fake seizure

Fake Service Dogs

I’m BEYOND pissed
This is what happened at REI tonight with a fake service dog (REI’s near me only allow service animals). I went in with Kasida to get her some boots for the hot pavement. I was putting one on her to make sure it fit after I measured her paw. My back was facing the main aisle and I hear Kasida start to whine. I heard a commotion behind me and stood up. There was a dog lunging at Kasida and if I hadn’t have stood up I would have gotten attacked. Kasida freaked out and backed up and got caught on a basket. It took me 15 minutes to get her unhooked from it. My mom yelled at the guy and asked if it was a service dog and he smirked and nodded his head. I AM ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS. First your pet was going to attack my dog. Second of all its illegal to fake a service dog. Third of all Kasida is a seizure alert dog. My seizures tend to be violent and can become life threatening. Your stupid dog could have made her miss an alert, and if she had and I had a seizure, I’d potentialy be in the hospital or worse. DO NOT FAKE SERVICE ANIMALS. DO NOT HARRASS SERVICE ANIMALS. DO NOT INTERACT WITH THEM.
Sorry for the rant


Favorite Friendships: Big Boo & Pennsatucky
↳ Remember how I was in the puppy program? Well, see, I may have palmed a doggie sedative, or four, that I have been keeping as a treat for myself in case I would like to fake a seizure, go on a vacation to a hospital and touch nurses. Do you see, this is how much I care about you, Doggett. I am willing to burn that dream on you.

Jeffrey Dahmer was deemed the weird kid throughout highschool. He would show up to first period drunk with a Styrofoam cup filled with hard alcohol. Sometimes he would act out and fake seizures for laughs. People started calling it “doing a Dahmer”

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i love the dark humor in santa clarita diet and also the last episode with portia,abby and eric in the kitchen faking the seizure is so funny.

I loved this series so much!! And yes…the seizure scene was hilarious 😂😂

Don't read this if you hate hearing about boring dreams.

I’m finally awake holy mother of Jesus

I had a dream where I had two children (I was still 18 years old and they were like 8 and 11) and my middle school chorus teacher was there doing something chorus related with us all. At one point I was standing awkwardly by the kids and they were all singing and I didn’t know the words so I faked a seizure, then had an actual seizure, then my good old chorus teacher was making sure I was okay and shit, and I was like “oh God I have to wake up” so I “woke up” and I was in a hallway of a school I had never seen before. I saw an exit right at the end. I went blind a few seconds later (I think I was randomly blindfolded) and quickly tried to escape because there was some unknown danger (I can’t really remember what it was).

Soon I was outside and rolling downhill. I remember thinking “this was a shitty idea” and I was rolling in snow and sharp sticks and twigs. I heard a car honk and I ripped off the blindfold, stopping. There were no cars, but I was in the middle of a road. Just then, over the hill, I saw this one friend, D, and she was telling me I need to head back to class (pointing to the building in the distance, which was now a hospital) and my cousin T showed up and she was asking if she could have a ride home with me after classes. I said yes and then we appeared back inside.

I had this awful feeling something bad was about to happen, so I said “I need to wake up, I need to wake up” and I was stabbing my arms with something, thinking “I can’t feel pain! This has to be a dream!” And I was trying to yell, but I couldn’t, and I was thinking “if this were real, I’d be able to speak” then I came to a realization, and said out loud, “this is a lucid dream! I can do whatever I want!” And started running around, but then my knees got weak and I fell down.

I “woke up” again in a car and it was dark outside. Some Godzilla-like creature was in the back with my cousin, T, and my brother was in the middle row with my sister. I was in the front with my mom. T needed some sort of homework, which I passed pack to her and she was like “it’s too dark to do this homework.” The car sort of morphed into a bus with just me, T, and D. It was a really large schoolbus, like really long and wide, and the seats were real big too. The bus crashed and everything went black.

I heard footsteps and a knock on my bedroom door and I shot up for real this time. Then I crawled out of bed and answered my door and yeah.

So basically I had a dream within a dream within a dream and I’m stressed out for absolutely no reason.