fake siri

promatter  asked:

Choose one robot to live with: A.) Looks like a kitchen appliance but can genuinely love you (romantically or like family). B.) Looks like a featureless mannequin and can be friendly with you (like a good neighbor, roommate, friend, etc). C.) Takes any humanoid form you like but lacks sentience and can't fake it (below SIRI, above Microsoft Sam). All can do the same tasks you ask/program them to.

B cus im a sucker for mannequins

NT Moments - My Siri is loyal to me
  • INTP and ENTJ lying on bed.
  • INTP: Did you set an alarm?
  • ENTJ: Hey Siri!
  • Siri: ...
  • INTP: Oh, mine's plugged in. It's my Canadian Siri.
  • ENTJ: (Attempted fake American accent) Hey Siri!
  • Siri: Hello.
  • ENTJ: (British accent) Set an alarm at nine-thirty AM.
  • Siri: I don't understand what you meant by "set an alarm at nine-thirty AM."
  • INTP: Hahahahahaha!
  • ENTJ: What!!??
  • INTP: Hey Siri.
  • Siri: Hello, Your Highness.
  • INTP: (Canadian accent) Wake me up at nine-thirty.
  • ENTJ: AM!
  • INTP: He knows!
  • Siri: Ok, your 9:30AM alarm is on.
  • INTP: Thanks.
  • Siri: You're most certainly welcome.
  • ENTJ: Discrimination!