fake stomach

Stomach Flu

“I can’t stop throwing up long enough to get back in bed. I’ve tried, the second I get there I need to throw up again.” He says as he leans up against the wall behind him in defeat.


“Justin?” You call out as you open the front door and step in to Justin’s house. “Babe?” You call out one more time in an attempt to locate your boyfriend in the large house.

As you start to make your way up the stairs you hear coughing and gagging coming from Justin’s bathroom. 

Entering his room you place your grocery bag and purse on the floor and make your way in to the bathroom. Once you enter the bathroom you find a pitiful looking Justin sitting in front of the toilet as he empties the content from his stomach into the bowl.

Justin looks up at you for a small moment giving you a week smile before closing his eyes and continuing to get sick.

You slowly make your way to Justin and sit down next to him, rubbing his back in reassurance.

“I feel horrible” Justin finally whimpers.

“Do you want me to help you get back into your bed” You offer.

Justin shakes his head. “I can’t stop throwing up long enough to get back in bed. I’ve tried, the second I get there I need to throw up again.” He says as he leans up against the wall behind him in defeat.

Gagging Justin attempts to sit up closing his eyes. You quickly grab the garbage can from next to the toilet and encourage him to sit back and use that instead. 

Slowly you get up from off the floor. 

“Y/N” Justin calls out  with his eyes still closed after feeling you get up.

“Don’t worry Justin I’ll be right back I’m just going to look for something to make you feel better.” You reassure him.

As you walk back into Justin’s room you take out the Gatorade you bought him and return to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom you take a face cloth out from the linen closet and wet it with cold water. Before sitting back down next to Justin you take the box of tissues of the back of the toilet and flush the toilet, seeing as it hadn’t been done before.

As you place the cold cloth on the back of Justin’s neck he shivers and reaches up in an attempt to remove it. You quickly stop him. 

“It will help get rid of your fever and make you feel better.” You explain. 

You give Justin a tissue to blow his nose and wipe off his face. After he is done you encourage him to have some Gatorade. Justin shakes his head.

“If you don’t drink this you’ll get dehydrated and I will need to take you to the hospital.” You say sternly.

Justin leans his head on you setting the trash can down next to him as he sips the drink slowly. 

After a couple minutes you manage to successfully get him back to bed.

Authors notes.

I’m considering making a part two of this, opinions?


My Loose Skin is my Reality. And I just want to address some recurring questions/comments that people send me daily ABOUT my skin. —————————————————
My loose skin is not a deflated fat suit. It’s not a fake stomach. Loose skin is a REAL thing that happens to a LOT of people after extreme weight loss. Ive lost 150lbs in 2 years already. The skin is not something I can exercise or diet away. I can’t wrap it in some magical foil or rub some cream on it and make it go away. If I “lose another 100lbs” it will NOT make my loose skin disappear, I’d simply be an unhealthy 80lb person with even MORE loose skin. ———————————————-
This is what I live with everyday. Some days it’s my favorite part of me, some days Its hard to live with it, but no matter what I may feel from time to time, I remind myself that this is the only body I’ll have, and it’s so beyond important to let the POSITIVE days outweigh the negative. ———————————————
And anyone who doesn’t LIKE my body (or for some reason thinks it’s fake?!? Yes- people think my skin is fake.) please take a moment and hit the block button, because I will NEVER stop posting about it and helping empower other women to love their loose skin too. I don’t care if you think I’m looking for attention, or if you think my stomach is the most disgusting thing you’ve seen. Just spare us all your ignorance and remove yourself right now. And to everyone who has supported me throughout my self love IG journey, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you all so much. ———————————————-
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Just gonna compile a shit ton of my head canons for the paladins bc why not

Lance: has fucking blue eyes, is v perceptive, watches anime, was bullied when he was young and faked a stomach ache bc of it, can dance like a fucking god, can cook like a fucking god, actually remembers the bonding moment, loves the ocean/beach, loves swimming (duh), writes his adventures w/ the voltron team so that he can tell his siblings his stories, is good at taking care of sick ppl bc he has siblings so he takes care of everything behind the scenes at the castle, can play the guitar/sing as well, stays up late at night thinking about his family and how they’re doing, secretly wonders if keith actually hates him (which he doesn’t), compliments his lion constantly, is gay, makes jokes bc he likes to keep the mood at the castle light, has a lot of pets at home, has the best fucking aim in the entire fucking universe, goes on solo sniping missions for the team bc he’s the only one capable, would actually make a good pilot of the black lion, is actually soccer player and looks the hottest in a jersey, his family comes to his games e.t.c… 

Keith: pining after lanceTM, is annoyed af bc lance doesn’t remember the bonding moment and always complains to shiro/pidge/hunk about it and they always get annoyed about it, ties up his long majestic hair, gets lance to teach him how to be a better shot, is scared to pilot the black lion, voice crack’s a lot, is an otaku, gets comforted by lance when allura was being a bi*ch about being galra n shit, folds arms all the time to keep from wanting to touch lance all the time, gets scolded by lance bc he’s too emo all the time, watches anime w/ lance, has a huge wall of theories in his room about all the shows he’s watching w/ lance and lance thinks it’s ridiculous, when lance actually does remember the bonding moment he’s rlly rlly happy about it and won’t shut up about it, has insomnia bc edginess, lance will save him in season 3 bc wE NEED MOAR LANCE e.t.c.. 

Pidge: knows that keith and lance like each other, is so annoyed and disappointing in the both of them when they both come and talk to her about it bc she knows they both like each other, loves to play video games w/ keith/lance/hunk, thinks of shiro as her dad (duh), the glasses r fake but she actually just likes how she looks in them and thinks she looks smarter in them bc she’s a dork, hates it when lance calls her a pigeon, hates when she gets made fun of her height by lance, hangs out w/ hunk a lot bc he actually knows what she’s talking about when she talks about her techy junk + hunk is just the best guy to hang out with, when she finds her brother + dad (or maybe just one of them rip) she’ll rip off her helmet and bowl them over with a gigantic hug and maybe they’ll say something like “you haven’t gotten taller at all haha” e.t.c…

Hunk: loves to cook bc he makes ppl happy, loves reading manga more than watching anime, lance is like his best childhood friend and they’re always hanging out, he gets kinda lonely bc lance is always hanging out w/ keith bc they love each other, but he’s happy for them, always tries something new with his cooking for the team bc he wants to cheer them up after a hard mission, he’s selfless and always thinking about his fellow paladins, loves lance’s singing and always compliments him about it, he can surf, loves to draw/paint/garden, shares a lot of inside jokes w/ lance bc he’s his childhood friend n all that, can speak samoan (bc he’s samoan), stopped vomiting bc he’s now comfortable riding n stuff w/ the help of all of his friends, he loves bright colors, the headband he wears all the time was a gift from lance when they were just kids… 

Shiro: is the best fucking dad on the planet, gets tired a lot n really needs a damn break, always drinks coffee bc somehow pidge n hunk made a coffee machine, loves star wars and so does the rest of the paladins (keith would’ve been new to the fandom but loves it also), totally favors pidge bc she’s a smol lil 14 yr old girl among st all these dudes, tells people he isn’t a space dad, but then he totally is called by dad by literally everyone on the castle except for allura & coran ofc, dyed his hair before coming back to earth bc he was like *fuck it i need to look cool n edgy for this whole ‘voltron’ thing*, totally not gaY or anything w/ matt, although the allura/shiro ship i wouldn’t mind either, totally heard lance when lance thought he was a 7′th wheel (which he iS NOT ASJNGKAJNSFAS), 

everyone: asks to try on pidge’s glasses until they drop them on the ground and break them and there’s just this long pause of silence till they all start laughing, everyone’s favorite thing is to be together doesn’t matter what just that they’re together having fun (snow ball fight, soccer, video games, pool competitions e.t.c…) 

im such trash for this show dyin g

A few headcanons on Will Solace growing up Gay in Texas

-The first Crush Will had was on his best friend in kindergarten, a boy named Daniel, but he didn’t recognize it as a crush until later. 

- Will felt really uncomfortable in Middle school when his friends started drooling over girls and he just couldn’t make himself

-He used to pick a girl who was stereotypically attractive and had a good personality to crush on

-He got his first and last girlfriend in 7th grade 

-She kissed him at a school dance and it felt so utterly wrong and forced. He ended up faking a stomach ache so he could go home 

-He broke up with her two weeks later

-She demanded to know why and he eventually caved and told her he wasn’t into her like that, he couldn’t be. 

-Rumors that Will was gay started spreading like wildfire 

-He denied it the best he could but it didn’t stop

-Someone spray painted “Faggot” on his locker and the janitor didn’t get around to painting over it for a month 

-He knew he was gay but he hated it more and more. 

-He was in the public library looking for a book and he just grabbed one because his mom was picking him up soon

-That book was Vast Fields of Ordinary

-He’d never read a book with gay characters before, and it made him feel a lot less alone. 

-He started reading more books like that. Will Greyson, Will Greyson, Geography club,Two boys kissing, Boy meets boy, Hero, anything he can find in the library or the bookstore 

- He comes to realize he isn’t the one with the problem. 

-He comes out to his friends first. He looses one or two. He’d be lying if he said it didn’t hurt, but he’s even closer to the friends he kept now. 

-He stops denying he’s gay. 

-He still gets bullied sometimes, but he knows his friends will back him up 

-He feels like he’s going to vomit when he comes out to his mom and watches her lips press into a straight line

-Will doesn’t know how log they fought, it felt like days but it was probably just a few hours

-Will gets kicked out of his house. He takes a multitude of buses and goes the only place he can think of to go. Camp. 

-He’s really scared when he returns to camp half-blood, but he’s sick of hiding

-It goes so much better than he could have imagined

-His brothers and sisters are really supportive. Most of the camp is really accepting. Camp half blood starts feeling like home. He feels safe and comfortable. 

-He still writes his friends in Texas, just to talk to them and let them know he’s okay. He writes his mom sometimes too, even if he knows he won’t get a response

-He becomes a year-rounder. 

-He still doesn’t like to talk about his mom or where he came from, but he’s happy with himself for the most part and he’s glad to have so many people around him to lean on.

-He starts dating Nico a little over 4 months after the battle with Gaea

-The relationship is really new, but it feels so much more natural. Less like he’s got something to prove and more like, well, He really likes Nico. 

just a couple of Fun HPD Feels™ from today

  • that thing where you pretend to stretch in front of someone so u can get urself into a more suggestive pose
  • “feel my legs i just shaved”
  • saying wildly inappropriate and personal things for no reason, why, stop it, yikes
  • being weirdly insulted when ur friend hasnt tried to make a move on you even though you only consider them a friend
  • (seductively eats ice cream)
  • faking a stomach ache for sympathy
  • that feeling of emptiness when they leave and you regret all the moments you coulda said something more interesting / made this cool joke / done anything to get more attention
You & I (Audrey/Reader)

requested by anon awhile ago and @asexualbuckybarnes & i decided to make it a collab!

reader and audrey have an argument which makes them think back to the beginning


You anxiously bit your nails as you paced the room, Audrey sat on your shared bed looking particularly upset which was understandable considering the circumstances.

The argument first started during your and Audrey’s four month anniversary dinner with the Lakewood six when you brought up the two of you leaving town after graduation. That prompted your girlfriend to fake a stomach ache in order for you guys to leave.

“I don’t get why it’s such a big deal, I mean this town is toxic! Why on earth would you want to stay here?” You broke the silence before standing in front of the short haired girl.

Audrey sighed, “You don’t get it, you didn’t grow up here with us. We have so many memories, good and bad and I just I-I can’t let it all go.”

You understood where she was coming from, you really did, but you knew that if she left this behind things would be so much simpler.

“You’re right, I don’t get it. All I’m trying to say is that leaving Lakewood wouldn’t be so bad for us, you especially, after all that went on,” you tried explaining.

You could tell Audrey was getting annoyed because she was clenching her fists. When she spoke you had no idea what was going to come out of her mouth.

“Where did you wanna go, hm? What if I said no? Would you go by yourself and leave me alone here?” Audrey snapped as she stood up and pushed passed you.

You immediately shook your head, “N-No I wouldn’t leave you, I guess I’d keep trying to convince you to leave…”

Audrey braced herself on her arms as she leaned against the door. Was she going to walk out on you?

“Audrey?” you mumbled as you took a step towards the girl.

“Y/N, I love that your heart is in the right place and I absolutely hate that we’re doing this on our anniversary but,” Audrey sighed before turning to you, “Do you remember the time we finally admitted we were in love?”

That took you by surprise, but you nodded nonetheless, “Of course, how could I forget…” You trailed off, slightly confused as to where this was going.


“This movie looks terrible,” you complained in a soft, whining voice. Audrey shrugged off her jacket and revealed her red cropped sweater that you adored on her. As she threw her jacket on the end of the couch, she shot you a cold look. “I’m serious, it’s a nineties movie about a girl being killed by a jawbreaker?”

“Y/N,” Audrey warned in a low voice. “It’s about the aftermath of an accidental death that occurs when a group of girls play a joke on their friend’s birthday. It’s a masterpiece, honestly you will love it. I know you hate Noah’s obsession with slashers, but this is completely different. It’s a dark comedy,” she explained quickly, her hands moving to the rhythm of her words.

“No but she chokes on a jawbreaker… Audrey who thinks of this stuff?”

“Who cares? Julie Benz and Rose McGowan are incredibly attractive so just shut up and let me culture you with cult classic, alright?”

You sighed, shrugging to show her that you were giving in. It was her evening after all; you had promised that after you made her sit through an entire season of Grey’s Anatomy last week, she could control your next hangout. That was what friends were for after all, compromise and also shoving your interest in their face. Right?

“So am I staying the night?” You curled up on the couch and Audrey flopped her body down beside yours, your thighs pressed against each other. She turned her head to face you and almost seemed to be hiding a grimace. “If you don’t want me to, that’s okay. I know I spend a lot of time here so if you need a break for the weekend…”

Audrey shook her head quickly, “No, no! It’s just… We’ll see later. If you still want to stay over I mean. Let’s just wait until the movie is over.”

You raised an eyebrow and turned back to the TV where the movie was beginning. Audrey was acting unreasonably weird. Nothing had happened that day that would make you not want to stay over right? The two of you hadn’t fought or even disagreed on anything other than her taste in movies.

You leaned into her to test her mood, laying your head on her shoulder and snuggling close. Her body was warm and melted into yours instead of moving away. Her hand slipped behind your back and she wrapped her arm around you.

“Alright, so first let me get one thing straight. There’s no gay characters in this movie and it’s still one of your favourites?” Audrey instantly laughed, your body shaking gently against her. “Well, it is a valid question. You waited three years to watch the Avengers because Captain America was straight.”

The two of you were starting to pay less attention to the movie, but you didn’t say that out loud. Not that you thought you would hate the movie, you just wanted to actually spend time talking to her. She was a different person when the two of you were away from school and other people. It had always been like that, for years in fact.

“Look, I have to forgive anything before 2010. You know that, Y/N.”

You smiled and rolled your eyes, turning your gaze back to the TV and focusing on the opening scene. The colours in the movie were almost mesmerizing; it didn’t seem like a terribly made movie.

Once you were halfway through the movie, you had caught Audrey watching you a few times. You would look from the corner of your eye and notice that her chewing on her lip, watching you carefully. She seemed nervous, like your friendship counted on whether or not you enjoyed the movie.

“But I mean Fern seems pretty gay if you ask me, a little too into the popular kids.” You turned to see Audrey watching you again, which she tried to brush off with an awkward smile.

You grinned and poked her side, the material of her grey tank top a bit thinner than you had expected. Her middle was quite solid which almost surprised you every time you accidently brushed her stomach or so on. She didn’t look like the type to be ridiculously strong but with her avidly working out lately, she was probably capable of throwing you to the floor in a split second.

Not that you exactly wanted her to do that.

“Do you want dinner soon?”

“Awe, are you ordering me pizza? I feel so loved. Wait… Do I have to pay tonight? I didn’t bring my wallet.”

Audrey shook her head and pulled away from you, jumping up and stalking off to the kitchen. You watched her go in confusion, focusing on her ripped jeans and realizing they looked quite new. So did the grey tank top. Had she been shopping without you? Audrey wasn’t the type to shop often, especially if you or Brooke weren’t dragging her along.

Audrey came back a moment later with two plates of spaghetti in hand. Your eyes widened as you realized that it looked fairly homemade and almost… edible? Did Audrey Jensen cook and you had never known this?

She handed you a plate and refused to meet your surprised stare, sitting down a bit farther away from you than before. She instantly shoved food into her mouth rather indelicately and focused on the movie.

“Did you make me dinner?”

She shrugged and you laughed almost incredulously, deciding to take a bit of the food before you made a joke or commented on her cooking. You figured it would be more fair to at least try the food first.

“Damn, Jensen. I’ve been your friend for years and you never tell me you’re a talented cook. What kind of friend are you? Do you have any more secrets you would like to get out in the open?”

She looked almost hesitant to answer, making you question if there was actual secrets that you didn’t know about. Was there something you were missing?

“I might have some,” she admitted softly, setting her plate down on the coffee table in front of the couch. You nodded patiently and waited for her to continue. “I didn’t know if I was ready to do this tonight though. I mean I spent over two hours just picking the god damn movie and then I made you dinner but I don’t know anymore. Noah kept telling me I shouldn’t because it would ruin everything.” She was upsetting herself the more she rambled on and you noticed that right away.

“Hey, Audrey don’t worry. Whatever it is, I’ll understand. Noah clearly has a crush on you and can’t give good advice. Don’t listen to him, he probably spends more time thinking about how to hold your friendship together than he does about proper friendship advice,” you tried to joke casually.

You were still a bit bitter about finding out that Noah had a thing for your best friend. Some days it felt like a competition between the two of you.

You smiled at Audrey and she gave you a vaguely horrified look. What had you said that was so wrong? You panicked and moved closer to her after setting down your food. “Audrey, I’m sorry, I don’t know–”

“That’s why I can’t tell you. That’s exactly why!”

“I thought I’m supposed to be your best friend–”

Audrey groaned and was completely exasperated, making you stop in the middle of your sentence. “I don’t want to be your best friend, Y/N!”

You leaned back slightly, your brows furrowed as you tried to decipher her words. What had you done? Everything had been going to so well recently…  What had provoked the fight?

“But– I didn’t think there was anything wrong between us. Is there anything I’ve done to hurt you? I’m sorry, Audrey, if I’ve done anything wrong. You’re my favourite person in the world and I’d never intentionally hurt you.” You rested your hand on her thigh but she brushed it off instantly, taking a deep breath before opening her mouth to speak again.

“You’ve done nothing wrong. It’s me, and I’ve been trying to tell myself how bad this is for months but… It’s only getting worse and it’s unfair not to tell you. You’re my favourite person too, except it’s more than that to me. I love you so much more than I’m supposed to. Every time I see you I only fall in love with you more and I don’t think it’s ever going to get better.”

You were absolutely breathless, just looking at Audrey with a blank expression as you attempted to collect your thoughts. It seemed impossible to process everything she had just told you while also looking at her. How could you respond without ruining everything she had just told you?

“Why is that such a bad thing?” was the only thing you managed to get out, your voice sounding more shaky than you would have preferred.

“I can’t lose you because I accidently fell in love with you.”

“Audrey if you ever think you’re going to lose you, I want you to remind me of this moment. Remind me of the moment that you told me you loved me. Remind me of the moment I realized how much I absolutely felt the same way. Because I sincerely do. And I can’t lose you for any reason.”

Audrey blinked, surprised and relieved at the same time.

“I’ll never let you forget it,” she said in a breathy whisper before you pushing you back against the couch. You body sunk into the cushion and Audrey leaned over you, shadowing you from the light while putting her hands on either side of you. Her tongue glided over her bottom lip in a smooth motion and your heart began to pound quickly in your chest.

She was purposely trying to drive you crazy, wasn’t she?

Her lips touched yours after a painful moment of waiting and she kissed you tentatively. You hands reached up to wrap grab her back and you wondered how many times you had dreamed of having her kissing you so sweetly. You’d ignored the desire a billion times over and wrote off the dreams as embarrassing nightmares.

But the real kiss from Audrey was nothing like a nightmare. It was like the enlightening feeling of twisting a dandelion between your fingers while you laid in grass, the sip of a sweet alcohol beverage on the patio or the soft touch of a butterfly resting on the back of your hand. It was freeing.

You were never going to let her go, never let yourself forget the freedom that loving her made you feel. You were going to follow her anywhere, and if you couldn’t, then you would find a way to make sure that nothing would ever keep you apart.

You wouldn’t forget that exact moment.

During a 1993 Halloween show in Ohio, Cobain took to the stage in a giant Barney suit. “I remember he took the tail and taped it under his legs to make it look like a d–k,” Grohl told NME in 2007.

Guitarist Pat Smear was dressed as Slash from Guns N’ Roses (with whom Nirvana were often feuding) and at the finale, they had a mock-fight. “Kurt had a bag of fake blood in his stomach and at the end of the duel, ‘Slash’ killed ‘Barney’ with his guitar by stabbing him. It was so funny.”

—  dave grohl

Imagine your OTP have just really outdone themselves with a stuffing session.  A definitely isn’t getting up off that couch for at least a few hours.  B can snuggle up and rub their belly. They can put their ear up against the deep hollow of A’s belly button and listen to their belly gurgle and church.  "it’s like a seashell, I can hear the ocean!“  A tries to give them a playful swat for that, but even that tiny bit of effort leaves them panting.