Ansiedad: Inquietud, agobio, sensación de amenaza o peligro, ganas de huir o atacar, inseguridad, sensación de vacío, sensación de extrañeza o despersonalización, temor a perder el control, recelos, sospechas, incertidumbre, dificultad para tomar decisiones. En casos más extremos, temor a la muerte, a la locura, o al suicidio.

Being heartbroken was so easy at the first time
Empty relationship are so easy to be sad about.
But us? Oh no. You devastated me.
We aren’t even birds of the same feather, either.
The only thing we had in common was tenderness.
The only thing that kept us from going was love.
There were times I wanted to break it off, but it hurt too much to see you hurt.
You had to be the shot collar.
You broke things off again….again and again.
Why did I stay when you asked me to?