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rewatching old minecraft lets plays (mostly for background noise as i study) and in the old potions lets plays, there was some fucking great team nice dynamite moments. fucking gavin picking fights with everyone that michael begrudgingly has to step in and finish. michael even says at one point “well yeah, gavin started it but now i gotta step in to save his ass” and all im saying is please incorporate this more in fahc au thank you 

okay but i can’t stop thinking about jack doing that whole goofy roughhousing-as-flirting kinda shit with bits once they start dating like

a playful argument quickly turning into jack fake-punching bitty’s arms, poking him in the belly, getting him into a headlock that’s just an excuse to be all up on him, until bitty’s crying with laughter and jack pushes him down onto the couch and flops on top of him, winning the “”””””fight””””” and squishing his cute lil bf into agreeing that yes, your ass is better than sid crosby’s ok you WIN

Things We Don’t Mean

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Based on Anonymous Prompt: Reader is Tony’s sister but Avengers have no idea and one day while Tony took Pepper to Paris for a weekend, the reader was on the mission and got hurt. She’s in love with Steve but he was mat at her for taking a stupid risk and says something that Peggy wouldn’t do this and the reader realises that Steve would never love her (but he;s in love with her too) so she doesn’t want to see anyone and doesn’t want to scary her brother, but the next day FRIDAY calls Tony and he and Steve have argument

A/N: Ahhhhh sorry I’m so terrible at writing consistently.  I just finished with school for the year though, so that should free up sometime.  I’m actually at the airport right now, heading overseas, so I don’t know what type of wifi access I’ll have or what type of time I’ll be able to use to write, but I will definitely write more when I get back (famous last words).  Depending on how productive I can be in these next few hours of my layover, I might be able to queue up some fics for upcoming weeks…?  Anyway, hope y’all like this one.

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The bullet wound doesn’t hurt.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  When you shift or when you try to breathe or when you’re sitting still, the pain shoots through your chest like splinters of glass.

What hurts more is the pointed silence that hangs in the air between you and Steve.

The captain in question is perched gingerly on the chair next to your stretcher, staring straight ahead.  His eyes, normally a soft blue, are hard and flinty.  His jaw is locked, his body radiating tension.

Natasha walks into the med bay, her eyes softening when she sees you.  She walks over, gingerly peeling back the layers of bandages to replace them.

“You’re losing a lot of blood,” she says quietly.

“I’ll be fine,” you reply.  “Nothing I haven’t dealt with before.  How much longer?”

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Cardiovascular Palpitations Part 1 (ft. Jeongguk) [M]

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→ fluff, angst, smut, mentions of blood/surgery
Jeongguk ft. Taehyung | friendswithbenefits!au, doctors!au
part 1 | part 2story talk

It was complicated. But it worked. You two were doctors, cardio surgeons at that. Complicated was usual, it was your business, your work, your lifestyle. And neither of you had time for an actual relationship, for the hours of work for writing heartfelt letters or planning dates out on the beach. Both you and Jeongguk needed quickies in the stockroom, someone to dress up and look hot so he can get revenge on his ex, someone to give a blow job or finger you to relax your nerves before an important presentation, someone to understand the burdens and harsh lifestyle of being a doctor. And somehow in that chaos, you’d found eachother and it worked out. 

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The black eye that Chris Pine sports in Star Trek Beyond is apparently real, courtesy of Idris Elba.

“It was great. He gave me a black eye, and that was fun, and we used that. He’s a big guy and we tussled and threw some fake punches.” —Chris Pine

“He tried it with me, man. I was like, ‘Boom, have that.’ He’s a show-off, man. We could have covered it up; he just wanted to show everyone that he had a shiner.” —Idris Elba

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2 and 8 with Bucky please?

8. “I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.”- Bucky Barnes

Smiling. It was now your go to expression. Ever since the news had been announced, there was nothing else you could do. If you showed everyone how you were really feeling, it would cause about a hundred different problems, and not all of them for you. So you bottled it up. You smiled, whilst inside it felt like a hundred little needles were jabbing into your heart, letting you slowly bleed to death.

Stood there, at the side of the room, you tried desperately to blend into the background. Yet the universe didn’t seem to want that to happen.

“Y/N!” the voice that cut into your heart called, a large grin on his face as he made his way over to you.

“Buck, hey!” you said, the fakest of smiled pulling at your lips as he embraced you in his arms, “Congratulations!”

“Thankyou!” he grinned, pure happiness sparkling in his grey eyes, “Are you having a good time?”

“Yeah. Yeah. You really know how to throw a party.” you said, throwing a fake punch at his arm.

“Thanks Doll. Well, I better get back out there, talk to you later?” he asked, not waiting for a reply as he strode back out across the room, wrapping his arms around his new bride.

“I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.” Steve’s voice murmured from beside you, arm wrapping around your middle as you buried your face in his shoulder.

“So do I.” you whimpered, feeling the tears trickle down your cheeks and onto Steve’s white shirt.

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“But you know as well as I, patriotism is a word; and one that generally comes to mean either my country, right or wrong, which is infamous, or my country is always right, which is imbecile.”

- Master and Commander by Patrick O’Brian

Relevant to the current state of the world.

This guy was casually jogging up to the front door to say hi to his friend and he was going to do a fake punch but then he hit the glass, full force, and he stepped back and looked at his hands like he just discovered he had superpowers. Friends laugh but are visibly scared.
Related, when i walked out of english class last year a kid tried to jump to touch the ceiling but a tile came out of place and it falls, splitting in half. He sprints away at top speed.

So how about Viktor recognizing Yuuri’s persistent low self-esteem and combating it with extreme amounts of positive reinforcement?


Viktor squeezes Yuuri’s shoulder when he passes him on the way to the dresser. “You’re looking handsome today, honey.”

“Fanks,” Yuuri mumbles around his toothbrush.

“It was so nice to wake up to you,” Viktor beams as he trips over his own feet while pulling on his sock. 


“Yurio made fun of my shoes again today.”

“But they’re ergonomic!”

“I know!”

“And you look adorable in them!”

“That’s your opinion, but thanks!”


Yuuri sits on the couch with his feet in Viktor’s lap, watching as his husband trims his toenails with loving care.

Viktor looks up at Yuuri when he finishes and smiles. “You know, you’re the love of my life.”

Yuuri’s throat feels a little tight from emotion when he giggles. “Thanks, Vitya.”


(19:36) we’re going to have to order out tonight. 

(19:36) I burned dinner

(19:37) sorry…Im dumb



(19:43) I’ll grab pizza :-)

(19:43) 💖💖💖👨‍❤️‍👨💕💕💕💕🐩🍕


Yuuri hops around the perimeter of their bed in nothing but his underwear, fake kicking and punching at Viktor who is tangled in the sheets, howling with laughter as their dogs tilt their heads and boof concernedly from the floor. 

“I’m dead, I’m defeated, you win,” Viktor manages between giggles, tears dotting his eyes. “KO’d by cuteness.”