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I really liked your account, it was one of my favorites. But seeing you support that fake-ass skank-ass hoe Nicki Minaj has earned you an instant unfollow

bye bye 💋💋

I find it so fake when fans say ‘support B.A.P no matter what’. Hey, we’re all allowed to think and have emotions, too. We can’t just have blind faith. Just because I’m disappointed that they returned to TS does not diminish my love for them. (anon)

Keep your eyes open and your mouth closed

You have to protect your goals and dreams. People love telling you what you can’t do. People love putting their negative thoughts and feelings on you. Everybody in your life, everyone in your ‘circle’ DOES NOT support you. Don’t tell people what you’re about to do or what your working on, just do it!! Just grind without revealing every step you take. Trust me. People can’t pull you down if they don’t know you’re planning on rising. And by the time they realizing you’re moving on without them your glo up in life will already be in effect and it will be too late for them to stop you.

Why Scott Brown is paying homeless people - The Maddow Blog

It stands to reason that Brown would want to tell voters that some President Obama supporters back him, too. After all, he’s in Massachusetts, where the president is quite popular, and Mitt Romney is not. It also stands to reason that Brown would like people to believe his supporters are racially and ethnically diverse.

But the Republican senator’s campaign is supposed to earn support based on merit. Instead, homeless people are, according to the article, receiving a per diem, “meant to cover transportation, child care and other costs, [that] ‘works out to’ roughly $8 an hour.”

In fairness, I should note that some of the so-called “Obama Supporters for Brown” activists are not homeless, but all of them are receiving compensation in exchange for “volunteering.”


Playing Caitlyn. Had a Malphite support. (My jam! Didn’t know anybody else did this!)

He didn’t start Relic Shield. He didn’t bring any wards. He was taking farm. He didn’t build Sightstone.

What is it about “support” that you don’t understand?

The worst part is that I had a Taric do the same thing in a different game. WTF.

Americans must always be treated equally, no matter the color of their skin. This is why I believe affirmative action laws should be abolished, as there should never be any special rules that give some protection and others not. Crimes perpetrated upon one group of people are just as serious as the crimes committed upon everyone else. We are all the same on the inside and should be treated the same on the outside. We are built by the same creator.

posts about taylor’s friends all being fake bitchy mean girls tho…. you know who was there supporting taylor last night: mariska hargitay

51 year old mother of three and founder of the joyful heart foundation for survivors of sexual abuse mariska hargitay is a fake bitchy mean girl everyone you heard it on tumblr first

People are very odd and strange. They’ll “like” you only because they don’t like someone else. It’s like how they do Kylie and Zendaya. Yall don’t really like her yall just use her as a means to go up against Kylie. Yall probably don’t even watch her show on Disney Channel or even heard her album.

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I am Abel's fan since Echoes Of Silence. But i don't know... i don't like when other fans from the beginning say they are originals. Like his new fans are fake or what?

Old fans just feel a stronger emotional attachment, because they’ve seen The Weeknd grow from a nobody to a significant somebody. That does not mean new fans are fake, though. Support is still support, regardless of when people have come across him.

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Hi I just wanted you to know the op on the post you reblogged about keeping in touch started a fake foundation to support trans teams and then took all the money and will not return it and none of the proceeds went to the people it was meant to go to

Thank you for informing me instead of attacking me, I had no idea

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www*intouchweekly*com/posts/louis-tomlinson-paternity-father-baby-briana-jungwirth-69074 :)

Oh yeah, the link to that shit of article! Yeah the baby is 100% fake and not Louis’, and that’s why her family are so excited about the baby that even her aunt has already bought clothes for the baby. And Louis is always with her in his free time, and all of her family loves him. Do you really think Louis is stupid enough to confirm he’s the father of a baby before a paternity test?, do you think Jay is stupid enough to believe in all of this if she were not sure that the baby is Louis’? The Tomlinsons are not stupid.

fake social justice supporters
  • Tumblr:don't assume someone's gender! Ask for pronouns!
  • Tumblr:don't assume someone's orientation! Not everything is in black and white!
  • Also tumblr:lol Michael Jackson was gay gay gay transgender he wore make up guys don't wear make up he had long hair! SHOULDVE BEEN BUZZ CUT small nose long hair soft voice he wanted to be a womaN GAY
  • Us:you're wrong
  • Us:ok
Impossible Dreams

Wouldn’t it be funny if Chrom and Miriel had a support about Miriel studying the scientific properties of the Exhalt Brand and/or Falchion? Like he would catch her staring at his forearm one day, and be roped into her various studies and quiz on the history of the mark and the legendary sword, and poor Chrom having no idea what to say to the woman as she performs test by borrowing the sword on the Sherperds downtime, and compare the results of her wielding the sword and result of him wielding the sword, which leads to Chrom chopping several logs just so Miriel can study the slice marks? And then in their S support, when Chrom presents the ring to her, she wouldn’t right away realize Chrom’s intentions, and instead continue on about the mark, since the ring has it, and it leading to an awkward, yet somewhat touching proposal?

I’d write this myself, but I can’t write Miriel…. =u=

"I let him hit me cause he slang cocaine"

Pregnant women become drug mules and families die for this. Mexico and Afghanistan are just two places you may have read about in the news where rampant use of drug trade is a major part of the economy. What can we do to fix this problem? I need your help.

whats this, you don’t like the size of your boobs and you want implants?
sure go ahead if you want.

hmmm, you think your getting chubby and you want liposuction?
i don’t mind it’s not my body.

whats that, your getting lines on your face and you want botox?
why not it’s your decision.