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ahhhh please tell me more about parker i adore him. sweet boy

Parker has a crush on Poppy, and he knows she likes witchy things, so one time he bought like. . Those test tube thingies.. but big enough so he could stuff pebbles and fake plants and mini succulents in them.. and then he put the cork on it and gave them to Poppy and she was very pleased with them.. displayed them in her room right next to Devendra’s stuffed birds.
Parker is also allergic to dust and birds, so Poppy’s room, which Has to be dusty for the #Aesthetic, is like, a deathzone for Jonas. Plus there are huge spiders in there.
One thing about Parker is that when he talks too fast.. its that accent. He Has it. You know how Cake Boss talks? Blake finds it endlessly amusing. “You talk like a mafia boss, dude.”
Parker also lives on a honey farm, so he’s a friend of the bees. His room in NY 2nd bare and boring, but his room with his Nonna? It used to be an attic but now it’s plastered all over with posters of Jurassic Park, Weezer, and Simple Plan. His desk is cluttered with plastic dinosaurs and books and fun things he wasn’t allowed to keep in NY.
There are marigolds growing outside his windows. The house he lives in is basically a magical place being swallowed alive by plants.


FAUX FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 4 | 4.1.16

small potted felt succulent by ordinarymommy

ordinarymommy’s felted succulents are the perfect fake-out for april fools’ day! they’re cute and special and will last forever in their little pot — choose from several color and style options.

Microreview: Bookshelves

This round is open to interpretation, so don’t let the word bookshelves stop you. Whether your collection is big or small, physical or digital, your parents’ or from the library, it counts as a bookshelf here. To play: answer the prompts and tag your friends to do the same. Optional: use #microreview and check out @microreviews for “rules,” reviews, and more!

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Here’s a third of my cramped bookshelves!

What genres or types of books dominate your shelf?
There’s a good amount of fantasy, classics, and non-fiction. A ton of YA and an increasing number of children’s/middle grade (I’m trying to catch up on the stuff I missed growing up).

What do you wish you had more of?
Bookshelves! Books! More annotated editions. I find great pleasure in learning things about the books I love. 

Smallest book? Largest book?
Smallest I think is a slim volume of Songs of Innocence by William Blake. Largest is probably one of the two different annotated editions of Little Women that I have. They are gigantic, and I fear for my life if one falls on me. 

Oldest book? Newest book?
I think the book I’ve owned the longest is Are You there God, it’s Me Margaret by Judy Blume. The newest is the Black Beauty retelling by Robin McKinley.

Does anything live there besides books? 
Fun stuff, collectibles, mugs, fake succulents…

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how to adult: guests

One of the things I learnt living on my own is how to trick your guests in thinking that you have your life together and make a great impression. E.G:

  • Buy bottled mineral water and wine for the occasion, and act like they belong in your pantry all the time 
  • Have a bowl full of fruits in the middle of your table 
  • Spread few plants and flowers around your shitty house (if they’re not that close to the eye, go for fake ones, otherwise succulents are going to survive your weeks of oversights in watering them). 
  • Offer a variety of choiches in as many things you can: different teas (just buy the family value pack with like two bags for each flavor), different appetizers before the meal (straight out of plastic bags and into cute lil bowls), some liquors, and so on.
  • Hide the all the moldy shit in your bathroom you have been using for one too many month and display all the pretty bottles, and that one super expensive parfume you never use.
  • Also, fold all your towels 
  • Have many hardcover books displayed around the house 
  • Hide your cleaning supplies, the house will look effortlessly spotless
  • If you’re not keen at cooking/baking or simply have no time (which is very likely since you live on your own), don’t attempt risky stuff. Just buy fresh dishes at the supermaket, rearrange and garnish them as you like, and wait for the compliments.

log.3 | diaries of the life in my twenties

Hello everyone !
This is my second time trying to create an introduction, the first time i deleted it because i was very anxious and i didn’t set it out very well so here we are again! My name is Elizabeth but please call me Elle or Liz! I am from Australia so i have no idea how the American system for school is but i’m pretty sure id be a sophomore(?) in high school. I created this studyblr in an attempt for me to try and get my life together because i have been struggling to keep my motivation up to keep my grades up.
Subjects i am taking☾
The subjects i am currently taking are;
Extension English         |       Art
Basic Mathematics       |      Health
Basic Science               |      Drama
History / geography      |      Elective History
Facts about me☾
I am 5′3
I absolutely adore pastel colours
I have a lot of fake plants and succulents in my room because i am incapable of keeping real plants alive.
I wear glasses
I can sing, play piano and play the drums
I dye my hair quite often 
☾Things i enjoy doing
I love to go outside and take photos of nature.
I enjoy cooking and baking in my spare time.
Reading, writing and drawing are things i absolutely adore however i’m not very good at it.
I love meeting up with my best friend who i rarely get to see  ♥
I also love to experiment with makeup (im not very good)
I love to go see musicals 
☾What to expect from my blog
Hopefully i can keep track of this blog and if so you can expect these things;
Study Motivation
My own original posts 
Self care stuff
Pretty notes
Aesthetic Stuff 
Bullet Journaling (eventually ill have my own)
☾Some studyblrs i love
@studyinthemoon                       @studydiaryofamedstudent
@emmastudies                           @hannhstudies
@studycal                                   @withinthesmolnotes
@mygnotes                                 @productivityplant
@wjstudy                                    @miepeachy
@goodgrades-goodcoffee         @studyfulltime
@royalcupoftea                          @studyoon

Thank you for checking up on my blog. I hope you all have a good day ♥