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@The-Fake-Siri Jeremy I swear to god, you are going to get yourself K I L L E D if you don't listen to me!

J: Oh, and if I do you’ll be helpful like you fucking were with Chris?? I don’t think so.

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((Do you have any blogs you recommend we check out? Ones you like or were inspired by?))

((Oh God there’s so many Jesus.
I’m sure there’s some I’ve missed, but for the most part this is what I follow religiously! I have notifications on for ALL of these blogs because they’re sooo good :3))

NT Moments - My Siri is loyal to me
  • INTP and ENTJ lying on bed.
  • INTP: Did you set an alarm?
  • ENTJ: Hey Siri!
  • Siri: ...
  • INTP: Oh, mine's plugged in. It's my Canadian Siri.
  • ENTJ: (Attempted fake American accent) Hey Siri!
  • Siri: Hello.
  • ENTJ: (British accent) Set an alarm at nine-thirty AM.
  • Siri: I don't understand what you meant by "set an alarm at nine-thirty AM."
  • INTP: Hahahahahaha!
  • ENTJ: What!!??
  • INTP: Hey Siri.
  • Siri: Hello, Your Highness.
  • INTP: (Canadian accent) Wake me up at nine-thirty.
  • ENTJ: AM!
  • INTP: He knows!
  • Siri: Ok, your 9:30AM alarm is on.
  • INTP: Thanks.
  • Siri: You're most certainly welcome.
  • ENTJ: Discrimination!

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? What's Jeremy's objective, exactly? We've learned it to become chiller and get Christine. Is that true?

JS: it is that exactly. And since he hasn’t changed it, I am to keep that objective. Which means I have to keep him with Christine. And I have to make sure he will be chill.

((reminder that all JS quip dialog comes from @the-fake-siri who is a+)) 

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So Msquip is a supercomputer in love that wants a domestic life with another supercomputer despite the fact that they live in the brains of two separate people that's honestly just kinda adorable I always knew I'd find a fictional character to relate to one day ((Also, people are talking about JSquip having a Magic!Anon?? I didn't see anything about that?? Sorry if that's been answered before;;;))

MSquip is quite adorable, he just wants a fluffy storyline.
And yep, JSquip is under an M!A from over at @the-fake-siri to make him have a crush on MSquip like the late does on him. He really does have a tiny bit of affection for him, but ultimately without the M!A Tobey still be fighting and MSquip would probably a miserable, lovesick computer. :/

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Jsquip you used the excuse that msquip and your objectives were what stopped you from syncing... now you both have the objective of getting your hosts together... logically it would make sense to sync with squips that help your agenda... unless you already have bugs? Not liking someone is most definitely not a computer trait...

Yo, if you have questions specifically for JSquip, you gotta shoot em over at @the-fake-siri, ya feel? 💕