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Every breath you take, every soul you fake, every pie and steak, when you masturbate, I’ll be watching you
—  A poem from Cas to Dean

There’s no police work grosser than making sure beef isn’t “beef”.

The 4 Strangest Things Nobody Tells You About Life in China

#4. The Counterfeit Problem Runs Way Deeper Than You Think

You’re prepared for fake Rolexes and bootleg movies. What you’re not prepared for is the counterfeit meat. Take this highly publicized case from last year involving rat, fox, and mink being passed off as mutton. It wasn’t exactly a freak occurrence. The whole Chinese fake-steak situation has gotten so bad that I now refuse to eat meat unless it’s from a place that hangs the animal’s carcass outside for me to thoroughly inspect and deem worthy of being devoured.

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