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(Photo Tutorial from @.nyounguii on Twitter)

Fake Chats #212
  • Namjoon: listen, do you hear that?
  • Hoseok: I hear it.
  • Taehyung: wow, it's like an angel's voice!
  • Jimin: let's sneak a little closer.
  • Jungkook: the sun really makes him look like an angel.
  • Yoongi: his voice is so nice.
  • Seokjin: *continues singing*
  • BTS: *in awe*

FAHC Gavin whose at a deal, in full Golden Boy mode, all smiles and sharp wit. One of the boys are with him, acting as bodyguard, but Gavin doesn’t think he needs it. The deal is going wonderful, splendid, the other guys are eating out of the palm of his hand. Gavin is about to tie the deal up in a neat little bow when he sees it.

An unholy screech comes out of his mouth, setting everyone off, guns raised and on red alert. While they are looking around for the threat (eyeing each other, was this a trap?), Gavin prances (fucking prances) over to where a kitten is and scoops it up. Cooing and smushing the cat against his face, phone raised to snap a selfie.

The boy that’s playing bodyguard (most likely Ryan or Michael because Jeremy can’t make too much a deal of it when he does the same thing only with dogs) just. Facepalms. Because of course Gavin would pull this shit during an important meeting. The asshole can’t help himself.

And Gavin feels no remorse. Not when the other crew demands an apology (or a favor from the Fakes. Which. Geoff would laugh in their face if he wasn’t so busy fuming) for almost causing a shootout. He doesn’t even look sorry when Geoff and Jack pull him aside to chew him out for potentially ruining a big deal or worse, ruining his reputation.

It doesn’t help that Lindsay fist bumps him and demands the pictures Gavin took so she could squeal about it too.

Liam’s Body Language

ok so quite a lot of shit happened yday which is putting it lightly

but something was off with liam all day

i really dont see any excitement in his eyes or that fake smile when he says ‘its gonna be a long day’ he knows he has to stunt to the max today and thats exactly what happened

but people failed to notice that liam’s body language was the biggest giveaway to his discomfort and annoyance at all this

chichi literally had to go up on her toes and lean in to fit in the screen (note how shes not using any hands to steady herself on liam) and notice how liam’s left hand not even steadying her or touching her. its almost like hes keeping his arm stiff there to block her out 

now you’re thinking so he doesnt touch her? big deal. not really. liam isnt the kind of person to shy away from touching those who he loves

im giving you the biggest examples here:

ok here zayn doesnt even need a hand to be steadied its more for liam’s sake

so why is he so stiff around her if apparently they’re all loved up and domestic?

tag yourself im liam filming this in shit quality lol

and yeah doesnt it seem like theres an atlantic ocean between them??

they’re not even leaning in to each other or reaching with any hands

again bizarre af because when did liam suddenly grow a sense of personal space?

personal space? idk her


damn right.

Fake Chats #203
  • Namjoon: this is stupid.
  • Namjoon: this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
  • Namjoon: why would people say that?
  • Namjoon: I can't believe it.
  • Namjoon: when will the world understand the truth?
  • Namjoon: Jin-hyung is the cutest, most handsome, talented man to exist!
  • Seokjin: thank you, Joonie, I appreciate it. Also you're embarrassing the kids.
  • Namjoon: I'm not sorry.