fake thigh high socks

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I really really want to wear these adorable clothes you wear, but i feel so self conscience. I feel like people are wondering what the heck I am doing... and all the people I see in these clothes are very cute and small, like you, and like most Asian girls, and I'm not like that, so I feel like I would look ridiculous! What do I do?? (>.<)

sweetheart don’t feel ridiculous, it can be awkward and even uncomfortable at first but you’ll end up loving it, whether people point fingers or smile at your style. i’m thin, yes but i am not tiny. i’m above average in my country, so i’m not what you’d call ‘cute little girl’ and wearing my cute clothes out here in america latina is awful. at least in my city. it’s horrible because literally everyone stares and glares and points fingers at me, including my parents. my mom asks me all the time to dress 'normally’ which is ridiculous because what’s 'normal’? some jeans and a t shirt and heels? that’s boring and i don’t like it, for me. i don’t even have wigs so it’s not like my style is anything overly kawaii. and for example, wearing thigh highs here is considered a sign for being a 'slut’ so whenever i wear fake thigh highs or long socks fucking everyone glares at me. and you know what? let them. screw them. you are not doing anything wrong by dressing up the way you like and you’re not harming anyone and if people are too close-minded, it’s their problem and their loss. let them stay in their narrow little 'normal’ worlds. but this is only where i live, when i travel to united states it’s a complete different story. people there are more open minded and nice about personal tastes. from the minute i arrive to the US airport i start receiving compliment after compliment. and girls are like 'omg where did you get that!! it’s so cute’ and old woman are like 'sweetheart you look like a doll’ and it’s amazing to realize there’s nothing wrong with the way you decide to dress, whether it 'doesnt fit’ or 'suit’ your body type or your age or not. it will take some effort at first but all you have to do is tell yourself you dont give a damn what people might say and you’re going to go ahead and enjoy walking around in your favorite clothes.