful towards him as a child, like many snakes do, putting themselves and people who mean the world to them first.

Lana Kane - Gryffindor

Originally posted by agentsterlingmaloryarcher

Lana definitely thinks before she acts or speaks, and knows how to use her strengths to her greatest advantage, but she also has a great amount of nerve and is incredibly daring. As we learn later, Lana was an animal rights activist who threw red paint at Malory’s fur coat, and when Malory pulled out a gun, Lana stood her ground, and her fearlessness earnt her the job! She is more than happy to call people out as well, berating Archer and others, but still maintaining a positive relationship with everyone, while Archer tends to have more negative interactions.

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Sherlock/Spectre parallel

As a continuation of this post

This is not as much a Spectre parallel as it is the entire Craig!Bond parallel masterpost. Please tell me if there is a theory I forget to credit to the original poster. Also, if you can add more parallels, that’d be great!

Most of these parallels are already covered by @pawsoffmykitty‘s awesome meta here. I’ll just be adding a few minor ones.

Spectre opens with M sending a posthumous message to Bond, containing orders on his next enemy.

The Six Thatchers ends with/The Lying Detective starts with Mary sending a posthumous message to Sherlock, containing orders to “go to hell” to get John to save him.

Bond then goes to assasinate his targets during the Day of the Dead in Mexico. 

Suffice to say there are a lot of skulls in this celebration.

The skull glows. Sorta kinda. (glowing skulls from @skulls-and-tea‘s post here)

Bond attends the funeral of one of his targets and shags the target’s widow to gain information on a criminal network her husband was part of. 

Unfortunately we didn’t see Sherlock shag John while they plot to bring Mary and Moriarty down, but you know where I’m going with this.

Bond retrieves a ring from the target in his mission, which leads him to the leader of Spectre, who turns out to be his half-brother.

Sherlock retrieves a note from the target in his mission, which leads him to the person in charge of Sherrinford, who turns out to be his sister.

Spectre is an extensive criminal network whose leader was involved in the murder of Vesper Lynd (the Bond girl in Casino Royale with whom Bond is rather attached), the entire incident in Skyfall, and the murder of Judi Dench’s M.

“Miss me?” is a code inherent to Moriarty’s posthumous message. He is linked to Sherlock’s faked death threats toward Sherlock’s closest friends and the entire incident in Sherrinford. To take this into a bit of a reach, Moriarty is under Eurus’s thumb, and she murders Victor Trevor.

And then this parallel, first pointed out by @pawsoffmykitty too here.

Also this one by @waitedforgarridebs.

Blofeld uses White’s (Vesper’s murderer) daughter, Dr. Swann, to expose Bond to the secret of Spectre and his position as Bond’s secret brother.

Eurus uses Culverton Smith’s daughter, Faith, to expose Sherlock to her existence as his secret sister and…uh. Have we known the closure for Moriarty’s organisation?

This one is an operation of sorts that can make Bond forget everyone he ever knows.

This other stuff is a drug that can make Sherlock lose parts of his memory. None of this happened. Fucking Chekhov’s gun.

Speaking of gun this gun sequence needs to cease.


- A critic calls Sherlock S4 too Bond-esque with all the actions. Mark replies in the form of a slam poetry.

- Quantum of Solace is basically Bond’s revenge trip to hunt White down because he killed Vesper. Reminds you a bit of Sherlock…hunting Moriarty and his henchmen down…because he THREATENED to kill John…oh my God

- Spectre has two Bond girls, the target’s widow (a sort of red herring, Bond only shags her for the information) and Dr. Madelline Swann (the actual Bond girl). This does not happen with other movies. I think this has something to do with Mary appearing to be Sherlock’s sidekick in TST and the one Sherlock will go to hell and back to save (the Thatcher busts, confrontation with Ajay, the flashdrive) instead of John?

- @gosherlocked post here points out that the girl in the plane as a metaphor for Eurus’s subconscious is the same actress as the girl in Bond Air whose grandfather died (see my last Bond meta).

- this thread started by @waitedforgarridebs about the similarity of music between Casino Royale and TFP, and the fact that David Arnold composed the track for both.

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(NOT my gif/s)(NOT my characters except reader)

Pairings: Bucky (Demon!Bucky) x Reader

Summary; AU- Sorcery it’s a farce. At least that’s what you thought before your little sister, Wanda, found an old magic book and decide to try a spell so his crush fell in love with her. To your atonishment and hers the spell works and now she has to face the drawback; she has sold her soul to a demon called Bucky in exchange the favor. Now, you are forced to intervene and reach an agreement with said demon.

Warnings: Language, some violence, Bucky is an asshole (he is a demon, duh.), some sexual innuendos, reader gets skin marked, slavery?, angels, demons and all kind of religious stuff

A/N; I detected a lack of demon Bucky and I find the idea hot as hell (you see the pun??), so I had to do it. Seriously, sorry for all the grammar mistakes… -_-

8:00 a.m

It’s first hour in the morning and you are placidly floating in the border between the slumber and the awakening. You don’t have any hurry to go out of your bed because it’s Saturday and also it’s pretty cold outside. Lazily, you stretch your legs under the warm sheets when…


… a loud high pitched scream wakes you suddenly. Disoriented and stumbling you jump out of your bed and run towards the screaming voice from your little sister, Wanda. The scream has come from his room so you force her door open just to find your sister curled over herself in the middle of the floor.

- Wan!!! Wanda?? - she’s covering her face with her hands and her body is shaking. You try to push her arms away to see where is she hurted and your heart thunders by the adrenaline.

- Y/N… - she whispers

- Wandy, I’m here, let me help… - you are cut half sentence when she finally puts her arms out of his head and you discover a eat shit grin smile on her face. She burst in to laughs holding her stomach while you only gape - What the heck, Wanda?? - you finally scream angry

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